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Sign up and do one of the offers. Then refer 8 people. I need 8 people to click that link and sign up, don't change the numbers in the link that is just a waste. This is legit I know mad people who did it for Ipods. The offer I did was order ink for my printer. Hook me up. Last game system I got owned was a Playstation that my brother broke. Read This. I heard/read if you do Video Professor it is just $6.95 for shipping and it is instant activation for the XBOX360.

I lost my camera on a night of complete soberness. I put my camera in my pocket, got picked up, went and stood in someones driveway, got into another car, stood in another driveway, then got into one more car and came to my house since nothing was going on. As I exited the car I realized there was no camera in my pocket. All three cars said they found nothing. Not knowing pisses me off.

I just paid off my credit card a week ago. I was debt free. Now I am camera free. Damnit.

I am not going to have money for a new camera anytime soon. Unless I make money during school.

If I post again it will be all text, or I somehow got money for a new camera.

I'd ask for donations but that doesn't work around here.

I am an idiot,

Todd Morrison


http://www.myspace.com/bri_bri128 another man-girl or whatever the hell you call it.......thought it was funny

poor todd...
you need to keep track of your shit though

keep track of your shit bitch! oh yeah, I Like Pussy!

Pyramid Scam For the win?

Everyone loves scams! FOR THE HORDE!

It's not a scam, you guys never watch the news?

ive got a sony cyber shot camera thats a few years old i might be able to give you...the screen doesnt work and it needs one batery but it still takes pictures. Ill need my parents to send it to me from home so it might be a few days b4 i can get it. let me know if you want it.


Heh, I stole your website layout.


that free xbox thing isent a scam, i got my ipod AND my psp from that site. it works

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