I'm a master-baiter

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What a bad idea.We got a paintball game going on Wednesday with some guys from work. It ended up only being 3 on 3 which is alright if the people are offensive players. We played for a few hours, I only got hit in my arms and feet, which aren't kill shots. My team never lost and it was fun shooting them, but boring becase they weren't a challenge. So lets get to the bloody nipple shot you see to the left. James, a kid on my team, decided it would be cool to shoot eachother from a pretty close range since we didn't get much action in our gameplay. I agreed. James went first. View his video. I hit his damn hand and he fell over. We agreed, one shot, you miss too bad. So it was my turn. You probably already know what happens. View my video. The hit area is larger than my nipple. And that area is tender. It hurt, still hurts, and I probably have breast cancer. James let me shoot him again. After squirming/screaming/crying for 3 minutes I skimmed his side. I suck.

We got into a fishing mood for like a week. I went two nights. First night sucked because no one got any bites. Second night sucked, until I caught this bad boy. He was 10 pounds and 30 inches long. Yeah, I am awesome.

I am not taking as many pictures as I used to. But I am getting good at covering up pictures I take. For example: After a good night of partying, I spilled my Hardee's drink all over myself, the person next to me, and the vehicle. I took a picture of myself, and forgot it was going to make a bright flash that everyone would see. So I quickly said lets take pictures of everyone. And I know most everyone loves a picture. So I took a picture of everyone in the car and they soon forgot about that first picture I took. Genius, I know.

My grandfather just notified me that his van that I drive to work may break down. I forget the problem he said it has but if this one small thing goes out it controls the rest of the car. I'll take the camera with me, and some lube if I get bored on the side of the interstate.


toddmorrison.com thats one pimp website
Thats all i gotta say

Close range? WTF? That shit is far. Like 30 feet far. Try getting bunkered 4 times at the distance of 5 feet. On your back when you are not expecting it. Plus, you guys are using stock Tippmann 98's. Stock Barrel and all. No Big deal, but This and this is my bad boy.

Fishing is nice. Carfish are a nice pet to have, but are a bitch to deal with. All you need is a pond about 20 of them, and just throw a piece of roadkill in there every day or two.

Get a Moped. They get about 80 MPG...

That gun is great if your a rich cunt with way too much money to spend on a paintball gun. Maybe if you played every other day in tournaments and shit but otherwise it is pointless.

My USED stock Tippmann 98 Custom does the job just fine.

And Steve, you just use regular html in comments, not that forum code bullshit. I changed it for you. You're welcome.

the fish was awsome! i caught a 21 inch mud cat along with todds 30 incher. dump was so pissed cause he didnt catch anything haha.

wheres the pics of the fire from this past friday night?

Those pictures were taken after I posted this. Don't worry, man, they will be on the next post.

We dont care about your gay ass gun.
I'm plenty fucking happy with my stock tippman.

I wasnt pissed i didnt catch any fish, i was pissed my pole broke, and pissed you all are leeching hooks and line off me.

and btw that wasnt to close range, but egp faggio, he got hit on bareskin. I'd like to see you do that.

Bare skin? You don't know what it is like to be bunkered by a gun that can shoot at 25 Balls Per Second. In case you didn't know, bunkering is when somebody runs around behind where you are, and they usually shoot you. It is on average less than 5 feet away. you usually get hit around 3-5 times too.

Bare skin sucks, but not as bad as when you get hit VERY close...

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