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I am still alive, I think...

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My first time at Cedar PointIt has been over three months since my last post - a new personal record of sucking pretty bad. Where have I been? Here and there, working a lot, enjoying my girlfriend, and sitting next to my laptop with no desk to put it on with a mouse. Doing anything, besides downloading, with no desk or mouse makes it hard to type and manipulate pictures. The 110 inch screen and high definition projector(it blew a few weeks ago - $409 to fix AKA not happening) are also a good reason for my unexistance. Being 21 is a little convenient, too. I suck - sorry, so get over it with an ice cold buttcorn refreshment, sluts.

Went to Cedar Point for the first time a few weeks ago. Definitely a sweet roller coaster experience with some pretty sick rides. I went with Courtney, Matt and Becky. None of us being rich, I found the cheapest priced motel close to the park where we would spend two glorious nights. The Mecca Motel Resort & Dream Land. Fully equipped with an air conditioning, bathroom mirrors with possible hidden wonders, bed sheets with no elastic-band-thingy that holds the sheet to the mattress, continental breakfast, ultra-secure door locks with numerous dead bolts and chains, the greatest miniature golf that we never got to play, a swimming pool with excessive crud in it that we didn't pay extra for because we are rebels when we chug buttcorn too fast, small person friendly shower, an awesome view of the course, it said free HBO but all I could find was fuzzy Regis and Kelly. We learned that you get what you pay for except when it comes to buttcorn. Good thing we came prepaired and had a bible to protect us. I made a little brochure for the Mecca Motel but forgot to mention the train tracks 100 yards away where trains enjoy passing and tooting every 10-15 minutes.