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Camera on Loan

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Poopy in her butt - i choose booze (8:37:11 PM): that's a shit it's awesomeI got a very nice camera loaned to me from my boy Chase. I never thought I would be linking myspace pages but I was produced by a man with homosexual in his veins so shut the hell up. I think I have had the camera for two weeks now and took about 150 pictures. It makes me wet having a camera again. Has a 1GB SD card in it, too.

I went to a Fowler apartments party last Thursday; the only day of the week you even hear of anyone doing anything other than drinking a few beers, masturbating, then passing out to Howard Stern laughing at Beetlejuice. The lady pictured to the left (I black bar'd her eyes so she doesn't come into my room at night and probe me with umbrellas) appeared out of nowhere and started pouring out the keg while calling the cops. For about five minutes people harassed her and then someone finally took the tap off the keg. Cops came and everyone ran away. This was no later than 12:45AM. How exciting. Instant woodage exciting.

If anyone cares what my dorm room looks like then here are a few shots. Actually there is a shot from every angle because I was camera happy so shut up. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - B modeling for the I Poo on Yoo website.

If we have a home football game here I have to work at it and that is on Saturday afternoons. I usually go home Saturday after the game and do laundry or go get wasted or something. If we don't have a game I rot here or try to catch a ride to Morgantown. Anyway, poopybutts, I think I have mentioned my home is no longer mine and I took some pictures of new changes. As you walk in the front door and look to your right there's a nice new stand with picture where the old family picture once was. Who are all these people? WHAT! Fresh bread? A spiffy not George Foreman? I'll take those. That is a big violin covering up my surround sound speaker. A FULL Fridge? With two gallons of 2% milk and one of skim? I had to fake no-milk-disease-testicular-wango-chango to even get milk for a bowl of cereal. Then we wouldn't have any cereal. Sure I will eat all that lunch meat with some fresh bread. I think some 2% milk will wash that down nicely. Look at that high-tech puppy. I haven't been to the dentist in easily 7-8 years.

Brandon if you are in Florida really bored, all alone, cold, sad, and wondering how your room is coming along I also got a few pictures of that just for you little buddy. Sorry B, no pantie pictures. If you guys get married then we'd be brothers in the most stupid way ever. You might see a bra or two; this camera has scratch and sniff capability. 1 - 2 - 3

Everytime I go home I do laundry and none of them ever empty the lint trap. I would tell them that you should empty it and that it isn't good but I don't care. If the house catches on fire then I'll know why.

There is also dinner prepared every evening. Mom is such a good mom. She makes it whenever she has time and the others eat it whenever. I am eating good up at school. Nothing like cold canned ravioli in a plastic cup I stole from the cafeteria and Pringles I stole from my new family.

I went to Morgantown weekend before last. I had my camera but only took a few pictures. A weekend of fun isn't enough for me. I hate being an outsider with a bookbag crashing at other peoples houses and not having a ticket to football games. I chilled at Master D's house and took three pictures of their wonderful establishment. Visited Chads new apartment on High Street. It was very nice but he just bitches about everything regardless. He gave me a few shots and made me a mix drink while letting me massage his pooper. Only other picture I took was with Olivia but only because her collar wasn't popped this time and she let me have a Budweiser and her friends warm half of one.


I dropped history and celebrated with a bottle of water filled up from the water fountain. Raquetball is also done with. Those were my earliest classes so now I don't have class until noon three days a week and two at 11AM. Thirteen credit hours for third semester in a row.

I got a letter in the mail saying I owe $520 to the school or I am getting my name deleted from everything. And I still owe $500 some on my credit card for books. I called my mom and asked for her help and she said she couldn't. Her husband and her started a savings to buy a new house is 60 years. They had around $800 in it and that all went towards my moms husband and his two kids vehicles changing over from Ohio to West Virginia. All three of them have 4-wheel drive trucks and I guess that is more expensive. I would not know anything about that because I don't have a car. I just found out the son moved to Columbus and the girl ran to her aunts or something because she got busted at a, as my mom put it, all night boy/girl sleepover. She also only works one day a week and somehow drives around a gas eating truck everywhere. All while I have to depend on friends to ride me to and from everywhere. But anyway, I am now taking out a private loan that is going to rape me in the ass for the rest of my life because my mom said she can't afford a parent loan and pay $50 a month. It will pay for both semesters money I will owe and books. Then next year when I do my financial aid they will see my mom is married and I will have to take out more loans and then die.

While I am on the school subject I figured I will share with you my new love. She just recently turned 35 years of age. We are in microeconomics class together and she totally poked my left butt cheek one day after class. It is a one day a week for a little less than three hours. All we talk about is how we suck at the class and I hold the door open for her when we leave. She then drives away. I'll let you know when we get married if she isn't already.

I thought this was funny and this, too. Here's a picture of my desktop and my roommate representing West Liberty. If you say that was such a useless two sentences then you win a prize.

Last weekend my boy Staley came into town and we played in his dads new office. We coorelated the conjunctional hierarchy of the bi-angular 5-9er delto boobie-sector angus anus beef in my butt. It was pretty intense and B pooped like crazy and we made him clean it up. Good thing he wasn't on a bed. (That pooping picture is fake by the way. For all you fetish poopy facers out there with your hand down your pants I'm sorry for ruining your moment)

That same weekend was October Fest and/or Oglebay Fest. We headed out there for both Friday and Saturday nights. I didn't drink Friday but Saturday I got wasted and somehow got this sweet hat. It is always fun seeing older people that used to teach you there and listening to them talk drunk instead of on a power trip suspending you. Mullets and a hot wife are nice, too.

I am hungry for Tara Reid before she got fat and stupid and her own damn TV show some toenail skin. What a creative name for advanced penile medication.