The Aftermath

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Grant Avenue DeadIf you are looking for the video I made and some pictures they are the post below this one.

Saturday in Morgantown sucked ass big time. Everyone went home for Easter and we lost with a 20 point lead at one time. Louisville is good, though. Final 4 would have been insane.

Because of the car incident from last game they weren't letting anyone park on the one end of Grant Avenue. A girl told one of my friends that she took all the shit out of her car and gave anyone permission to do whatever they wanted to do to it. There were cops everywhere even a few hours before the game. After we lost, nothing happened at all anywhere. Just got more wasted and cried. The cops just hung out and waited for something to happen while happily letting me take their pictures. But nothing ever happened. Only thing that happened was cops or whatever they were walking down the street with clubs ready to beat some punk down.

I have received many emails and instant messages from people hating me and also loving me.

From: Jan Lundberg Photography
Date: Saturday, March 26, 2005 2:20 AM
Subject: Looking for Todd Morrison

Hi Todd,

I was looking for the website of Todd Morrison, a well-respected member of the professional photographic community and came across yours. You will dismiss the rest of what I say and probably send back something in keeping with the lack of maturity and caring you display for everything you encounter, whether other people’s property, e.g. the flipped car, the hotel room, or your family who is put on the back burner so you can watch a game. Your values leave little doubt that your future is in jeopardy. You have reached the age of maturity but not maturity and certainly not responsibility for your actions. There is a chance you’ll come around in your forties, but until then, good-time Todd is going to disappoint a lot of people.

Jan Lundberg

I was pretty drunk that night and I called Jan once I received the email. We laughed, cried, danced, and I filmed it all but I don't feel like putting it online. It wasn't that great. She sent me an Easter card via email. How sweet.

From: Todd Morrison
Date: Monday, March 21, 2005 9:34 AM
Subject: I got a picture for you shithead

where's the money....

He attached this picture. It looks so real!

I got an instant message and figured I'd put it on the site, too.

That was my neice and I don't find it funny or worth bragging about the fact that you made a poor video of it.

Posted by on March 30, 2005 12:49 PM

Did I ever tell you to laugh at the car being tipped over? And your bitching my video isn't good enough? So you want better footage of your neices car getting tipped so you can laugh? I think I got it now...

I think you making a web site dedicated to assholes is fucking retarded!! How would you like it if your car was flipped and you found out by watching it on tv!!! Go to hell you moron?!! She is my cousin and my friend and you guys have no idea what she's going through right now... and for everyone that thinks this is cool... your just as lame!!!

Posted by on March 30, 2005 01:36 PM

First, I didn't make this site to dedicate it to assholes who like to burn shit. I have had this site for 5 years, slut. I wasn't the one who pushed the car over, I just filmed it and took pictures. Is that illegal? Don't blame me for putting what I saw onto my own damn website. It does suck that her car got destroyed but what the hell do you want me to do? Bitching doesn't make it go away. She will be taken care of I'm sure and we'll see her driving around in a new 2005 Mustang. If not, go buy her one and shut up.

People all around the country have viewed my video and that is tight. Students have told me they watched it in class, too. I never expected it to get that big that quickly.

Thursday was the greatest night ever and you all know it. Good publicity or bad publicity it is still publicity and everyone eats it up. We have decent sports and we like to go crazy. That will make more people want to come here, more people watch us play, and more people waiting to see what we will do next.

I'd post more but I really have nothing else to say.


All you people giving Todd a hard time, FUCK YOU!! i wish it was your car that got burned, recognize that Todd did not do the act he just showed the world the way some idiot people behave. As long as no one was hurt it was great entertainment. KEEP IT UP T MO!

Hey i was there thur night and i thought it was the best night of my life!! I am a student at morehead state university and i will def be up there in the fall!!!

Todd, you rock man! don't listen to those jokes, we all love you and your site. also, quit putting stereotypes on WV, goofs.

For anyone who feels the need to disburse pity to this poor girl and her vehicle please do everyone a favor and take up a more useful pastime of being a tree hugger you whining morons. Anyone who parks on grant has the same odds of their car being trashed in many different forms any day let alone on a game day; she should have parked somewhere else or have stayed close enough to distract a mob by flashing them (throw her into the moron category). Also it’s getting a bit old this week hearing everyone tout school and state pride after an incident; where have those comments been the past 5 years? Take a minute and think before this whole sweet sixteen ordeal and count how many times you or someone you know has bragged that we are the best partiers, with the wildest students, who BURN COUCHES AFTER GAMES! The message being relayed is that its fun to brag about wild celebrations until they happen? Hypocrites, lay off the messenger and think about reforming yourselves. Consider this matter over.

what an idiot, i mean how many think that dude and his cousin have somthing going on? i mean its only a car, get ur dick out of her ass bro!

