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A Lot of Nothing

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Now you can jam to music while pleasuring your butt and looking so stylish. How totally slutishly cool!

It's been about a month since my last post. People keep bitching at me to make a post but the problem is I don't take many pictures anymore. There isn't anything to do worth taking pictures of. But it is always a good time drinking good beer and watching adults and friends bonging a beer or two. Also, I am so cool whenever my camera comes out everyone looks at me.

In September 2003 one of my friends from high school made his own rap album. He called himself Elusive. Now he is back with a new name and new songs. He calls himself Artystik. The album is called Self Portrait. He did the whole album by himself (beats, lyrics, production, etc.). You can buy the CD at Samgoody in St. Clairsville, Ohio or download it off of his website. He has given me four songs from his new album to let you guys listen to.

If you don't like rap or bad language then don't bother wasting your time or my bandwidth.

- A.R.T.Y.S.T.I.K.
- Icon
- Show Me Luv
- Take Me Away

I went to a pretty decent party last weekend. Two kegs of Yuengling can't get any better. Hung out with 3 of my boys who I chilled with all the time at school and my homey from the NP Laura. At around 2 or 3am me and Chad decided to leave and walk back to his house. We stumbled onto a secret garden of greatness while on our journey to wherever land. Chad was so amazed he had to take his shoes off and I got the urge to climb up a flag pole in someones front yard. It was a pretty high flag pole but this picture doesn't capture it well. I then slid off the pole and fell and ripped my pants on the way down. Now I only have one working pair of jeans and no money to buy new ones. Good times.

Have any of you seen that new homosexual show on FOX called Hells Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay? I sat down and watched it for a few minutes and decided to do something about how much I hated it instead of posting on my site like I should have. I found a forum for the show and typed out a message. But it wouldn't let me submit it so I changed my word usage. It was deleted 10 minutes later. Reality televison is just getting better and better with every new show. Last night when I watched the 3rd showing of the MTV Movie Awards I was thinking... If a terrorist group targeted one of those award shows all we would have left in the world is reality television actors. That would make me want to blow myself up while trying to shoot wet turds out of my mouth. But anyway.

We were there for his 18th birthday. We were also there for his first ever kiss and more from a girl. Now ladies and gentlemen, Adam Griswalt-Johnson Dump Maestle has his very first job. He is working at Sheetz. ToddMorrison.com I-Team Investigations went into Sheetz to see what old Dump was up to. His official job name is The Box Destroyer. Good luck in your journey of life, we are right behind you every step.

Here's a useless AIM conversation you can read I had with someone saying they were Jerry West.

I don't remember if I have mentioned this on my site yet but my mom has become a health food junky. It really doesn't effect me because I just eat frozen pizza everyday of my life. So I wake up one morning and she has pizza rolls cooked and sitting on the top of the stove. I heat them up and the sauce and am so excited to eat them. I take one bite and realize something isn't right. There wasn't real pepperoni inside them. It tasted like plastic. I looked in the trash to find the packaging they came in to see what they were but it was just a clear package. Then I notice a message on the answering machine. I listened to it. She didn't even mention their crappiness in the message. I decided to leave her a note, then changed it up a little, then finally another note. I decided to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but the jelly was frozen. So I made a peanut butter and sun chips sandwich. It's a tough life I live, but as long as I can take a dump and still smile all in the world is good.

A friend of mine moved right across the street from me a few months ago. He has cable internet. I have dialup. So he let me put the wireless router I have into his room so I could use wireless at my house. I have to sit at the kitchen table with the screen out and window open. Today I received the wireless access point I bought from ebay for $15. I was going to put it by the window so I could get internet anywhere in my house. Just one problem, it wasn't designed for use in the United States I guess. It has this gay ass power supply. I went to Radio Shack to get a converter or something so it would plug in the wall but the dude just laughed at me and said something about too much power and good luck with getting it to work. How awesome. I just love wasting money I don't have. By the way, my credit card bills aren't going away for the camera if any none of you care.

Yesterday I come back to my computer and my buddy list had gone insane. You are only allowed 200 buddies and I originally had 197. It added all these screen names I had never seen before and I had 219 buddies with added groups. Just thought that was a little weird.

I made this website because I was bored and felt like being a dick. It was emailed to about 45 people. Being mean + people pissed off at me = them coming to my site. Simple as that.

This guys sounds like the dude from Office Space. And probably how my work life will end up.


I got your site from a co worker of mine from WVU who lived on 526 grant. So what, you ask? Let me break it down Mr. Potato head style for you...

I work in one of those little cubical mazes In a big building surrounded by parking lots and satalite dishes. Its beyond boring. We have a coffee pot, a snack machine with plenty of low carb snacks, a water cooler; we even get to wear blue jeans on friday to "keep it casual, yall !". We have a gallery of those stupid corprate art posters that say stuff like "Achieve" with a picture of some idiot in a kayak. My job is pretty boring, so Im on your site when Im not masking my contempt for this excuse of a job.

I am just a bored cubical jokey looking for some more laughs. If its more donations you need than so be it, just keep it up.

William M. Flippo

Thanks for the email William. Positive emails are always nice to get.

By the way, the Ninja Turtles are still awesome.