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Community Service is a Joke

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Broom & Dust PanI started my community service the first day back to school after Thanksgiving break. I wasn't sure where it was and had to take a crap the whole time walking. I get in the building, go left, then right as I was told on the phone. At this point I have to poop bad. Then I see these steps. I let out a fart half way and I thought I got wetness but all was good, I checked. I get in, and this lady asks If I am there for community service. She then hands me a broom and dustpan and tells to go to the alley in front of this club 6 blocks away and sweep up trash and cigarettes and crap. Once I was done with that she told me to go sweep an entire back street sidewalk. I did about 45 minutes of work, and went back after an hour and a half and she let me leave a half hour earlier because she could tell by my face that it was freezing outside.

The next time I did community service I got to prepare mass mail in some large storage cubicle. I walked in and a table was setup for me. I was to put these two brochures into an envelope, label it, stamp it, then seal it. Why I took pictures of every step is beyond me. I'll do what I want so shut up.

The lady came to me at like 4pm and said she was leaving and when I am done to take the envelopes outside and put them in the big mail box down the street. I had to work until 5pm and got tired of doing the same thing. I also think that is when I took all the useless pictures. I got bored and started switching things up. I'd put labels on sideways, and stamps too. I also decided to write my website on the paper from the stamps and put it in some of the envelopes. I got done and was thinking about throwing all the envelopes down the stairs and taking a cool picture but I took it too early and then someone appeared at the bottom. I crapped liquid poo on their face, cleaned up with a few envelopes and put them in the mailbox.

My AA is a complete joke. I walk in a house, sit down on a couch, play with these cats and watch one hour videos on people drinking, driving, crashing, killing, crying, etc. I have 2 more hours of AA and community service then I am done.

My Thanksgiving break was pretty good. First night back we pulled out the old Nintendo Powerpad. Everyone was pretty good at it except this joke and his pants. I think he figured he would be good at it since his jeans were older than a Nintendo. But instead it made him slow and gave him the itchy butthole disease. There isn't enough paper towel in the world to cure it so he just cried. We could never beet Cheetah and played it for hours. Cheetah will get his ass kicked one day.

I came back to school with some food and a not so secret candy drawer. That is a first and it is almost gone after a few days.

I had $105 for my AA and setup, but I spent $10 throughout this week. I got offered $23 to eat this chinese fat peanut poop shit. I couldn't do it and I threw up immediatly. My last AA class is Tuesday and that is when the money is due. I need to find some way to get $10.

This picture is sweet because I blend in with my pants and shirt. Aren't I cool and you a slutty joke?

Friday night and all Saturday morning I hung out with these guys. Played some small broom pool and chilled. It was a crazy night and at 6am we drove to Cooper's Rock and watched the sun come out. One of the coolest and coldest mornings of my life.

It's been a while since I posted and that is all I really have for you. Not much really has gone on. I'll leave you with some really nice cleavage to get excited over.