It was a good run

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I need a new digital cameraI went from getting an average of 200 visits a day to 5,000 hits an hour. But the hype has died down and now I am at around 400 a day. I have received so many emails and IM's and really enjoyed the 23.4 minutes of fame knowing it wouldn't last unless I put up a sex tape of Mike Gansey. So I signed as many shirts as I could and took pictures with random people who heard someone say I was Todd Morrison. I promised these guys I would post them on my site but they probably don't remember.

So you are asking why is there a picture of a camera as the main picture for the post. Well, my camera broke one night and this site is based around my camera... that is broke. No camera + posts with no pictures = pretty shitty. Last pictures I took were ones of waldo at a party. Can you find him? If you can then I will give to my camera to throw at him, since it is completely useless.

I need to get a Sony camera since my memory stick is Sony and it still works. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S40 is one step up from my old one and only $200.

You know what I am getting at don't you? Yeah. I need $200. Paypal is only way I can do it. If I can get it before Friday then I will go to Walmart and buy a camera for my weekend trip to New York City. I love you. The donate button is to the left, right under the Mangirl. Or just send Paypal payments to

Since this is my website and I am cool I got to ask for money first. Here's another heart warming request:

From: Chad Snider
Date: Friday, April 01, 2005 7:20 PM
Subject: the guy who got arrested

I have just found your website and see that you have my picture up of me getting arrested....I, like many other poor college students who simply like to party, have no money....I called the magistrate the other day and my court date is the 16th of this month....They told me they were trying to give everyone the maximum fine for everything. My ticket was for disorderly conduct and the maximum fine is $500. Anyways i was wondering if you could help me out and set something up on your website to help pay for my ticket. I have a paypal account under this email.

He wants Paypal, too, but he doesn't get a badass little button like me. Donate away.

From: Grant Zimmerman
Date: Friday, April 01, 2005 2:27 PM
Subject: MANGIRL

Hey man, I got a link to your site from when they were whining about the students and their post-game celebratory antics. You got a pretty cool site. Always nice to see pictures and hear party stories from the Alma Mater(graduated in '03). I'm sure you've heard this plenty of times, but stay there for as long as you can! Anyway, the other reason I e-mailed you was to tell you how damn funny that "Mangirl" picture is. I tried to go to her website to see more pictures, but (as I'm sure you know) it has been taken down or something. It's hysterical. I find myself coming back to your site throughout my days at work to laugh at it. Keep up the good work, and remember to pound some beers in toast of Mangirl this weekend. I know I will...

It's about time someone loved the Mangirl as much as I do. I still make her my background image and chug 40's when I am feeling crazy.

From: Jim Pierce
Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 7:06 PM
Subject: from jim Mo'town Townie

Hey I grew up there and then went to WVU…lots of time spent partyin’, drinkin’ and created a sizeable debt but the video I saw that you made after the win over Texas Teach=Priceless! I live in tall. fl (got my masters @ fsu) and its just not the same.. They have no idea what they are doin’ down here.

Take Care!

Many people who once went to WVU and now live somewhere else have said the same thing. WVU knows how to have a good time.

Remember the instant message from that queer at Marshall. He came back for another round.

I was checking my stats and saw this guys site. In one of his posts he talked highly of me to his visitors. Check his shit out. Thanks, John.

I wish I had more, but the camera is broken. Hint hint.


Come on, dude. If you can't laugh about what you post in your own blog, then why post it? People who graduated with me seven years ago now call each other "slutty jokes" over emails because of your blog. We're all thirty. And we think this site kicks ass. In fact, I just PayPal'd you for $20, because it kicks so much ass.

But because I got a comment from one of your boys, I'm replying here:

(1) I think Todd is cool, even if he failed to rock his Roman history midterm. Photographic evidence indicates Todd might not have been totally at fault.

(2) I said "Vagina Tech" because I graduated from WVU in 1998, not Marshall.

(3) I never said anything about Jersey chicks not being hot. "Hot girls" and "out of state" can work together as concepts, kinda like "your throat" and "my cock". So dive down and help yourself to the tap, bitch.

Looks like you need a new camera Todd... you wouldn't want people to help you out by sending you some cash towards that to keep the site goin, would ya...?? I'm sure there are plenty of people who read this site who are willing to help ya out :)

I would give you some money, but i think the head i give you every weekend is expensive enough.

I'm back again. Cool site Todd. Might I suggest some more pics of the campus, SunnySide, High Street bars at night and especially the chicks since the weather has gotten weather.

Keep up the good work.......

Let's Go Mountaineers!!!!

Class of '95

At least you fuckers didn't get maced like they did at MSU after the Final Four

keep up the good work man, your site gives me a good laugh

Todd, I just purchased a riot shotgun. I'm gonna keep it loaded with 00-buckshot for the times I do enforcement work for you. Also, while at the range the other day I walked up to a mannequin head that was left out on the ground and yelled, "Zach, sie ist nicht Wahrmacht!" to Mr. Witzgall, before emptying a single .44 remington magnum round into it, resulting in an explosion of mannequin and dirt.

see Todd, if u would just start getting some dumb college girls to get naked and let u take pics and charge a $3 monthly fee from everyone that wants to join ud have enough money for a camera and everything else u need, dumbass

Bobby please explain why you think your a "Young Castro"? I bet you don't even know who Castro is. Or how shitty of a job he is doing running his country.


stillking2night is a fag!


Great site man. Just wanted to say that I'm another alum of WVU that's now in grad school at FSU. During the Wake Forest game I was one of three Mountaineers (including some Pitt fan that was cheering for us... never did figure that one out) at the BW3's here in Tallahassee. One FSU fan tried giving us some shit and we instantly started mocking like 200 die hard Florida State fans. They didn't say a damn thing to us... And they claim that FSU is a party school! I'm not convinced.



actually, i know more about castro then u prolly know about ur weak existance of a life........and the "shitty" job hes doing at running a country can be credited to the embergos ur beautiful country has on cuba.....and how dare u think u can even address me in a manor like that

You knnow a lot of castro but not how to spell? Is "prolly" a real word, you fucking faggot.

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