Great just what I need representing Marshall some stupid asshole. Please believe that not everyone down here is as immature and inept at making a solid argument as that douchebag. Granted we do not have as many wild parties or as many students, an apparantly according to Chad a high STD rate, which by the way why he knows that or how he knows that disturbs me a little, still I like Marshall, so my theory is go wherever floats your boat. If you want to find fun at a university you'll find it nearly everywhere except maybe Jesuit and if you want to find redneck assholes at a university you will, a case proven by our lovely lil friends instant messages.

I enjoyed your web site. I miss Morgantown. The pictures of the celebrations were fun. Keep up the good work.

WVU Class of '95.

hey marshall fans, eat a (_)_)IIIIID

i'm not giving this todd dude shit, or calling out anyone else personally, but burning someone's fucking car is probably the least responsible thing i can remember happening since i've been at wvu. if it were me, i would hunt down whoever did it, rape their mothers, kill their fathers, and turn their dogs into extremely warm and comfortable coats. nobody deserves to have their property destroyed like that. burn your own fucking cars. and fuck that "well that's what you get for living on grant" bullshit. housing is scarce in morgantown. you take what you can get. signing a lease on grant doesn't mean you should expect to have your car burned. fucking grow up.

That's a lot of mother raping, father killing, and one hell of a nice coat considering like 8 people were involved in pushing the car over.

I still don't see what the huge deal is about the car. If a pregnant mother was in it or a dude getting a blowjob when it happened that is one thing. I'm not saying it was OK to do, but people are blowing it up making it sound like the meanest thing ever to happen. The owner of the car will be compensated I'm sure. If not, I am wrong and a stupid slut. A slut for your dog. But you made a coat out of it so I will have to go for my second choice, your great Aunt Bertha. She is fine.

Great, now I have a boner.

Shut the fuck up everyone. I bet she was a piece of trash and was makin $50 payments a month on that thing for about 5 years. My windshield got smashed but, I didn't cry like the rest of them did. Shit happens and thats why there is insurance and the justice system.

Quote by Ryan: fuck that "well that's what you get for living on grant" bullshit. housing is scarce in morgantown. you take what you can get. signing a lease on grant doesn't mean you should expect to have your car burned.

Let me tell you something. I have lived on Grant for one year. In that time I have seen about 12 fires, ranging from trash to porch furniture (stolen from my porch) to a Pontiac Sunfire. Anyone who lives on Grant knows the consequences of living there. Should it be that way? No. Is it that way? Yes. The residents of this street, hell, everyone in this university, knows that Grant is the party street and when an event such as this comes up, don't let your personal property be around.

And this girl didn't sign a lease, she was a dormer. Incoming students have their preference of dorms, and Summit (where she lived) is highly contested for. For those reasons, if you don't request it chances are you won't get it. So this girl chose to live on Grant. Does it suck that this happened? Yes. But hindsight is only 20/20, and while what was done should not have been, I think we all knew it was coming.

Also, 'taking what you can get'? The properties of Grant are higly contested for -- landlords can rake in tons of cash in shitty houses because this is the party place people want to live on. It's thoes irresponsible people who do these kinds of things, but they definitely choose to live here -- the properties don't just fall in your lap.

looks like a great fucking time, im from udel and got this site from a friends info, i wish more of that shit happened over here!! :)

Todd, Ken Gray and Tom Sloane are reviewing your site, you are in so much trouble. That is all.

Anyone giving Todd shit, all I have to say is Fuck-a-bunch of you. Keep up the good camera work and no one can get shit on you for this. Last time I checked Todd wasn't apart of any of the destruction. How do I know? I saw on video so fuck off.

Wow..all those people pissed or makin fun of you..thats hilarious b/c no matter how much they claim to hate you or think you are immature..they still come back and look at the web are doin something right. FUCK MARSHALL

ignorance spreads lies

Man i hear all these people bitchin about it, I think they just wish that there school had the balls to pull off some shit like that. sure its fucked up but you know shit happens enjoy the video you cant do shit about it, and to whos ever car that was it really dosent suck to be you i wish they would have thrown my car in there along with it your gonna get some, oh but if you dont it really dose suck to be you HA HA it was a pretty nice car. Anyway keep bitchen about it but you know the real reason you are is because 1.You dont go to WVU 2. It was your team who lost 3. you just straight up hate WV but if it was NC or Va you would be all about it...or 4. IT was your car in the fire.... wow this makes me chuckel....THANK YOU COME AGAIN!(oh and nice work on the video man)

Why is it Big 10 dumbasses and Atlantic coast cluefucks like Maryland and yourselves who go burning the towns down after they win/lose big games? That shit doesn't happen in Florida, Alabama, Baton Rouge, Norman, Austin, Lincoln, Raleigh, etc. Are your women so fucking ugly they can't divert your attention from the game when its over?

