I shit myself this morning

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Bush / Kerry Election 2004

I put that there because I thought it was funny and may in fact piss a lot of people off. I'm tired of people trying to convince me to vote for one or the other and sending me shit I don't care about. I thought this forwarded email I got was pretty funny, so I am going to let you read it.

College is still incredibly hard for me to handle. Learning a new chapter everytime I have class is too much for me to take in. Studying 5 chapters for each class then having tests in them is too hard. I thought my Rhetorical Communications test was at 2:30pm, but was at 1:30. So I get to make that up in December when I will be crammed with mad finals. I got a 70% on my Planet Earth Geology exam and was happy with a C. Then I find out he curves it and the top 10% get A's, the bottom 10% gets F's. Everyone I talked to did better than me. I had a Geology lab today and had to classify rocks by looking at them. It was hard, I'm sure I screwed that one up, too. I have a business test at 4pm, but instead of studying 3,000 PowerPoint slides, I am posting on my website. I dropped my College Algebra class because my teacher was a pure bread faggot who likes to not teach and make you feel like a complete retard. I'll pick up a new math class with a real teacher next semester.

College is hard. But I have a really cute RA so everything is OK.

What the hell is this kid doing? That's more homo than me pissing my name on a wall.

So this morning I woke up an hour early to study for my test at 9:30am. At about 9:10am, I feel a pretty big shit working up in my stomach. My roommate was in the shower and I was sitting on my computer chair. Then it hit me bad. I got up to go to the bathroom to poop while my roommate was showering, but I didn't make it. The "Hold It In" muscle got too pressured and I unleashed in my boxers. I got up to take my boxers off and clean up and it started dripping down my leg. As I was naked and cleaning myself until I could get in the shower my roommate walks out and I cover up in the towel.

ME: Dude, I just shit.
HIM: Yeah, I smelled it in the bathroom.
ME: *whipes up shit that dripped on the floor with a sock and runs into the bathroom*

I took a quit clean off shower and then headed to my exam. As I was taking the test, I could feel wet poo slowly coming out of my butt. I didn't go to my next class because I had to shower, do laundry, and clean the room of poo smell. I thought I liked sharing a bathroom with 3 other guys, but now I am thinking I like community bathrooms with more than one toilet.

College is shitty. But again, I have a really cute RA so everything is OK.

I don't feel like typing out a story for these next pictures. Just remember kids, don't drink and play with things that can make your hair go away.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9

I am leaving for Ocean City, Maryland tonight. B Watson has a condo down there and they are going to the Nascar race in Dover. I'll take the camera and be back Sunday. But you know I won't post again for like 3 decades. Sluts.

Well, I must go attempt to study for my 4 chapter business exam then pack my shit.


Dude, that RA is a bad girl and needs spanking along with her best friend.

i already had her

I am Gary Null...Todd, my son, I suggest you don't eat prunes or olive oil, you will shit yourself...I eat prunes, but I love to shit...My family and I have shit talks every monday...Shitting is healthy...Get Healthy Now!!! I believe in you!!!-forever your healthy friend-...Gary

Todd I LOOOOVVVVEEEE the hott pics. of my hubby!! You need to have a whole post about him!~ haha! I miss u T-Mo!

I'm diggin that pic of G-Dubb and Kerry. Nice work, babe. :-)

Your RA smokes mine on the hotness scale.

PS, is it really wise to tell everyone you shat your self?

I looking fucking sweet in that pic! Wooo!


Rex Kramer: Danger Seeker

Has to be the best video of all time.

Bush got his ass owned in tha debate...Anybody who doesn't think so is a worthless pile of shit with a useless excuse for a brain...Goodbye Bush!!!!!!!!!!!Fuck Bush, and fuck whoever got brainwashed that supports him...God Bless America

Fuck you, fuck Kerry, and fuck anybody who thinks that a guy that can speak better is a beter president.

If we are basing our next president on speaking skills, we are in deep trouble.

First off, no one is basing the next president on speaking skills, but most people are basing it on the fact that right now we have a man running the country who was taken us to war with a country that has done nothing to us ever....secondly when the Clinton administration was in power our economy had seen its biggest surplus ever, now that Bush is in office we're living with the biggest deficit......the country has the fewest jobs its ever had in the last 75 years thanks to that great Texan redneck......and forget about health care....anyone who was grandparents or parents with health issues should start playing the lottery to help pay the medical costs.....and as far as homeland security....how can a man who talks about anti-terrorism this and homeland security that let a ban on fully automatic assault rifles be lifted without even trying to get it re-issued?? Hopefully the N.R.A. has enough members or it looks like bye bye Bush

You know, I don't feel like arguing with you. I'm just fucking tired of all this political bullshit that is plastered all over TV. I'm glad you are with some Liberal Pussy. Just wait till he is handed BinLadens ass, just like Clinton, and he refuses it. See me then and I'll argue.

