April 23, 2004

All messed up

The Park ShockerHost moved my site to another server. They backed up all my files like a month ago, making everything I did after that gone. I got it back and all normal again, but in the move, it screwed up my scripts. Which means all the stuff I posted had to be thrown into folders and put in the archives and the posts are starting over. Feel you missed something? View the archives.

So you see that logo? It is the logo put on the senior t-shirts made. Sold a lot of them in a very small amount of time. Kids wore them, thought all was good.

Tuesday, I get called into the office, and come out suspended for 3 days. Today being my last day of suspension.

I got busted for un-authorized selling and distributing in school. Also, the hand sign he is throwing up has been taken as bad. I felt it can mean many things, and I still do.

The school thinks it means 420 - National Marijuana Smoking Day. So they also threw some anti-social thing on me. It can also form W, for Wheeling; an alternative for the W representing West Side. In sign language, that is the hand sign for the number 7, which can stand for my favorite number. Also, it can mean Cowabunga, I think I saw the ninja turtles throw that up a few times. Can also be thrown up when you think something is sweet. For porn stars, that can be used for sexual purposes; two in the pink, one in the stink. I'm sure there are more meanings.

It is universal, so I figured it would be nice to put on a shirt.

It has grown to represent a rebellion in the eyes of the students who have one of these shirts. The school hates them and me, but took it easy on me and that is very much appreciated. I still get to go to prom tomorrow, and I believe I am still on the prom court.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Wear the shirt, you get in school suspension is the word on the street. I wouldn't know, for I have been sitting in my house.

I ordered one of these. It's a good accessory to add with my shirt.

If I could go back and do it all over again, I would.

Made plans to go to a Pirates game yesterday. It got cancelled because of rain so on the way back my brother's friend played a mean joke on a bum and faked giving him money. Dan says HAHA too bad, and then the bum was like that's not nice. That's about all we accomplished, besides getting soaked.

That video was a joke, but I have no pictures for you. I should get some good ones at prom tomorrow, if they still let me go.

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