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The VanI got back home from college on Saturday after failing a make up exam. Sunday morning I had to work at 9am and realized my clothes don't fit me anymore. It was snowing very bad and no one was out yet. I get the old van out and head to work. While getting onto the interstate I lost control and spun out into the right lane of the interstate. Then this lady hits me and I spin more. Everyone is OK, cops come, and I am a half hour late for work. I made everyone I carried groceries out for feel bad for me and the tips made my wallet fat. Surprisingly the van wasn't damaged bad even though I was hit by a car going probably 45. I drew a diagram of what happened and here are two more pictures of the van. I have talked to both mine and her insurance company and not sure whos fault it is. I think it is both of ours and hope my insurance doesn't go up.

It's been about a month since my last post. One reason is I didn't have enough to say and the other is because I don't have a desk at home for my laptop and have to lay on the floor and type. It makes my elbows hurt, damnit.

I don't know when it was but I got to witness the World Poker Championship right in front of my eyes. It was between Nic "The Quick" and Marc "I Glow In The Dark And Whipe My Butt With Tree Bark". I lost interest really quick and had a dream about a beautiful smelling girl. Then all the sudden these guys came into my dream and I crapped myself and whiped my butt with this totally cool sweater.

Christmas was same as usual. Went to Indiana to visit family and had a good time. I got money and a few smalls things for school. I bought a new phone and switched to Cingular since AT&T Wireless and them merged. I like the phone a lot.

Coming home for the holiday break is pretty boring compared to college. But it was good to see people I haven't seen in a while and just chill out. That last picture freaked me out. Not only am I not wearing any underwear under my short shorts but one person is smelling me and the other looks like they are eating my hair.

I went to Seven Springs to do some snowboarding with some people from work. We were delayed an hour because this kids totally cool awesome bumper was coming off and we had to stop. It was fun but I spent too much money and I still owe $123 for my fine.

Kids, try this at home. You will feel like the stupidest kid in the room once that headache kicks in.

I got my grades from school. 2.6GPA. I'm satisfied.

My New Years Eve dinner started off with a lovely slice of ham my mother cooked. Well, not really. My brother went to New York City and my mom went to Columbus or something with her boyfriend so I was all alone. I ended up at a decent party and passed out at B's house.

icecoldsoda (10:41:24 AM): I just wanted to tell you that I had a dream last night that one of my friends got his wang cut off, and you were the doctor and you sewed it back on for him, and then posed with it for a picture for a magazine cover. That's all.

Good to know when you dream of penis that I am the one getting my picture taken with it. I'm just that cool.

Spam sucks, I am really white but got to touch that girls leg, Sheetz Nachos are the shit, and my damn elbows hurt from typing on the floor.

Eat me, sluts.


i like my sweater.

I Like Pussy!

I have that phone, it's awesome.

once again, posting more often would be awesome. understood that youre a busy college boy, but your ratings must be going down..?

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