Stink butt supreme burrito with cream chunks

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Mr. Crack and the kiddiesIt has been a while since I have told you it has been a while since my last post. But here we are again my friends who bong buttcorn.

I will get to that picture you see on the left in a little bit; that is from the end of the journey NP Laura and I partook in. If you still read my shit, then you know about the marijuana field found close by us North Park dwellers. If you don't remember and care, I talked about it in this post somewhere in the middle. Laura and I woke up before 3PM for this journey and that shows we... The I-Team Investigations decided to check out where we believed the totally illegal plants were growing. I took a bunch of pictures of nothing to seem important and feel apart of my I-Team Investigations team. This is the first time they let me tag along on an ultra-mission. But I shit a grenade in my pants and had to whipe with a stick and they made me go home and sit on my computer and wait. Laura stepped in a puddle that triggered a stick pooper shooter 350z arrow.

"It was only 6:23PM and getting darker as the I-Team Investigators stumbled onto what everyone is calling the biggest crop of dirty grass ever supplied in the history of the mean streets of Wheeling, West Virginia. The pictures do not show much but no one really cares about some loose hay covering up fresh dirt. We couldn't get a direct quote from owner Todd Morrison but it sure did smell like shitnades in the area."

- Peter Thampton - MSNBCCC News Correspondent

No one on the team but Laura and the newest member were in the mood to hang out with my shit stains so we hit up the hottest spot in the tri-state area. I just chilled and cleaned poop out of my fingertips while Laura got to know the new guy. They were mumbling marriage and I had to get her out of there. I put the bicycle into sport mode and got her home safely.

I got my college grades. I'm now a junior and I passed College Algebra. Score. Dank pizza smells so much better when it's free and eaten in my movie theatre.

I went to the bank today. I grabbed my usual small sucker while the lady did her thing with my paycheck/christmas check. I noticed they were giving away keychains and said that out loud but in different words. The lady said yes, they are bottle openers. I put it in my pocket and forgot about it. When I got home I got online to peep my money increase. There was a double deposit and I mouth shat. After she corrected her error I was reminded of my new sweet bank quality bottle opener. I don't know what kind of bottle opener it is and I tested it on a close by Budweiser Select bottle. Yeah I know those twist off but if you want to be a tough guy you can bite the top off and eat shit. It didn't pry the bottle cap nor did it twist it off with its ultra bank awesome plastic teeth. If I had a bank, I'd give out tools that actually work for the common folk that don't buy bottles that require tools to enjoy.

Let's go Mountaineer's. WVU Football ended sexily with a comeback win in the Gator Bowl. Here are a few pictures from the game against USF that ended in a 19-24 loss.

This is somewhat old but I am ending my post with it:

LiL Str 0 ng (3:59:08 PM): so I was in University 101 last week and this guy, i dont remember this name, but anyways he came in about getting introuble for lighting a part of a dumpster on fire blah blah blah and he started talking about you and your website and out of no where i was like "i went to prom with him" and everyone looked at me and i felt really dumb!
T odd M 161 (3:59:24 PM): hahah
T odd M 161 (3:59:31 PM): you became a celebrity
LiL Str 0 ng (3:59:37 PM): duh!
LiL Str 0 ng (3:59:47 PM): haha
T odd M 161 (3:59:52 PM): this guy came into class to talk?
T odd M 161 (3:59:56 PM): and referenced me
LiL Str 0 ng (3:59:57 PM): yeah
LiL Str 0 ng (3:59:59 PM): yeah
T odd M 161 (3:59:59 PM): bahahha
T odd M 161 (4:00:10 PM): i hate west liberty
T odd M 161 (4:00:20 PM): it was so much easier to be awesome at wvu
LiL Str 0 ng (4:00:26 PM): about ur site and how you had pictures of people burning shit and how they took your computer and blah blah
T odd M 161 (4:00:34 PM): they took my computer?
LiL Str 0 ng (4:00:41 PM): the cops or the school did
T odd M 161 (4:00:45 PM): no they didn't
LiL Str 0 ng (4:00:55 PM): oh well that is what he said
T odd M 161 (4:00:55 PM): that's tight
T odd M 161 (4:01:04 PM): this is going on my website

See you next time and enjoy your complementary stink butt supreme burrito with cream chunks. If you don't think those taste very good you can always have hot bitches say your sexy on myspace.


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