I got a little bit of nothing

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Like my gloves, slut?I usually try to put a picture up on the main page and then dedicate a paragraph to it but this time I have nothing worth more than a sentence. I chose this picture because everyone is happy at the moment and I am wearing a tight sweater and some totally tubular gloves, duuude.

It takes me about 2 hours to get pictures, crop them, upload them, then make up shit for you to read and link the pictures. I have found that most of you just click the pictures and don't read. Sluts. So anyway. I started doing that a few days ago and had about half of it typed out, then my computer shut off. My piece of crap laptop shuts off for two reasons. One, it overheats. Two, my AC adapter went to hell and I had to rig it up with wire and tape. The battery life lasts for about 20 seconds when it isn't plugged in. Sometimes the tape and plastic melt after a few days (5 is the record before meltdown) and I lose power and the laptop just shuts off. That happened and I got pissed and didn't want to type again.

I wish I had a cool white boy afro.

I attended my first WVU basketball game. It wasn't that great. We got dunked on and lost. Fun. Lose your breath excitement. Yep.

Can you find the McDonalds freedom french fries in this picture? I can. Idiots.

At night I always go in search of dumpsters full of trash so I can take pictures of them. It keeps me going everyday. I didn't realize there was someone pissing until he said something. He was pissed until I told him I was only taking a picture of his weiner. Then he was cool.

I was at a friends house a few days ago and met some new people. They are in a band called Diabolus and told me to vote for them. They are nice guys and are looking for a little support to help them compete with the thousands of bands trying to make it big. Go here, listen to their song and vote for them if you want. If you don't like it, vote anyway and quit crying like a girl. They only have 9 votes at the moment and I want to see some increasing activity.

I get prank calls sometimes to my cell phone. Sometimes people using programs to simulate a voice, people trying to sell me sexual devices, or saying I have a kid to some white trash whore that doesn't exist. I found this site and no more than 5 hours later someone called and used it on me. They didn't even do it right and it sucked. Stupid execuses of life. You are almost as crappy as the pizza rolls they give me here with no cheese and three pepperoni rods. Who makes pepperoni rods, anyway?

So I had my first History 101 quiz last week. Before I tell you my score listen to my professor (803KB). He knows what he is teaching and I respect that but he is hard to understand at times. Oh yeah, I got a 52%.

At the end of my Christmas break I found myself and the same place every night doing the same thing then watching old episodes of Who's the Boss? Remeber that little Jonathan Bower queer (2 queers in picture)? We investigated him for no reason to see if he ever did anything after his time on the show. Turns out he is really a homo and stars in gay movies. There's a useless gay fact of the year for you.

I am tired of bullshitting my way through this post when most of you just click the links and look at pictures so here you go:

Bottleless rocket
Some girl I don't know
My boy Master D and his killing machine bodyguard
Chad and his Cup-O-SpermTM soup
My boys
An action shot of someone throwing a ping pong ball.

I checked my web stats a few days ago and here are some of the keywords people are searching and coming to my site:

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Have a wonderful time doing what it is you do until my next post which will be whenever the hell I feel like posting. Buy me a new computer.


I Like Pussy!

Todd, you suck. And so does college.

Todd Morrison can suck my balls. Todd is a worthless piece of shit... Kill yourself Todd

Todd, Where is the 400 Shithead?!?
I want it by midnight or your a dead man.

That's cute, Dwayne. Trying to get my fathers panties in a bundle and send word back home that I owe you $400 for whatever reason he makes up.

I don't owe anyone $400, except for that one time when I flew to Mexico and got a pound for $300 from some guy named Santiago and beat him with a whip I bought at the local porn shop. I ran when the chickens came after me.

i havent watched whos the boss? in a while, its on at 2 now instead of 1. im pissed

that's a very warm picture Todd

Todd, Wheres the money shithead?!? I want my damn 400 that you owe me. Get me my money or Im going to cut him, yea, cut him hmmmmmm. Ohhhh Koos Koos.
Die Todd


spooky wanna haircut. im going to beat my meat like it owes me money...... wheres my 4huner. petterass walter

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