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WHEELING, W.Va. -- Wild rides and water parks are coming to Wheeling, along with about 1,000 new jobs.

The first phase of the 100-acre Wild Escape Theme Park could open as early as next July, but that timetable is fairly optimistic given the amount of work that has to be done, Ohio County officials said.

The park is being developed by Crystal Mountain LLC of Omaha, Neb., said Greg Stewart with the Ohio County Development Authority.

Cabela's operates a store and distribution center near Wheeling and the theme park is to be built on land near the store.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Wednesday after members of the authority agreed to move forward on a $200 million development agreement.

The park would include thrill rides, an indoor and outdoor water park, ongoing entertainment and retail opportunities, said Ohio County Commission President David Sims.

The indoor park would be open year-round and is estimated to be bigger than the Mall of America complex in Bloomington, Minn., Commissioner Randy Wharton said.

A 500-700 room hotel also is planned.

Officials hope the park will rival that of Kennywood Park, which began business in 1898 as a trolley park in West Mifflin, Pa., and evolved into the Pittsburgh-area's leading amusement park.

I have a huge post lined up but it's the last day of the month and I have to work at 4PM today so your getting this instead.

I didn't believe it when I heard about this theme park coming close to the area. Then I see it on the news and hear all this shit. The night I saw it on the news I wanted to see the blue prints for it and stuff and looked for a website. I found this one. The website is horribly designed and all the plans/things to be made are drawn in a cartoony format.

I decided to investigate the website and see who its owners were. If you go here you can do a search of the domain. The domain is registered by Domains by Proxy, Inc. Here's what the main page of DomainsByProxy.com says: