Yeah, I know. You are a joke.

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Phantom FireworksI now hate every holiday that requires eating or drinking anything. Yesterday was the 4th of July, and I had to work until 9pm and then didn't go out until 11:30pm, missing the fireworks. I had to work 3 days prior to the 4th, too. I figured I would get more tips being that I carry out groceries for the customers. It seems people get more prick around holidays. I try to be nice, but some of the people are total cunts. One lady gave me $5. She thanked me for having a good attitude, as we both heard the local fireworks show going off. I love work!

My brother and I found ourselves at Phantom Fireworks a few weeks ago. We got a catalog in the mail, and just decided to go. When we arrived, I shit my pants. Six times. This place looked like a small Wal-Mart. After looking around and rubbing my penis on all the fireworks, we purchased the Iwo Jima assortment for $180. It was buy on get one free, so we got 2, split the price, and loaded the car up.

Kids, get a pistol bb gun, the ladies love it. That is all I have to say about that.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it but my mom pretty much stopped buying us groceries. I found it ironic that when I got food and was putting it in the freezer, that my mom is marking her food off. I can play that game, too.

Any of you guys seen those new AOL greetings? It is weird how they appear and take over your computer. Only users of AOL can make them, but AIM users like myself can receive them. I think it gave me herpes of the mouth.

I got a new cell phone last month, and already broke it. I set it down at a friends house, came back an hour later and it was broken. I don't know if I did it or some eater of ass hole did. Me living in the ghetto and all, got it fixed with only a minor squeeling noise. I carved a hole in the side, and glued a cut nail onto the screen. The phone costs $150, and I'll be damned if I spend that.

I am going to go clip my fingernails now. Goodbye.


I realized that being in the professional fireworks industry may be a good career for me. It is somewhat rewarding whenever you can see and hear 20,000+ clapping and cheering after you set off a huge display like the ones set for cities.

Think about it: I can get explosives training in the military, and get right into the shit. They make great money, and the Hazard Pay isn't all that bad either. And you never are criticised. You never hear any "Boos" or any shit like that. All you hear are whistles and clapping from the people.

Todd, nice job fixing the phone negro-style.

That amout of fireworks may be overkill.

AOl is taking over our lives, like Bill Gates.

Banquet Chicken Fried Steak owns all.

Share the wealth with the hunnies and the single-shot dart pistols.

What you fail to realize is, this is a last ditch effort by AOL. 56k is going the way of the doodoo, and Aol broadband, sucks more then a 5 cent whore.

AOL is trying to fit in like the kid who listened to his dad for dance moves for his prom. Comes there with an afro, bell bottoms, and a pick in his hair. Gets laughed at by us, then gets the living shit beat out of him by us DSL/Cable users. Tho, DSL still is gay compared to Cable. If you don't have Cable, then you are ok for using DSL, but if you do, you need your ass beat.

Dude after seeing that picture i will never buy a pistol bb gun knowing the disgusting consequences

Hell, they are kinda cute. I'd fuck 'em. Even then, I am still a desperate loser. Jesus H. Christ I need some pussy.

Why does Jesus have the middle initial of H? Am I out of the loop? I have heard it said before, and never really cared to question it.

TOdd, Cum in my Butt

Get my license back in a few days! wooohooo I am gonna go 100+ in the first 5 miles. Yeah its a Z thing. Todd remember the famous top speed run in my old car with B on i-470 bridge how we past those kids that were doin about 120 and we past them going about 140 hahaha. good times, good times.

Don't forget when Schultz had T-Mo in the DODGE SHADOW doing about 110...

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