May 2007 Archives

It is actually June 6th, six days late on my monthly posting. It says May 31st and it is going to forever say May 31st because it can - because I wrote it and this website is named after me (although it will soon be - I was just kidding, but I actually just checked into it and it is available... so I just bought it. It's for sale now for a million if anyone is interested call me - but not you I like Pussy Boy who called my cell but I forgot to save the voicemail). So I am a pretty huge liar. I feel bad. I'm sorry. I told you this because I care... and I want you to continue to love me and buy my buttcorn.

Since we last chatted... or actually, since I last typed and you didn't read and just clicked random picture links I attended two Pittsburgh Pirates Games. Both games the Bucs won and had a scheduled fireworks display after the game. First game I went with these guys, ate some enjoyable wings with my boy, saw McNeil and Meagan, and chilled in McNeils seats. Here's a couple shots of the field from the first game. Here are eight pictures of the fireworks from PNC Park, yeah that is right I am showing you eight pictures of PNC Park fireworks night. PNC Park Fireworks display baseball pirates. Yeah, I did that for search engine purposes I think. Oh yeah, Crosby sucked me but I was the only one able to take the pic and it didn't work out very well.