Also, if you are gonna whine about over-time, you'd might as well shut up. Kerry is gonna hike up taxes, so either way we are fucked.

Ah, fuck it.

Oil is indeed the reason of our occupation. Should Saddam be allowed to build more and more golden ego palaces and get away with the millions lost from genocide? Let him stack and stack billions of dollars to so he can build up an army meant to soley protect his Dictatorship/Hitleresque mania and not give a fuck about his own people using the profits from that oil?

Or should we remove him as we have done and bring bring democracy to the Iraqi people and let the them choose how to govern their countrys future by majority vote? I wasnt born in Iraq, but if I was, I'd like to be able to have a voice and be ALLOWED to speak for myself and have a say in what direction I'd like my country to head without fear of torture or execution.

We are in Iraq for oil, yes. The cituation in Iraq is beyond fucked. But it is what it is, isnt it?

Democracy allows a countrys people to decide their economic growth. A democratic Iraq will be able to thrive and the effects would be felt and enjoyed by all.

When the entire world is able to trade without boundaries...when all people are allowed to choose the level of their individual success...there will be freedom and still war.


Theres so much we dont understand.

Its just my opinion that everyone alive should be allowed to achieve their full potential. What else is there to live for without choice.

Ya dig?

Hey cunt I like to consider my self part redneck, West Virginia breed anyway.
We fuck cousins, instead of steers.

But anyway back to the point.

Bush Sucks, Kerry Sucks.

But bush sucks on a scale never before seen.
Only mindless uneducate ignorant retards like bush.

Iraqis are far from free right now.
There are constant attacks, and we're useless to stop them.

Bush blew off all our allies, BIG MISTAKE

Oh did i mention, Bush, most of his cabinet, and the Vice president, MADE MILLIONS BY INVADING IRAQ.


While barely cutting them on the middle class :|

Yes Yes Yes, Vote Bush, and America will fall.
All empires fall, Rome, greece, germany, UK, soviets.

We are next, and if bush is elected theres nothing we can do to stop it.

Shut up steve, Bush is one of the worst presidents in history..Did u even watch the debate, the only thing Bush could do was defend himself and try to save his own ass. I don't get it, we went from a surplus to a deficit, yet we still want the same mothafucka in office? 20 some other countries were more of a threat to the U.S. than Iraq before we attacked, yet we still attacked it (maybe because the U.S. wouldn't have to depend on OPEC anymore in the future)..I wonder, why does 70% of Iraq want the U.S. to get the fuck out, and would have rather had Saddam? Thousands of years of muslim lifestyle and culture will be drastically changed into democracy, yet the muslims want that? After Bush cutoff North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and wouldn't stay in touch for 2 years, why does North Korea suddenly have nuclear weapons? I don't know, tell me Steve... Lets elect Bush again because he can turn all the shit he got us into around right? I'm sorry Bush took cocaine and has A.D.D., and said he is proud not to read the newspaper..Fuck it.We live in west virginia, let's stick to our stupid ass hillbilly roots...We need somebody to get the job done right?...You go to Iraq you son of a bitch and take one for the team...Join In!!! 90% of the casualties fighting "radicals" is from our own soldiers, not other countries..Fuck help, we don't need it right?...Let's just spend more money on military to make the deficit get worse you fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh yeah, when you get the chance, watch a documentary called "Supersize Me", maybe you will learn something...

Bush-Cheney, Freedom iz Fucked

Try putting your real name next time, dumbass.

The casualties are from people that decided to be in the military. They wanted to be in the military, and they died trying to bring the sweet feeling of freedom to an otherwise fucked up nation. Remember how sadamm only killed his own people? Some ruler, huh?

You think that Bush is a dumbass for taking people to war? Well I think it's about damn time we kick someone's ass, just to show that we mean business about terrorism.

I agree that Iraq is worse in some ways RIGHT NOW, but give it some fucking time man. Don't paint the house right after it fucking rains. Give it some time to dry. Otherwise, you'll have a fucked up paintjob.

Same thing happened to us in 'Nam. We helped the South Veitnamese, but they kept walking the other way when it came to fighting. You met the ARVN soiders, but the were ALWAYS walking in the opposite direction.

