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This summer sucked after leaving West Virginia University. I didn't mind home until I realized that it really sucks. But I worked and was able to have fun with my paychecks. Had the house to myself for the most part because it was just my mom and me. Most of you who don't personally know me think I am still at WVU. Sometime during Christmas break I decided I was going to leave WVU and go to West Liberty State College after the summer break. I got a job with the Sports Information office there doing some website work and other stuff. I didn't want to leave WVU but I couldn't afford it and the lifestyle. I would probably never get a degree. WLSC is cheaper and the classroom environment is just like a high school one. A complete 180 from WVU.

I moved into my 80% off dorm at West Liberty on Sunday night. All my classes have 35 or less people, teachers give points on attendence, there are actual assignments/homework given for points, and in two of my classes we have already gotten into groups to do shit. I will do so much better educationally here. But I hate everything else about the place. I might fail history again, too. I don't know what it is. I need to learn how to read 300 years of time a day.

Reasons why I hate this place:

1. My cell phone doesn't get reception.
2. Dorm room door auto-closes.
3. My dorm makes you swipe your ID to open front doors, then again 15 feet from the front door to get to stairs/elevator. No visitors.
4. A LOT of people commute, and the place dies down after 2PM.
5. My dorm is coed but by floor. I never have any reason in the world to go down a floor and say hi to girls I have never said a word to.
6. You only hear of any type of party on Thursday nights. And that seems to require a 25 minute walk. People get excited over a kegger with double digit people. Cops usually bust the parties.
7. Friday after class 3/4th of the people go home for the weekend.
8. Only place to get beer is at a grocery store 2 miles up the road.
9. No bars, no clubs.
10. Dry campus.

And it isn't that I am an alcoholic and hate life and everything about it if I am not wasted. We drank two nights there and it sucked. You get drunk, then sit around because there is nothing to do but watch TV and eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. I am too social of a person to live like this. I need people. I like people who don't suck at existing. I just feel trapped. It sucks. I like waking up and going to class and then work because only other thing I do is sit in my room and listen to music. My shitty hard drive is about full, too.

I came home for the weekend because my roommate was and I don't think I am ready for a weekend up there yet. I might jump out of my 5th floor window with a smile on my face. So I unlock MY front door and hear a female voice from the living room ask, "Who is that?". I say, "Me". She then says, "Who is in my house?" as I walk into the living room to show myself she says, "Are you going to be home every weekend?". After a week what used to be my home isn't anymore. I don't even feel welcome. They run shit now.

Things that have changed in a week:

1. The remote is always greasy with hair juice I guess.
2. Air conditioner on 60 degrees.
3. Mom cooks dinner.
4. Fridge(not freezer) full of real food.
5. 2% milk in fridge(mom used to buy skim because she knew I hate it and love 2%).
6. Basement like a sweet apartment for new son.
7. My brothers room is now a girls room. He plans on never coming home because it isn't our home anymore.
8. If I failed to mention it my mom got married and he has two kids. One dude 19 and one girl who is a senior in high school this year.
I went to the bookstore to buy books on Thursday. It was $562.90 for my books. I charged it to my $800 limit student credit card. I have like $200 in my checking from work that I need to use to live. I called my mom and asked if she could help me out at all since she has a husband with an income better than hers. She said she will throw $10 here and there whenever she can. While they are paying $25 a week to send the daughter to cheerleading camp and also have to pay for her to attend high school. Cool, man.

No camera still. No word where it is. It is lost forever. No money or even credit card space for a new one.

Money is everything. Whoever said that bullshit that it isn't sucks at everything. If we had it life would be so much different. Thank you to all homosexuals who marry girls with no college degree and become fathers then leave their family. Greatest idea ever!

Hey dad, my real dad, I don't think I ever officially thanked you for ruining my life. Thanks again!


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Sign up and do one of the offers. Then refer 8 people. I need 8 people to click that link and sign up, don't change the numbers in the link that is just a waste. This is legit I know mad people who did it for Ipods. The offer I did was order ink for my printer. Hook me up. Last game system I got owned was a Playstation that my brother broke. Read This. I heard/read if you do Video Professor it is just $6.95 for shipping and it is instant activation for the XBOX360.

I lost my camera on a night of complete soberness. I put my camera in my pocket, got picked up, went and stood in someones driveway, got into another car, stood in another driveway, then got into one more car and came to my house since nothing was going on. As I exited the car I realized there was no camera in my pocket. All three cars said they found nothing. Not knowing pisses me off.

I just paid off my credit card a week ago. I was debt free. Now I am camera free. Damnit.

I am not going to have money for a new camera anytime soon. Unless I make money during school.

If I post again it will be all text, or I somehow got money for a new camera.

I'd ask for donations but that doesn't work around here.

I am an idiot,

Todd Morrison

pooopeeeeThe title for this post is just a search phrase someone typed in and came to my site from. The picture to the left is the inside of my butt. That's all for that.

