Let's Go Mountaineers

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West Virginia University + Sweet 16 = Sweet. More sweet than your mom.
Here's a cute butt, and a butt stain. That is all. Bye.
(will have longer post after Morgantown burns down Thursday night)

UPDATE: 8:28PM - A letter from VP of Student Affairs

Dear Students,

The entire West Virginia University community shares the excitement
about the great success of our basketball team, and we look forward to
the upcoming game.

As we celebrate our team with pride, let's show the nation our true
Mountaineer spirit. We all want the spotlight to be focused on our
excellent team, and not on the inappropriate behavior of a few fans.

Treat Morgantown as you would your home — after all, it is. You can be
a part of our extraordinarily successful team by representing them with
pride and by celebrating responsibly. We don't want to see any of our
students facing sanctions — ranging from probation to expulsion —
because of unlawful, destructive behavior. That kind of "celebrating"
doesn't honor our team and could ruin your college experience or
jeopardize your professional career.

Our team is making us proud — let's make them proud.

Let's Go, Mountaineers!
Ken Gray
Vice President for Student Affairs


Where did the queer go?

Had to remove the two lovers because one asked me nicely to take it down. Then touched me and gave me $5 not to tell.

Go School!

Wvu wins, yeehaw.

We dont need no muthafucking water.....burn muthafucka burn! Do me a favor and kick a state cop in the nut sack....i owe em for the Virginia Tech game back in 2003....fucking bacon boys.

Oh yea, Someone please burn Ken Gray's house the fuck down!

Grow up

You crazy ass kids are nuts. Stay the hell away from power lines and cars. You are making us all look like Maryland! Nothing wrong with a little heat in the winter, but come on, fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son... :)

class of 96 and at the last ever Grant Ave Block Party.

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