How to have a good time

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A huge messYeah, I don't know what is wrong with me. Two posts in the same month? I must like you guys or something.

So I was lucky enough to get to go to Charleston from Wednesday until Sunday for the WVIAC division 2 basketball tournaments. Since I will be working for West Liberty next year pretty much everything was paid for. I was told it was a good time and it was.

We drove down with Chris. He's a new face on the site and he is going to be pretty much the majority of this post. By that picture you can tell he is a crazy ass slut-nugget.

I have never stayed in the Embassy Suites before and damn are they nice, and pretty expensive. They had a living room and a bedroom.

There were I think four games a day both men and women. When we weren't watching basketball we were drinking, eating, and living it up in the nice hotel. One night Chris decided to have a competition with himself to get wasted. He ended up getting into a fight with an ironing board. He was given a thumbs up from our judge and was awarded a very special prize. At first he was confused at what he saw, then took two hands to test out the mass and leg hair measurements pride in what he had won. I thought he was going to eat it like a chocolate bar covered in my corn-crap. He was then crowned King of Bud by Matt, and his gloves. They messed their room up just a little.

We started a beeramid the second night. It appears Chris destroyed it and that B was pissed but in reality I tricked Mike and pushed him into the beeramid while filming. [View The Video (810kb)]

After the beeramid collapse with cans everywhere and B's snack eating all hell broke loose...

We started off by just throwing lots of ice at B, knowing it would melt later. Then he threw a whole veggie tray equipped with ranch at my camera and knocked it off the tv. It got worse from there. [View The Videov(2.1MB)]

Here's a few aftermath pictures: 1 - 2 - 3. After laughing for a while we realized we needed to clean up. We cleaned up all we could. Then B decided to shit, piss his pants, and let us pee on him.

Now I am broke from Florida and Charleston and have $8.88 in my checking with no income coming anytime soon.

Spring break starts this weekend. See you sluts soon enough.

EDIT - 3:27AM:

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I am in love with Allyson but have no pictures with her... yet. She's my #8 fan.


that was a great trip, i cant wait till next year!

T-MO! Ur the Man! great job buddy!

Rock the fuck on T-Mo. Good shit especially the crazy ass-slut nugget. I listed you on my site. You are the legend in his spare time. No need to return the favor cause my site is shit so far. Any tips much appreciated. Peace.

Todd, you are as cool as an eskimo toe

You know what, I usually come on here and say the same old thing. But today, I would like to talk about Global Reform. Global Reform is an important issue in today's America. Did you know that Global Reform ranks in the top five problems in over 80 countries around the world? Ah, fuck it! I Like Pussy!

I cant believe u tried to get my girl Lena drunk! im fuckin u up when u come back to wheeling bitch boy

Haha, If anybody tries to fuck up Mr. Morrison, they've gotta get past my AK-47 first.

OMG Todd I was in Charleston for a lingerie show the same time as you and I stayed in the same exact place that's hilarious... I can't believe i didnt run into you, maybe it was because I was more then likely drunk and passed out under a table in the hotel bar... Well give me a call when u come home for spring break!~!

Hey Young Castro (Bobby Bradley) why don't you tell everyone how you a have under 18 girls nude on your phone you fuckin coon. You are fuclin looser with no life but, to go to highschool parties.

# 8 fan?? WTF dude!? we're over.

looks like your fucked lil kid! First your girl dont want nothing to do with you, and some dude is going to beat your little ass! hahaha.. sorry bro, i dont know you, but i thought it was funny! Since your ole lady is single now, tell her i wouldnt mind tappen that ass!! Shes a nice lil hottie!!! :~)

If I could say a person thing about this blog site it may be layout! I necessarily mean, I was so distracted from the clashing colours that it was pointless to experiment with to read the blog. What exactly are making an attempt to accomplish right here specifically? Nobody can examine this is if it looks like a kid smashed a box of Crayola on your own webpage! Remember to do something about this.

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