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The Aftermath

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Grant Avenue DeadIf you are looking for the video I made and some pictures they are the post below this one.

Saturday in Morgantown sucked ass big time. Everyone went home for Easter and we lost with a 20 point lead at one time. Louisville is good, though. Final 4 would have been insane.

Because of the car incident from last game they weren't letting anyone park on the one end of Grant Avenue. A girl told one of my friends that she took all the shit out of her car and gave anyone permission to do whatever they wanted to do to it. There were cops everywhere even a few hours before the game. After we lost, nothing happened at all anywhere. Just got more wasted and cried. The cops just hung out and waited for something to happen while happily letting me take their pictures. But nothing ever happened. Only thing that happened was cops or whatever they were walking down the street with clubs ready to beat some punk down.

I have received many emails and instant messages from people hating me and also loving me.

From: Jan Lundberg Photography
Date: Saturday, March 26, 2005 2:20 AM
Subject: Looking for Todd Morrison

Hi Todd,

I was looking for the website of Todd Morrison, a well-respected member of the professional photographic community and came across yours. You will dismiss the rest of what I say and probably send back something in keeping with the lack of maturity and caring you display for everything you encounter, whether other people’s property, e.g. the flipped car, the hotel room, or your family who is put on the back burner so you can watch a game. Your values leave little doubt that your future is in jeopardy. You have reached the age of maturity but not maturity and certainly not responsibility for your actions. There is a chance you’ll come around in your forties, but until then, good-time Todd is going to disappoint a lot of people.

Jan Lundberg

I was pretty drunk that night and I called Jan once I received the email. We laughed, cried, danced, and I filmed it all but I don't feel like putting it online. It wasn't that great. She sent me an Easter card via email. How sweet.

From: Todd Morrison
Date: Monday, March 21, 2005 9:34 AM
Subject: I got a picture for you shithead

where's the money....

He attached this picture. It looks so real!

I got an instant message and figured I'd put it on the site, too.

That was my neice and I don't find it funny or worth bragging about the fact that you made a poor video of it.

Posted by on March 30, 2005 12:49 PM

Did I ever tell you to laugh at the car being tipped over? And your bitching my video isn't good enough? So you want better footage of your neices car getting tipped so you can laugh? I think I got it now...

I think you making a web site dedicated to assholes is fucking retarded!! How would you like it if your car was flipped and you found out by watching it on tv!!! Go to hell you moron?!! She is my cousin and my friend and you guys have no idea what she's going through right now... and for everyone that thinks this is cool... your just as lame!!!

Posted by on March 30, 2005 01:36 PM

First, I didn't make this site to dedicate it to assholes who like to burn shit. I have had this site for 5 years, slut. I wasn't the one who pushed the car over, I just filmed it and took pictures. Is that illegal? Don't blame me for putting what I saw onto my own damn website. It does suck that her car got destroyed but what the hell do you want me to do? Bitching doesn't make it go away. She will be taken care of I'm sure and we'll see her driving around in a new 2005 Mustang. If not, go buy her one and shut up.

People all around the country have viewed my video and that is tight. Students have told me they watched it in class, too. I never expected it to get that big that quickly.

Thursday was the greatest night ever and you all know it. Good publicity or bad publicity it is still publicity and everyone eats it up. We have decent sports and we like to go crazy. That will make more people want to come here, more people watch us play, and more people waiting to see what we will do next.

I'd post more but I really have nothing else to say.

What a fun night

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PartyI really don't have much to say for this post. We beat Texas Tech 65 to 60 last night and then all hell broke out. It was the sweetest thing I think I have ever been apart of. Though very wrong, it seemed so right. I didn't really participate, just ran around taking pictures, filming, and screaming.

We started off at Mike's house. A bunch of people showed up slowly then all the sudden it got packed and the house was going nuts. You couldn't even make it to the bathroom. At half time we decided to go check out this yard where they were projecting the game onto the side of the house. It was a good idea, but too damn cold.

