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While working back at the greatest grocery store in the world over Christmas break I have found myself lying to customers I carry out for so I can get tipped. Instead of talking about it I have drawn up two scenarios for you:

Not that I hate my new college or am talking down on it, that is just what seems to happen on the average. But I need to make that good holiday cheer tippage and will do what I must to not be kicked and poo in my pants.

I got my grades and the same GPA I got first semester at WVU. I kinda suck a little no matter where I am getting un-educated at.

Speaking of WVU; my brother went to the game in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium against South Florida. Him and a few of his friends represented well but he told me he wasn't wasted so there's room for improvement next time.

For my Christmas one night was celebrated on the 23rd but I had to work. I put my mom and brothers presents in their rooms and left. Didn't do a thing on the 24th and on Christmas morning my grandparents, my brother and I drove to Indiana to see family. It was good times as usual and had my first indoor racing experience. The track appeared very small but it took an average of like 30 seconds for a lap. I was a bit tall for the little cars and my foot kept rubbing on the wheel. Other than that it was pretty tight. I got 3rd.

Have a Happy New Year! Whipe your butt it really smells, dude.

Probably a new years post soon if pictures are taken and I live.


first. the paintbrush drawings are awesome.

how about post more and get some fans back....

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