Once a month fruit punch

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Steelers Game Group Shot - Dietz's butt smells like yellow lollypops with a hint of jared juice and mike milkYeah it has been a while; I lied in the last post when I said I was going to post in a few days. I wonder if a semicolon was the correct way to say those last two sentences that just started this awesome post.

My boy Dietz hit me up on the celly and I said "back" as my ending phone call saying instead of "one". "One" was totally played out before white kids even started saying it. Trust me. Oh yeah, before I backed he invited me to a Steelers game due to me being awesome and him having four tickets with cancelled original plans. Here are a few pictures in addition to the one to the left of your right eye. Beer was expensive but delicious, crack heads who like RAZR phones and have a kid and lose their phone are interesting to chat with while he buys your boy a beer, Dietz is the man, game was fun but preseason, Steeler's won, forget who they played, had a good time.

What's up next? I'll post up the pictures of some cute girls for the kids with kindergarden cocks (but not kids age 0 - 17 years with cocks of that nature, that's just sick, slut) to touch nub to. But you better not stop reading afterwords, you'll miss the buttcorn kegger I had and the new Buttcorn Mug Edition XL© that only the hottest sluts picked by King Slut Master Chris can even look at without my permission.

In summary, universal literary canon could reconcile Shakespeare's concepts, so literary canon wanted to express universal, in-depth symbols. One man did party tricks around police like a mofo.

Quick, what is in the glass? It starts with a P. No, not pee but that does rhyme with tea, silly Billy with a little willy.

My place of employment let me come back again for the summer because I love them and they love me. To make it quick, I mostly (only 2 times) took pictures of myself by beer and (4 or 5 times) delivered baked goods to other stores. The van is pretty big and I would have to load it full and have 22 blind spots while driving. But being a natural born hustla it was no problem for me... only hit shit with it once. Speaking of work, I work with this kid and didn't want to put him on the website but he uses the same method as me for protection... on his car. Oh man I am so good you all think my weiner is big and want me!! YES! w00t!

Shit, feels like something is going wron g with my websi ii te.@!$#$@^!

59er-delto$!^@**% ERROR - syntax66, repeat procedure ana11y - %&#@I# WAhhh (@)()&##@! Ookiela ma mo00%@* wig333dout3$@34011001./.232080941279549192801033^^--+=+++ (*)mctpoooooo0p ratatat&I&#^I@#*@UE!@J H(!P S___THIS_IS_3MB BiG___andnot worth it__ *&ER@*#D @#&YP


This one time I wanted to take a shower and there was no running water so I made an away message for it and took pictures. But I didn't make one for when I brushed my teeth after the water worked again. I wish I would have, the whole post is ruined without it...

Here's my school bill shit with no free financial aid this year due to mother getting remarried last year. I qualified for a loan, work for sports information at school, and wrote a fat check for the 2nd time since I have posessed a checking account. I am not trying to take out private loans. I worked all summer for two grand and now I have $300 left. But during summer I got a variety of hot pocket selections so that makes up for no finacial aid. My mom said she'd pay for my books, so it's all worked out until next semester. Speaking of family, I felt a little extra trashy one day when I saw this note up close on my front door. As far as I know stepdad is still a coal miner just got laid off for a week? Doesn't matter to me until this summer when I will be craving a delicious frozen most of its life and microwaved hot pocket.

I bought these headphones because the chick likes vibration and I thought there was a secret penis insertion hole in the left earpiece and the usb jack is way too big. I was wrong but my dog likes the vibration. Oh wait, I forgot to mention. Sugar, my dog was put to sleep for $30, and and extra $30 was paid for them to throw her away. This happened less than a month ago. I got to say goodbye and pet her fat ass one last time. She didn't move much. I am sure she is happier at the dump than walking sideways and eating crunchy poopnugs.

The boner of the month would have to go to marijuana plants being grown in my neighborhood in the woods. No one ever specified where the plants were exactly but local neighbors and I think it was close to the landfill by the sewage green pools...

Sewage green pools at a dump in North Park you ask yourself? WTF is that you also just asked yourself. I then answer with a video that shows you exactly what I am talking about. [VIEW THE VIDEO - 4.85MB]. After the video you will get the urge to see real pictures and I have those for you, too, for no reason whatsoever. Three weeks before the marijuana plant findings, two of my buddies and myself went down with a few drinks because we missed the aroma of natural gas and trash... and I needed pictures for content for this dank ass website you can't get enough of because I don't feed your poopybutt with enough RBC. Path 1 - Path 2 - Pool 1 - Pool 2 - Pool 3 - Pool 4 - Froggy Fred - should be dead. I don't know if this is sewage or just grass mixed with ass; but I know thousands of tadpoles and frogs live in it. [THROWING ROCKS NOT COCKS - 812KB]

North Park Trash n' Bash 2006: We were going to make it a weekly thing but due to neither of us having our own car it only made it for one week. Here's how it works:

- You need a driver and a runner. Sometimes the runner is referred to as a "dicker picker" if female. For this instance we will just call her a runner/gunner/funner than not picking trash and eating poop.
- The next thing you need to do is obvious: You search boxes, trash cans, giant turbo greeners, and load up the trunk with everything you don't need.
- Remember it's all about fun and not making the trash men/women throw as much shit into the truck in the morning. It's better in your room, or shit, you can even leave it in your car. You never know when you might need a completely useless hose, TV, or lamp while on the road. It also makes for cool pictures if you have a website.
- And last, ofcourse, is getting wasted at the local playground to celebrate.

Saw a beer pong table full of boys, found a nice butt in the crowd, beer pong turned for the worse. I stopped taking pictures when one fight multiplied into five - was scared I was going to get jacked in the face from behind for having a white camera that resembles a ping pong ball. Ping pong isn't for kids and 2% milk anymore.


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