I mentioned going to Boston in my last post about a month ago. I went. I didn't take any pictures on the way there, or really of any people. I didn't know anyone but met some cool people who go to Emerson. We stayed at 2 different places and it was pretty nice. Everyone says sketch or sketchy and chill. Atleast I think. I already forgot a lot of stuff. They all drink coffee as soon as they wake up, love music and books and laying in the grass under a tree on a nice day. Lots of art and stuff, too. Not a bad experience but I probably won't go back unless for good reason. We stayed up one night and watched the sun rise on the beach. I made an 880kb animated GIF to show it. Once it loads it will show all the pics i took. [VIEW IT HERE SLUT] I-Team Investigations has a new case at hand. Our budget can't afford to follow Dump around anymore. His name is B. You know him, the nice guy who just likes to drink and have a good time with maybe a few ladies. Well, we got it all wrong. He is a fake! Some secret cam pictures have leaked out on the internet and we got them all. Hate to lose another one but there's nothing you can really do about it. What you think, Staley? I feel the same way.

I got a cooler thing from work and it is pretty sweet. Just lacks the drinks and a girl who likes picnics.

Went to Morgantown on a Sunday night with Nic I wear shirt sleeves on my head Moray. We stayed at his new place. It was so hot inside his house the we made a shitty thought it would work in theory but just wasted our time air conditioning system. Morgantown sucks in the summer not on a weekend and there wasn't anything going on but us and some beer. No fights with crack heads either. A rather unproductive visit.

I totally forgot about these two emails I got a while back and it's time to take a break and read them. OK, stupid face?

From: Lindsay Diane Oyler
Subject: just got back from mutt's
Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 3:33 AM

awesome blog. . . just learned that from (sad but true) carson daily
i'm sure U'VE already seen this. . . AKA 'hears your sign.' wait. . . just check your mix. (the period was necessary) and tell me if i was first. ok im starting to doubt this i.m. but after all this F-ert. i gotta push the send. ok thanks for waisting your time and killing a little bit of mine. in the end. just say no!

That is just weird all together. Carson Daily sucks. Your periods aren't necessary. I hope you are never my first for anything. F for F-ert what a cool way to say it. Kill all of your time please. Say no, too!!!!!!!! Simple Plan can suck my ass because they are so stupid. That has nothing to do with anything besides them being terribly homosexual with monkeys.

From: "Priscilla Blanco"
Subject: RE: dear Erna
Date: Thursday, May 19, 2005 4:59 AM

In the middle of the night, I was walking by the sea, and baby baluga jumped out from amongst the bushes. SO one day Mr. Gregor exclaimed "Why do skater normals have no preppy either?!?!?!" So I wanted to watched. or Maybe if I wanted to watch it then I had a dream that countless historian lost their credit but i dont Remember what it was. I don't like you but can I have your autograph. No one wants your autograph so I started to cry in the pizza shop. Where did Ryan go? He must have moved to Ohio.

OK, thanks for that. Really. I have a thing for baby balugas but only in the deep blue sea and now I got wood. Real cute jerk.

HOW TO: Fix a fan - Brought to you by men who like men who occasionally like mangirls.

So your fan falls out of its center cirlce thingymajig. You get your screwdriver and insert. Oh, poopy it doesn't go deep enough. Simply pull out your cutter tool and get to it, idiot. The end.

Another one going to hell for their sins. There is still time.

Been haning out in the NP (North Park, where I live) a lot recently with the homies and neighbors. We run, we jump, we swim and play, and hold beer on our tits. I miss you Donkey Lips.

HOW TO: Create a sandwich - Brought to you by free wireless internet across the street that finally works thanks to this $86 badboy. High speed anywhere in my house = half as good as the mangirl naked.

Start off by being hungry. Cook yourself some steak and mashed potatoes. Use meat tenderizer if you have it. I found cream cheese but no bagels so I toasted some old buns and applied. Go take a shit before this next one. Stir. I told you to shit so you can look at it and compare. Once they are same in look you can continue. Shit a few more times if you feel the need. Apply to bun. Put on 2nd bun. Apply once more. Put on top bun with cream cheese. Smash down to hold in all loose parts. Enjoy. If you are rich you can use A1 Sauce. But around these parts we kick it one notch lower than the rest. I go with the good shit. Sometime I role with the Kansas City BBQ, or hit up Kurt, and when I am really feeling good I call up old Aunt Maple. I use this combo a lot.

Here are some random pictures that have no place in their own stories. Just a few taken at parties to make you mansluts happy and me feel cool about myself.

Also, I'd like to take the time to thank Stephen Johosaphat Sunderhaus for existing. He is going back to Florida and his mom is moving away so we might never get to see his ass again. Keep in touch, slut.

A new comment has been posted on your blog, on entry #1 (I'm back, after a month of nothing).
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Name: ZZZZ

This site is horrible. You suck at writing dude, and what you write is stupid as shit.

Sorry, dude. I am not a writing/literature/poopeating major in college. I am stupid as shit so what I write is stupid as shit. I'll try harder to please you next time, bundle of sticks.

My mom got married on Sunday. I had to work. She brought back some leftover lunch meat from their hunnymoon picnic with my cooler I got from work. Even cooked me some chicken nugs. YES!

Today my grandpa went to Pitsburgh to pick up my brother from the airport. He locked the keys in the van. No more back window. But one sweet white trash fixup. Straight pimpin, yo.

I think that is it. See you the next time I dedicate my life for a few hours to post.