April 2007 Archives

Spring Break 2007 MiamiMy buddy was giving me a ride home from West Liberty on the Friday that started our spring break. He briefly mentioned Miami, Florida. I briefly thought about it. We decided to go. Saturday night we stayed in Morgantown, WV, and on Sunday night we were in Gainesville, FL staying with our buddy Steve from high school. His apartment complex was so beautiful! Here he is exposing genitals to an unsuspecting friend. On Monday we left for Miami, which was like 6 hours of driving in the sunshine state. We arrived at Lyndi's in Little Haiti sometime that night. She lived in the back end of a house and it is just about the size of this picture. The bed, one guy on the beer spilled floor(due to us), our luggage, and the cute kitty cat were all that would fit so Lyndi spent a lot of her time in the luxurious frog pond passing football to herself while making funny faces. Not only had I never been to Miami before but I have also never take a shit with a cat - I bet he knew I had some buttcorn. Interesting bathroom tiles, too. Lunch was delicious with broccoli and Blue Moon in her back yard.

I don't remember specific dates of each happening so shut up and just click the links without reading like you always do, looking for buttcorn sluts.

We went to a pretty cool bar in Little Haiti owned by a very nice Cuban man. Jay got hammered and tried to rob this one dude but they just danced instead.