Ode to Summer

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Penguins GameYeah, it has been a while since my last post. I guess I can say I have been busy doing a lot of nothing, some school, and attending a few sporting events in between. The Penguins game was the most recent, and I like the picture you see to the left so I will start there. I got to go to the last home game with B and Chris the buttcorn eating badass. That was my poop and it has never been that green before and I knew all of you would be so pleased to see a picture of it. Your welcome. I have never been to a Penguins game before; I was in the Mellon Arena once before but that was for Disney on Ice with my strait dad many years ago. The game was the best I have ever seen in my life. Yeah, the Penguins completely sucked this season but they made it up to me by destroying the Islanders on their last home game for me to see. When Crosby got his 100th point the crowd went nuts. Here's a video. [WATCH IT - 6.74MB]. Here are a few more pictures after everyone threw their shirts on the ice. Chris and Matt, who is B's brother, own the tickets and Matt was not able to attend so that's how I got to go. It was shirt off our backs night and I felt it only fair to give Matt the t-shirt with a taste of cheese stain on it. The Yuengling could have been $2 cheaper but it was damn good accompanied by some delicious nachos. While at the game I saw one of my friends Steve from Pittsburgh when I lived there until 5th grade. He was sitting 2 rows in front of us. Small world, full of kids with blogs like myself.

The Man of the Year award has to go out to my boy Mike McNeil. This isn't official but I do believe since December 2005 he has made over $300,000 just in online poker. He just got back from an all expense paid trip to Vegas he won from Ultimate Bet. It was a $25,000 buy in World Series of Poker Tournament. He placed 30 something out of 600 or so and won $70,000 some. Pretty damn tight.

So what does Mike do with all this fun money he has been making? Lets start off by buying 4 tickets to the 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA Division I basketball tournament in Auburn Hills, Michigan to watch your Mountaineers beat some ass. I got a video from one of the games. [WATCH IT - 1.17MB]. The Palace of Auburn Hills is awesome. I have never been to an NBA game or even stepped foot in a stadium. I have also never eaten dinner at 7PM in a hotel while waiting on reservations at Benihana at 9PM. Yeah, we all got delicious steak dinners at 7PM except for Mike, he got a salad. 9PM comes around and we get into the Embassy bus with a crackhead driver who has no idea what is going on or where Benihana is. We arrive with full stomachs and order more filet mignon and watch it be prepared in front of us.

When there were no games going on we'd chill in the nice Embassy hotel and relax, sometimes fighting, eating microwave pizza, fighting more, drinking wine, fighting some more, and some more.

For the record, Michigan sucks for 3 reasons: Michigan U-Turns are retarded, the bottled water needs to be a bit bigger for $1.50, and having to pay 10 cents extra per can or bottle to compensate for the can/bottle return of 10 cents sucks. But it is nice that when you have to go pee you can play frisbee with the gas station bathroom key. McNeil later went to Atlanta, Georgia to watch WVU play again, but they lost. No elite 8 this year... I was in Morgantown that night and there was only one fire and a quarter nipple. [WATCH A VIDEO - 1.71MB]

McNeil bought 4 tickets on ebay for the Pirates home opener. I have been to Pirate games but these seats were pretty tight. Yeah they were already sucking then and still are but it was nice to go. I don't feel like typing so here's the pictures: The boys - PNC Park - View 1 - View 2 - View 3 - View 4 - View 5 - Field 1 - Field 2 - Field 3 - Crackhead - Crackhead Rock. [WATCH A VIDEO - 2.98MB]

I am trying to make mad money gambling like McNeil but not with that bullshit online crap. I went straight to where the big money is made... Fun Times. Yeah they give those warnings just so you get scared and don't win millions. B led the way in to the palace of greatness. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! It's just like Vegas! I lost $5... but got a bag of chips and some mints. Way better than 300 G's. Better take notes McNeil.

My tight Easter basket - Dump looking happy - B DUIEing - driving under the influence of egg. How to make blisters not blister again - I am ready for summer.

Kids, don't eat the green corn poop. Stick to Bangzees Recycled shit. Chris recommends 6 servings a day, sales are a bit slow so eat up.

UPDATE: I just realized I am getting mad traffic because I am awesome.


that pens games rocked!!

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