I only have 35 more seconds of motivation

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Decided to do the whole get on AOL Instant Messenger to look at my 270 buddies who aren't online and instead are using Facebook chat while taking a dump thing today. As soon as I signed on I was instant messaged and I dripped out a little poop due to excessive excitement. I thought I was just a pimp being on all these buddy lists but aparently it's just bots:

qtjd2435 you dirty aimbot whore. I just mentioned qtjd2435 in case someone searches qtjd2435 like I did and found no results. Now there will be results. The gig is up for you qtjd2435.

I really miss this site. I really like how my life is going. I won't be able to run for an elected office due to my buttcorn slut loving website content - FOX News would eat me alive. Brush your tongue. Stay positive. Buy guns and plenty of ammo. Listen to electronic music. I accidentally deleted all comments made after April 11 2007 trying to clean up the spam - I suck.

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