I don't feel like typing anymore. So here are some pictures:

Outside: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Flipping Car - Flipped Car 1 - Flipped Car 2 - Flipped Car 3 - Car Trashed - Cops By Car - Cops 1 - Cops 2 - Cops 3 - Being Sprayed By Fire Truck - Wet Girls

After viewing those pictures it will make the video I put together better because it was all taken at night with my digital camera.

--ALTERNATE PLACES TO DOWNLOAD WVU FIRE VIDEO-- Right click, save target as, then save to wherever. - I will update these links if anyone hosts or one goes down.

- Try This - Won't work if you right click and save as, can only click and view.

- Try This - College Humor - Took them long enough.

- Try This - Takes you to his site where video is. This kid is a huge hit slut and wants traffic. Sounds like me.
MTriscaro34: make mine the first one
MTriscaro34: make it look cool

Want to host it? Let me know.

I was going to go home for Easter but I can't miss the game tomorrow. Elite 8, baby.


Let's Go Mountaineers

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West Virginia University + Sweet 16 = Sweet. More sweet than your mom.
Here's a cute butt, and a butt stain. That is all. Bye.
(will have longer post after Morgantown burns down Thursday night)

UPDATE: 8:28PM - A letter from VP of Student Affairs

Dear Students,

The entire West Virginia University community shares the excitement
about the great success of our basketball team, and we look forward to
the upcoming game.

As we celebrate our team with pride, let's show the nation our true
Mountaineer spirit. We all want the spotlight to be focused on our
excellent team, and not on the inappropriate behavior of a few fans.

Treat Morgantown as you would your home — after all, it is. You can be
a part of our extraordinarily successful team by representing them with
pride and by celebrating responsibly. We don't want to see any of our
students facing sanctions — ranging from probation to expulsion —
because of unlawful, destructive behavior. That kind of "celebrating"
doesn't honor our team and could ruin your college experience or
jeopardize your professional career.

Our team is making us proud — let's make them proud.

Let's Go, Mountaineers!
Ken Gray
Vice President for Student Affairs

How to have a good time

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A huge messYeah, I don't know what is wrong with me. Two posts in the same month? I must like you guys or something.

So I was lucky enough to get to go to Charleston from Wednesday until Sunday for the WVIAC division 2 basketball tournaments. Since I will be working for West Liberty next year pretty much everything was paid for. I was told it was a good time and it was.

We drove down with Chris. He's a new face on the site and he is going to be pretty much the majority of this post. By that picture you can tell he is a crazy ass slut-nugget.

I have never stayed in the Embassy Suites before and damn are they nice, and pretty expensive. They had a living room and a bedroom.

There were I think four games a day both men and women. When we weren't watching basketball we were drinking, eating, and living it up in the nice hotel. One night Chris decided to have a competition with himself to get wasted. He ended up getting into a fight with an ironing board. He was given a thumbs up from our judge and was awarded a very special prize. At first he was confused at what he saw, then took two hands to test out the mass and leg hair measurements pride in what he had won. I thought he was going to eat it like a chocolate bar covered in my corn-crap. He was then crowned King of Bud by Matt, and his gloves. They messed their room up just a little.

We started a beeramid the second night. It appears Chris destroyed it and that B was pissed but in reality I tricked Mike and pushed him into the beeramid while filming. [View The Video (810kb)]

After the beeramid collapse with cans everywhere and B's snack eating all hell broke loose...

We started off by just throwing lots of ice at B, knowing it would melt later. Then he threw a whole veggie tray equipped with ranch at my camera and knocked it off the tv. It got worse from there. [View The Videov(2.1MB)]

Here's a few aftermath pictures: 1 - 2 - 3. After laughing for a while we realized we needed to clean up. We cleaned up all we could. Then B decided to shit, piss his pants, and let us pee on him.

Now I am broke from Florida and Charleston and have $8.88 in my checking with no income coming anytime soon.

Spring break starts this weekend. See you sluts soon enough.

