May 2006 Archives

My birthday is May 16th.

The past few years my birthdays just have not been like I wished they were. Somestimes a complete let down, other times just a wtf? who cares it is only a day I was born go back to work I want to sleep all day. Last year I completely forgot it was my birthday until later that night when it hit me while driving with a friend. But not this year, this year I had Facebook on my side. No longer do I have to sign onto AOL Instant Messenger and put "Today is my birthday" and see how many people wish me a happy one. Thanks to Facebooks awesome email announcements as soon as I dialed up to my grandfather's internet account I was delighted with fulfilling emails saying people have written on my wall.


I do believe this is my first birthday while being an addicted nothing-else-to-do facebooker for life. I have seen other people go through birthdays on facebook, but nothing is more totally-insta-awesome like seeing my wall posts jump from 30 some to a whopping 59. I can never be that cool again until next year. THANK YOU FACEBOOK!!!

For my birthday I also added google ads. I am not allowed to tell you to click them for that will make me a few cents, and I also cannot tell you to click that Download Google Pack thing because I get $2 if you do dowload it for the first time. The ads are mostly about toilets because I told them I poop 23 times a day and they agreed to let me advertise with them because pooping is cool or something. I don't do it because it is cool, I do it because I love the rush. When it comes down to it, I just think they just like my recycled butt corn.

And oh yeah, if you don't remember this then read it.

Finally a word on what was up:

Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 12:24 PM
Name: Glynis
Email Address: gl***s_****

Yeah, that story was kind of a flop, if you know what I mean. I don't think it ever really got off the shelf. I'm the mean boom-op for PBS who was drug to the infamous Grant Ave. against my will and my better judgment. You were, however, a great subject. :) Shooting Morantown at night, though, is tricky and our camera equipment wasn't up to par--even if it did look fancy. Good luck with your campaign.

First, you sluts owe me about $300 to cover the ticket charge and AA meetings I had to go to. I remember I had to close my savings account to pay for that underage ticket shit. Then I had to fold up envelopes and sweep the streets of Morgantown for hours. All of this for you and your video that never came out of the damn camera. That girl in the picture probably ate it she was scary and you are scared of her because she bit your leg once. Second, I remember saying First, send me a copy of that shit so I can not feel so used; I wore a penis suite to a football game once and no one even has the video from that. I can't live life this way, man. Third, if I pointed the arrow to the right person(you), then you look like the nice man massaging my anal tubulator not the scary boom mic man. Or that might have been the scary girl I just got a crush on 24 seconds ago. She is def checking me out there. I got her number later that night. Anyway I hate you, but love you for the follow up comment; my life has been standing still watching PBS waiting for my one moment of glory. I can now piss on fresh laundry again with ease. Thank you, Glynis.