I am a big liar but you all still love me

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Sexy isn't he, dad?It is actually Monday, November 13th right now, 12:20am at the time of me typing 12:20am. It will be hours or maybe days after that when I actually submit this post. I have been slacking on the whole website updating once a month business because getting straight A's in college is hard; and I can't do that either because the FDA now tells me that steady eating of buttcorn reduces the ability for one to underdstand college algebra and its crappy existence.

I haven't posted because:

1.) I got a new laptop from woot.com and have been slowingly not typing real words on my website AKA just playing Scarface - The World is Yours, NHL 07, NBA Live 07, FIFA 07, Madden 07, and Counter-Strike: Source on the 10 pound laptop equipped with an XBOX 360 controller. Here are some pictures of my old and new laptop because I know you are so curious, slutface. Did I mention that I am addicted to woot.com? Add 5 more boxes to this picture since it was taken a month ago.

2.) Recently met a cute girl with soft lips that can't burp and doesn't like buttcorn but she's still pretty damn sweet. Thousands of nudie pictures of us are now in the ToddMorrison.com Uncensored section. Ofcourse, it is going to cost you $25 a month for membership to that section.

3.) WVU lost to Louisville but hopefully basketball season will create riots that I won't be able to videotape. But someone told me they are going to suck this year so I am just going to cry and eat shit. (It's now November 26th and I think WVU basketball is 3-0)

4.) Halloween costumes made me blind for a few days; men in dresses, too many giant ass cancer givers, priests with baby boners, pimps, and naked men in the shower with shit all over them.

5.) Went to Fawcett stadium for a West Liberty game against Walsh University where we lost but I got to see God juice an orange on the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It was such an intense out of body experience and it made shit in the doorless crapper for hours while pissing on the high tech wall-o-pee with these sluts.

6.) I started a dorm toilet cleaning business to make some extra cash to go go along with my checks from the state. It costs $100 per toilet and I throw in a free butt massage from my main man Bman. The budget doesn't allow room for real toilet cleaning products so I use Pantene Pro-V that my mom bought me for school. Business has been slow; so far I've only had three customers: One dude who irons his jeans with a midget ironing board in his midget-roofed house, another guy who pissed himself hardcore because his shitter was too gross to stand by, and the last dude started shitting on his chest because his toilet had tons of shit clumps molded to the bowl. Bman let him borrow his shirt after the butt massage but we won't go there, those pics are in the ToddMorrison.com Uncensored section.

7.) West Liberty's Student Government Association has a Myspace!!! OMG!!! I've spent most of the time I could have spent posting being on their myspace page!!!!!!!!!!

8.) I found an Xbox in my cereal box. I strapped that sucker to my wrist with tape and have been playing it like mad all day all night. I wear it everywhere and the ladies love it!!!

9.) There's been like 1,000,000 parties at West Liberty... especially on a Friday!!! Look, there's nowhere to park!!!!

10.) Eating mac n' cheese with a hint buttjuice is also a reason why I haven't posted in so long. Puking on my shoes, also a good reason to not post. I am starting production of a special drink since buttcorn is probably going to be taken off the shelves soon. Roy's Cum Shot. Look for it soon.

11.) I think my mouse driver/software is an avid marijuana smoker. I found some proof. A high mouse is a mouse that doesn't help you post on your website.

OK, so it is November 26th - 2:56pm. I am cheating and leaving this in October to keep my repuation up of one post a month. That means I need to post before December 1st. Can I do it?

If I don't, then you can just click on these pictures I don't feel like making stories for:

See anything besides my double chin action? - How about now? - Beer box fighting - More beer box fighting - Rebel Dietz - But I'm more of a rebel - Free dose anyone? - Ass kicking aftermath 1 - Ass kicking aftermath 2 - Ass kicking aftermath 3 - Mom bought me new sheets that are a bit flashy - Q's birthday passed out - Q's birthday 2 - Q's birthday 3 - Q can't drive - Snakes and beer - My Spring 2007 schedule - 18 hours - shit - Looks like Todd2 is going to puke on me or something.


r u ever goin to post some freakin buttcorn or whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

it's 11/06/06 i still dont see a post!

Your a joke.

I like Dick

Fuck you I Like Dick Girl. Thats my thunder your stealing, you fucking ninken fucking poop!

I Like Pussy!

todd morrison is a fucking faggot.... i'll stab him in the gut for this.... what you ask?

he didnt post the picture of me sucking kegglers cock in that parris outfit... this isnt the end

when are you going to post the wildest of all days? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU... ZZTOP???? HHAHAHAAAAA

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