Stupid fuckin yankee dumbasses.

I Like Pussy!

College sounds AMAIZING
cannot wait

You need to go to and and put this me.

I give mad props to you Todd. I sent that video to everyone I knew jus for the fact I was down there for the rioting. I've been road trippin it from Pittsburgh to WVU since I was a senior in hs and now a junior in college. My friend n me went down WVU that Thurs knowin if yins won there'd be rioting. I was there for the football riots in past years. I don't go to WVU n I know if you car isn't in a drive way or a parkin garage it's considered fair game on the streets. Sux whoevers car that was but theres worse things in life. The two mottos in the paper for being a WVU student... "Win or lose we booze" "WVU where greatness is learned and couches are burned"! Great site and video :)

PS--last time i checked WVU wasnt in the Big 10 or the ACC, and we arent even switching to the ACC like BC or VT (who already did) WVU is in the BIG EAST
PSS--arent some of the fla schools in the Big East with us?

I didn't say Atlantic Coast Conference. I said Atlantic coast schools. Probably should have been more specific and said "Cluefuck universities where the women are cows"

Let's see if Chapel Hill burns tonight. I bet Champaign does - their women look like yours.

WVU girls have the best legs in the lower 48 and can drink you amatures under the table. You obviously haven't been to Morgantown, do yourself a favor and take a trip. No, instead do us a favor and stay wherever you are.

P.S. Morgantown is south of the Mason Dixon line.

Todd's site is a tribute to the ideals emblazoned upon the Statue of Liberty. The poor, the weak, they flock to him. He is a man who has gained fame from nothing but his own wit. Yeah, I'm sure you naysayers are doubting that, if not already raising a commotion, but let me remind you of a man named MacGyver! MacGyver was a hero to millions. A man who through his own salt came to be one of the most respected employees of the Phoenix Foundation for Research. If you're against Todd Morrison, then you stand against America and Angus MacGyver.

I applaud you Mr. Morrison and all that you do.

These kinds of things make me miss WVU sooo much, i had some of my best times there and will forever be a fan and hold the MOUNTIES up w/ upmost respect! keep it up morrison!

Don't hate...........WVU Rocks, no one can lie on that


fuck all those people riding your ass about the video. i loved it and i think it is funny that a car was on fire. the skank that owned probably has tons of cum stains on the seats so fuck her too and anyone else so upset with such an overblown incident.

T-Mo rocks! keep up the great work dude, you SLUT

haha chris you rock! so dose TOMMY B

holy MOTHER FUCKER. Noone NOONE Has ever fucking called us yankees. You son of bitch. Do you even know what state your talking about? We're the incest, trailer, and creeks for bathtub Capital of the fucking world.


Didn't see any cars being destroyed. You people are trash

marshall is tight. wvu has too many hills and not enough parking. and the prt is the most ridiculous invention ever.

Huntington smells like ass.

I happen to the women whose supposed "car" was set ablaze. This woman is a small time hooker with weight issues, and she works for an E king pin. She also swallows gallons of his cum every night. The "victim" of our celebration, well lets just blunt as fuck here... her pussy smelled like garbage. But as the story goes, she obtained the funds for her vehicle by shoving Oreo cookies up her rug burnt cunt, had kindergarden children eat them out of her viral orphus, and her father took snap shots and put them on E-bay. That car was begotten by sinister means. It deserved what it got and that cum dumpster of a bitch rims jobs her grand-pa for insurance money anyway. The cunt will be fine.

Your not nice

mitch is very funny........most bitches are like her!!!!!!!!!

Whenever someone says something along with Marshall University and the state of West Virginia, I just say "No, Marshall is in Ohio."

ohio sucks!! fag

ever see the t-shirt that says Virginia is for Lovers

well Ohio is for faggots

was that tom berenger's sunfire that got burned? if so he will hunt the perpetrators down and kill them

i took the pic of u sucking the black dick........and no, it want mine

For the record Gents, Ohio does indeed suck.

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