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Myspace MangirlI hate Myspace.com but am still on it because that is what all the cool kids in the world are doing these days. Also, since I have no life anymore I fit right in to the whole thing. I spend some of my free time clicking from profile to profile looking for pretty girls pictures I don't know. So anyway lets get to my point here, asshole. That picture to your left is a possible mangirl. If she looks like that in person then she must get her women penis kicked a lot. Where do ugly girls go for attention? MYSPACE!! Woooo! On Myspace you can put up all your pictures and let people comment on them. 98% of you reading already know how Myspace works so I will stop explaining its total awesomeness, dude. Back to the mangirl. Her penis hurts and she needs a pick up. What does she do? She logs into her Myspace and oh boy she has two new comments on her picture! Oh Dustin you are such a sweetie. You can lay on me and touch my lady-cock anytime you want, baby. Danny you are such a babe. I love you, too, and your fake picture of nice abs with your white boy gut.

There are so many people on Myspace. I thought this girl was pretty cute. Too bad Landon likes her picture more than me or I'd totally score with her. Damnit Frank C, I wanted to ask her if she needed a spanking! You beat me to it. You are so going to get to spank her now!

Don't worry ladies that don't look as good as the hot ones. There's a Myspace man for you no matter what! They might be a kid you never talked to in high school because they would pick their butt and eat it then point at you and wink with the gayest smile ever.

Even if you only have one leg, no ears, and herpes, you can still get attention from the best of them. It's all in the way you angle the picture and hide your infections. Max makes so sense because everyone blinks. What an idiot with a thumb bigger than his weewee pisser fully erect. This kid is so smart with his words. I hope he falls onto a lot of big spikes. Ahh Jo Jo, you have low self esteem but it's OK because Jesus loves you.

I have seen an increase in hot girls, usually want-to-be actresses and porn stars. They have tons of friends and even more user comments telling them how incredible they are. They ask everyone to be their friend until they have so many that people ask them because they are so cool! The more cool people you have the more cooler you are than your friends! I try not to let them be my friends but sometimes my penis clicks on approve instead of deny. It happens.

Every once and a while I get a faggot who just asks everyone to be their friend. These kids need to be sent to the jungle to have monkeys penetrate their poopers.

Just now I got this IM:

PaLmer WpH32 (6:36:56 PM): do u know who to change colors and backgrounds on myspace
T odd M 161 (6:37:07 PM): no

Chris I am not calling you a faggot. Don't take it personally you made it on the site it just happened too perfectly. I love you. Loving you makes me a faggot. Damnit.

I have a history paper to write and it is due Wednesday. Here's the assignment:

Before you begin writing, think about the types of “sources” that we have encountered so far in class. These include written texts, bones, various archaeological evidence, and so forth.

Now, construct an argument assessing the effectiveness of these sources in telling us about the past. What do particular sources tell us (you must cite at least two specific examples drawn from either the readings or video)? How do these sources reveal their information to us? Is the information they provide obvious or do we need to work to understand it? To what degree do our own assumptions define what we find in the sources? In other words, when we read a particular source, are we reading it for what it is or for what we want it to be?

When writing this paper, make sure to address at least two sources as examples.

This paper is due Wednesday, September 21st. Be sure to bring a copy for each member of your writing group as well as for me.

We are a assigned many readings every class that are out of the book and also on the cd that came with our overpriced piece of shit book. I hate reading 600 page computer PDF's. A physical book is easier for me. But both suck. I have read here and there and these stories we have to read are so hard to understand and follow. I scanned part of one for you. I don't know what I am going to do about this paper. All I know is that I can't use "I" in it. I hate this type of early history. Too much information. It is just like the one I took at WVU with the foreign terrible english speaking guy.

I am going to fail History again and if I drop it I'll be down to 13 credits. I hate school.

In my freshman engligh class we got an assignment in the lab to write a story. Each sentence had to start with a letter of the alphabet in order. Here's my story.

This site is fun for about 3 minutes.

I forgot I told you guys about Surf Junky. You get paid to look at web pages they show you. It was a complete scam and I am sorry for the 11 of you that signed up through me. They have owed me $37.90 for a while. I decided to shout them a holla yo.

OMG Yes! West Liberty has solved the problem of this place being terrible socially by putting these all over the cafeteria.

That's all I got. No camera. No money. No clothes on. Sign up for a free Xbox360 or a spring break trip. Free Xbox360 thing is legit but I still need people to sign up and complete an offer.


I Like Pussy!

Come back to WVU faggot

Shit meng, your teacher gots one hellova accent

Yo man you posted? Sweeet. Mangirls for the win.

OMG Todd i had that same gay ass alphabet assignment except my story was much cooler!~!


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