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New York City, Camera-less

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Sweet, yo

A drawing of Woodburn Hall I saw in a frame on my boys wall. This would be a sweet poster. View big version.

I went to New York City for the first time this weekend. It was a $50 trip offered to my dorm and another. We left at about 4pm on Friday and arrived at a hotel in Elizabeth, New Jersey at maybe 12am but who knows. It was 10 minutes from the city. I didn't have a camera since mine broke and out of all of you jokes I got one donation for $20.

For every 1 guy there was probably 15 hot girls on the trip. It was 3 of us that decided to go on this trip. Three is a crowd in many ways. For example, the chartered bus. Two seats + three people + my two friends planning shit ahead of time and saying they are sitting with eachother = me probably having to sit with a 400 pound monster burger. As that was going through my head a lady walks onto the bus and says she needs 10 people to go on the other bus. Since my friends had already began spooning and I was waiting for the loch ness monster to come eat my seat I decided to go to the other bus for really no reason. This bus was a complete piece of shit. It was depressing. I sat with a cool kid who is friends with my roommate. We watched a VHS of some shitty movie I already forgot about while the other bus watched DVD's. Dirty little poop bags.

The hotel was a Four Points Sheraton and not bad. We had a 4th roommate but he stayed with his other friends. So we agreed to let me get my own bed since Chad and Kyle sat together on the bus. I was happy. Then the door knocks, and this dude is like can I stay here. He was supposed to get picked up by one of his friends but something happened and he needed a room. I didn't really care that he stayed, but I was pissed that I would again have to deal with a stranger too close for comfort. The dude passed out on the recliner and I passed out naked in the bed alone.

We left at 9am and they dropped us off at the Rockefeller Center. We came here with no plan on what we were doing. We had no idea what we wanted to do and ended up walking from Rockefeller to Battery Park at the very end of lower Manhattan. That was about 4 miles and we were damn tired. We walked around the NYU campus and saw the Word Trade Center site. Got a taxi and went to Central Park. Was my first time in a taxi and it was entertaining being in one instead of coming close to one hitting you. Central Park was huge. People doing stuff everywhere from playing baseball to reading a book on a huge rock to people making out in a field, naked.

We were beat by 9pm and sat around Rockefeller Center watching people walk by. Everyone speaks different languages. If another person asks me if I want a Rolex or a purse or a damn pair of Oakley's I am going to poop on my bed.

We got back at 6:30AM Sunday. I'd only go again if I had a reason or a planned way to spend my time in New York City.

P.S. Elizabeth, New Jersey is dirty shittiness. And I still don't have a new camera.

It was a good run

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I need a new digital cameraI went from getting an average of 200 visits a day to 5,000 hits an hour. But the hype has died down and now I am at around 400 a day. I have received so many emails and IM's and really enjoyed the 23.4 minutes of fame knowing it wouldn't last unless I put up a sex tape of Mike Gansey. So I signed as many shirts as I could and took pictures with random people who heard someone say I was Todd Morrison. I promised these guys I would post them on my site but they probably don't remember.

So you are asking why is there a picture of a camera as the main picture for the post. Well, my camera broke one night and this site is based around my camera... that is broke. No camera + posts with no pictures = pretty shitty. Last pictures I took were ones of waldo at a party. Can you find him? If you can then I will give to my camera to throw at him, since it is completely useless.

I need to get a Sony camera since my memory stick is Sony and it still works. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S40 is one step up from my old one and only $200.

You know what I am getting at don't you? Yeah. I need $200. Paypal is only way I can do it. If I can get it before Friday then I will go to Walmart and buy a camera for my weekend trip to New York City. I love you. The donate button is to the left, right under the Mangirl. Or just send Paypal payments to tmo@toddmorrison.com

Since this is my website and I am cool I got to ask for money first. Here's another heart warming request:

From: Chad Snider littlesnides@hotmail.com
Date: Friday, April 01, 2005 7:20 PM
To: todd@toddmorrison.com
Subject: the guy who got arrested

I have just found your website and see that you have my picture up of me getting arrested....I, like many other poor college students who simply like to party, have no money....I called the magistrate the other day and my court date is the 16th of this month....They told me they were trying to give everyone the maximum fine for everything. My ticket was for disorderly conduct and the maximum fine is $500. Anyways i was wondering if you could help me out and set something up on your website to help pay for my ticket. I have a paypal account under this email. littlesnides@hotmail.com

He wants Paypal, too, but he doesn't get a badass little button like me. Donate away.

From: Grant Zimmerman grant_z@hotmail.com
Date: Friday, April 01, 2005 2:27 PM
To: todd@toddmorrison.com
Subject: MANGIRL

Hey man, I got a link to your site from bluegoldnews.com when they were whining about the students and their post-game celebratory antics. You got a pretty cool site. Always nice to see pictures and hear party stories from the Alma Mater(graduated in '03). I'm sure you've heard this plenty of times, but stay there for as long as you can! Anyway, the other reason I e-mailed you was to tell you how damn funny that "Mangirl" picture is. I tried to go to her website to see more pictures, but (as I'm sure you know) it has been taken down or something. It's hysterical. I find myself coming back to your site throughout my days at work to laugh at it. Keep up the good work, and remember to pound some beers in toast of Mangirl this weekend. I know I will...

It's about time someone loved the Mangirl as much as I do. I still make her my background image and chug 40's when I am feeling crazy.

From: Jim Pierce jwp@digif8.net
Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 7:06 PM
To: todd@toddmorrison.com
Subject: from jim Mo'town Townie

Hey I grew up there and then went to WVU…lots of time spent partyin’, drinkin’ and created a sizeable debt but the video I saw that you made after the win over Texas Teach=Priceless! I live in tall. fl (got my masters @ fsu) and its just not the same.. They have no idea what they are doin’ down here.

Take Care!

Many people who once went to WVU and now live somewhere else have said the same thing. WVU knows how to have a good time.

Remember the instant message from that queer at Marshall. He came back for another round.

I was checking my stats and saw this guys site. In one of his posts he talked highly of me to his visitors. Check his shit out. Thanks, John.

I wish I had more, but the camera is broken. Hint hint.