May I add that Bush had helped the Steel Industry more than the last Presidential couple? Clinton promised to help, but he did nothing. Even tho I am in GA, I still have my roots in WV. When Ivan fucked you guys in the ass, I tried to find as much as I could. I still know that the Benwood Taco Bell, Wnedy's, and Rite Aid are closed because they got 8 feet of water in there. Trust me, I still care about the Ohio Valley.

The only thing terrorism has done to this country is that it made us closer. Before 9/11, I was thinking about joining the military. After 9/11, I knew I was going. If Kery gets elected, I'm probobly not going to go, beause he will cut shit out like our Body Armor and weapons. Makes me feel good knowing that I will get my M-6 Rapid-Fire Spitball launcher with M-203 Papertowel launcher.

You fucks think that Bush is gonna fuck us over when it comes to Overtime. Well, Kerry is going to raise taxes. For what I may add? Another War? I think not.

Either Way, we're fucked.


nader is our only hope....God.... PRAY FOR US ALL! just kidding! fuck rich ass ppl who run for president....that's all what it's abotu anyways? don't u agree? come on...some middle class person from little old w.v. can't run for president...why u might ask? b-c we aren't rolling in our on filthy vault of cash i say down with kerry and bush and up with the middle class....enough said...

Eh, actually im not with some liberal pussy....right now im on the side of a man with 3 purple hearts and a silver star....but dont take that is being a liberal pussy.....because while im not too far from being liberal im quite past it.....im pretty much the most left wing militant person u can find.......my hero is El Maximo (Fidel Castro) and im a communist......well i like to say democratic-socialist, but its easier for people to know what im talkin about if i say communist........but what im getting at is im not siding with kerry because im a democrat or a liberal, im siding with kerry because bush sucks and kerry would make a better place for us to live

If you vote for nader, i will cut your balls off.

People voting for nader gave the last election to bush.

hey.. uhh.. why cant we stop arguing about politics and laugh at the post? i mean, come on, the kid shat himself. good job, todd. i think very highly of you.

Eat Shit Shat Lover...

so i was watchin tv and i seen this thing on there about how bush was a cheerleader at an all boys high school! Now i think that should be enough for everyone to not vote for him.

steve did u not hear about the parents sending bulletproof vests to iraq cuz bush wasnt funding them?? Since bush has been in office we lost MILLIONS of jobs to India because the rich republicans can get cheap labor there.

bush didnt do shit for steel industry, no republican does, regan was in office he fucked over my dad and just shut down the mill after working 20 yrs there and he got no pension or anything.

If a democratic like kerry was in office, they are more for the enviroment, so they would put scrubbers on mills so we could use WV high sulfur coal and thousands of coalminers could go back to work and in turn would help out the steel industry here.

The economy sucks, and so does the % of unemployment due to bush. my dad and all 3 of uncles have been laid off since jan. because of bush.

the beach was awsome, i wish we were still there

ok wardy, the politic war will never end.I just wish both parties weren't so uncomfortable about gays. I'm a homosexual and I want comfort from my boyfriend. We LOVE to do many enjoyable things together, but society has steriotyped us as being immorally wrong, and the presidents are partly to blame. Somebody please stand up for gay rights, I want to walk down the street without having to be laughed at. I'm a swinger so if anyone wants to go out on a "date", I'm game, email me. Gay Pride Worldwide!!!!!

holy shit!!! steve came out of the closet!! holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit!!!!!

I always new you were gay Kurre and by the way wheres that case of natty? my tummy is lonely. You fuck!

Oh yeah and there was once a search found on steve kurres computer of the words big cock. No lie i have no reason to.

Don't EVER post as me again. Fucker.

What did Clinton do for the industry? NOTHING. He promised and he gave nothing. At least Bush made a tarriff so the industry could get back up on it's feet.

I agree with the scrubbers part, and I do think that it would be better if we used local coal. Trust me, I know all about the coal within 200 miles of Wheeling, and there is not one low-sulfur mine compared to Shoemaker or wherever.

At least Bush helped more than Clinton. That is why Gore lost WV and OH.

Erm, you do know steel unions support kerry right?
Cause bush tarrif was weak as shit, and its going byebye


Get the fuck out Steve, nobody else here supports Bush except your chump ass. Go scrub some rich fuck's shoes you damn fool. God bless America

hey todd ...u probly dont remember me....i had tv class w/ u last year...my name is joey....well anyways just wanted 2 say ur website fuckin rocks

i like pussy!

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