EDIT - 3:27AM:

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I am in love with Allyson but have no pictures with her... yet. She's my #8 fan.

Florida for the weekend

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Florida BeachIt was Thursday and I had just finished picking the bread off of the once again shitty peperoni rolls. I was staring out the window looking at the snow and itching my balls when I got a call:

B: Dude, we are coming down to Morgantown to pick up Mike and we got the 4Runner, want to come to Florida with us?
ME: I am low on cash and am not paying for gas or the hotel.
B: Let me call Mike and Staley and see if they are OK with it.
B: They are cool with it, you coming?
ME: Alright, I'm down.
B: We'll pick you up in less than an hour.

I packed my shit for a short weekend full of driving. They pick me up and I didn't realize we had to drive to Dayton, OH to get Staley. We weren't able to say goodbye to the snow just yet. Here's a map of the driving we had to do.

We get to Dayton University hours later and already tired of driving. Staley pulls out this GPS shit and hooks it up to his computer. He had mapped out detailed directions and the GPS would tell the computer where we were exactly and how fast we were going. That says 108 and the 4Runner maxed out at 115.

Staley drove all night and we all tried to sleep but it was hard. Georgia sucks by the way. It is so long and gay. I hate Georgia and their damn peaches. Go to hell.

The drive there sucked ass and we were so happy to finally see a beach. We got to Largo, FL at around 4pm Friday. Picked up a few cases of Natty Light and checked into the rather small but nice hotel room. Met up with who was there and got the party started. I passed out at like 10pm for a while until we decided to take the party to the beach and chill. The beach was on the Gulf, and it was so shitty.

The following morning was the wedding, but I did not go because I wasn't invited. I just came for the ride. My brother came over from Lakeland, FL with 3 of his boys. We went to the beach and it was warm, but the beach was just so shitty. So we went to Tampa and walked around in a mall where nothing in any store was less than $100. Every store was name brand crazy rich stuff. Everyone was beautiful with nice cars. I didn't shower and smelled like dookie so I fit right in.

Saturday night was already our last night in Florida. So we did the coolest thing anyone can do, took pictures with a damn alligator.

We then did the usual and decided to take it to the beach for one last time. They got a fire started and we just chilled.

We got back to the room around 4am and Staley wanted to go to bed because we were leaving at 9am. We didn't let that happen and just screwed around until we passed out.

Leaving was depressing and we were so exhausted. But cuddling makes everyone feel better. So do lettuce sandwiches from Dairy Queen in the shitty state of Georgia.

Mike and me got back to Morgantown at 6am Monday morning. I had fun.

So I got my History midterm back. I am completely failing that class because I don't know how to read, the notes are useless, and the dudes speaks shitty english. Here's the last part of my midterm and my answers.

I dropped political science because it was insanely impossible. I have probably referred to me only being a number at WVU but these sluts actually passed out tickets with numbers on them. We were to staple one to our test and take one to keep for future tests. I failed that test. I have 13 hours now, again. Which means there is no way I will be a sophomore next year. Awesome.

Here are a few pictures from a party some weekend that already passed. Every weekend is the same now days.

I love girls - Spirit Fingers, I guess - Boris actually has his eyes open - I took the picture but don't know who the hell is holding the bottle and cup - Me and my Wednesday night 40oz boy Nic - Jillian and Myself

It is now technically Wednesday and according to plan I am supposed to be going to Charleston, WV today until Sunday. The school I am going to work for next year is going down for the basketball tournaments and I get to go. It's snowing a lot so who knows what i will be doing.

I don't know if this is completely a waste of time and a bigger joke than me pooping my pants but I am giving it a try. Check out, Surf Junky. If you sign up use me as a referral and I get more money I guess. So far I have made $2.16 for 4.8 hours of just letting this run. So in 55 hours I will have $25, the least you can have, and they they will send it to my PayPal account. You can make up to $0.75 an hour. Try it, or don't. Either way I am going to poop on you.

Peace out, poop faces.