Well hello strangers

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WVU RankI'll start off this post with that little statistic to the left. I saw that and took a screen shot of it before I even started attending West Virginia University for a post that I obviously never did. I don't even remember when I arrived here, but I stayed at my friends house on Grant Street for a few days. Grant Street on weekends has a party at every house. I wasn't ready for this, but bought a keg cup and drank my ass off. Sorry mom, I only don't drink on Tuesday's.

A lot of kids from my high school go here. I like that and I also don't. I can be comfortable at a party knowing people, but that prevents me from meeting anyone new. I already knew this kid. Sadly I know these guys, too. But I got to meet these guys. I talked to them for a while because they were from China. They claimed they were in their 30's and came here to study something I don't remember. I told them communism works in theory but I have a better chance of shitting normal then communism does working. I think they got pissed. They also said they were going to take their degrees and go back to China. They look kind of homosexual when I look back on the picture. But then again, so do I.

I had so much stuff to post before I left for college, but never got around to it. I went to a Pirates game and had sweet seats. Got an expensive new phone with Windows Mobile on it, but it doesn't work at school. Cleaned my room and threw everything away that I saved because I realized I will never live at home like I used to. Kind of depressing for 36.5345 seconds.

OK, now back to my life at college. My boy McNeil, who you will get to know better in just a few minutes, had a keg on the night of Fall Fest which featured the music of Fuel, Kanye West, Trapt, and Particle. The picture sucks I took, because my camera flash is weak, and I may have been intoxicated.

So I'm at a small get together and two of the owners of the house decide to try and get any freshman around to jump off of their roof. I am not stupid, so I went outside and had my camera ready. Two kids jumped, one was ok and everyone had a good time. Then we realized the other kid broke one leg and sprained his other ankle. I failed to mention they were raising to five roof jumps. Neither got to their goal. I jumped off a week later and broke a pubic hair.

Pictures are great. I don't remember either of these.

Now on to the first football game. It was crazy. I love how they designate a place in a parking lot, "The Pit", for all student to drink and eat free hotdogs. Here are pictures from the game I don't feel like typing out sentences for: 1 - 2 - 3.

I also have compiled a video of Mr. McNeil and the football game, then a wonderful music video. If for some reason you get no video but audio, just listen to the last minute. VIDEO REMOVED

I have shit to do. Absolutly nothing. College made me lazier, and makes me shit more liquid than I piss. Goodbye.




That video rocked, why did you remove it?

It's that damn food in Arnold Hall... it's engineering so you can't clog the pipes

pics! pics! Hey....what kind of camera do u have? thanks. fan-tas-tic site.

Yo T-mo I just want to say that was the perfect shirt to wear on the 2nd link of pics you dont remember. Keeping it real in Wheeling at West Hiv

damn what do u do carry a camera with you everywhere or something, anyways great site. much love

bout time u poseted fagget...call me mother fucker...i love you...bye

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