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Grand Theft Auto II = The Shit

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GTA IIA few weeks ago I came across a website that was letting you download Grand Theft Auto, Wild Metal, and Grand Theft Auto II. I remember when I downloaded the demo of GTA II and it was badass even though you could only play one map and a few missions. So I decided to download a copy and do it up old school since I can't afford an XBOX or any of that new high-tech shit you kids play with now days. You can download it here. I told a few kids in the dorms about it and we play network play and just blow eachother up. I am the best. Never lost. It's my gun and cigar that do it. Took me 10 minutes to make that useless picture. Sluts.

I remeber a time when my father told me I was a ungrateful, self-centered brat who only cared about myself. Yeah whatever, but I don't think I am ungrateful at all. I know it isn't Thanksgiving but I have no other content so shut up and get off my back.

I enjoy the simple things that happen in my day to day life. Like having a cute girl leave her candy hearts on my bed, and not just the little ones, the large ones. Half of the colors were picked out but that is besides the fact.

I get excited when the janitors give us toilet paper that doesn't fall apart off the roll and makes my butt bleed. Look at the good shit, then the crap they usually give us. We are all out of toilet paper at this moment and I am about to break into the storage closet down the hall and take all the non-butt-bleeding-crappy-ass-normal-shit. Yeah.

I like pissing in a bathroom that has beautiful girls covering the walls, unlike pissing in something like this and taking a picture of it. I do it all in desperate need of pictures to post so you slut bags don't complain.

Whenever I can find a clean but used sock on the floor I go nuts so I can dry the one plastic bowl I took off my suitemate at the beginning of the year.

I think it is great when two completely sober girls come into my room and let me rub my head on their stomachs. Look at that priceless smile.

I like eating free dinners with friends, not taking out the trash, stepping in sticky puddles, watching camera-men pick their nose, and seeing girls in tight clothing.

This guy is an idiot and wants way too much money to advertise on his fingerless hand and change his name:

T odd M 161 (12:48:17 AM): unless i was a billionare id do it
T odd M 161 (12:48:25 AM): for publicity as the idiot who paid that much
i choose booze (12:49:29 AM): i would bid and make him change his first name to homosexual
i choose booze (12:49:35 AM): and then make the tattoo say "l like the cock"
i choose booze (12:49:58 AM): or his firstname be "fingerless freakshow"
i choose booze (12:50:05 AM): and his hand tattoo would say "i wish i had fingers"

I went to a WVU basketball game and we were originally sitting here. At half time me and my boy Nic decided to try and sit in 2 of the 4 open seats right on the court. We snuck passed some queer with a headset and we were there. It was tight. I could smell the referee's butt holes we were so close.

After about 5 minutes some lady came and asked us for our tickets, then she made us leave and go to the student section. We sat next to these guys and they were cool old people. Then were told to move again and the old guy tried to fight for us but it didn't work. We went back to our original seats with our friends. A few minutes later they come to us again and ask for our tickets. They had been watching us. So they tell us the only place students can sit without tickets is in the student section. We ended up sweaty as hell and sitting here. It's a pretty cool picture.

Time to beat some ass in GTA II. Happy Valentines Day.