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Once a month fruit punch

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Steelers Game Group Shot - Dietz's butt smells like yellow lollypops with a hint of jared juice and mike milkYeah it has been a while; I lied in the last post when I said I was going to post in a few days. I wonder if a semicolon was the correct way to say those last two sentences that just started this awesome post.

My boy Dietz hit me up on the celly and I said "back" as my ending phone call saying instead of "one". "One" was totally played out before white kids even started saying it. Trust me. Oh yeah, before I backed he invited me to a Steelers game due to me being awesome and him having four tickets with cancelled original plans. Here are a few pictures in addition to the one to the left of your right eye. Beer was expensive but delicious, crack heads who like RAZR phones and have a kid and lose their phone are interesting to chat with while he buys your boy a beer, Dietz is the man, game was fun but preseason, Steeler's won, forget who they played, had a good time.