May 16, 2004

Now legal

Today is my birthday. I am now 18 years old.

I'd post more, but it is time to buy some porn make a porno, buy tobacco, gamble, and get into bars.

I have lots to say, but that will have to wait.

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May 05, 2004

Subjects are overrated. Like your mom.

My vagina is bleeding again, damnit.I received my big shocker hand in the mail on Monday. It is pretty cool, I guess. Was more fun ordering it, then getting it and throwing it in my closet like a gay man who gets a wife and has kids.

Prom was a pretty good time. Too hot, too many people I don't like, lots of beautiful girls, lots of smelly armpit haired girls. No girls with mustaches, though. Which is a total let down.

I took my digital camera, but forgot how much I hated taking pictures with my camera at places like a Prom. I got mad pictures take with other people, but it was with their camera. A few people gave me a their double, and you can view them right here, sluts. When I say sluts, I am referring to you, the reader, not the people in the pictures. Understand now?

After the prom, Steve and I and our dates suddenly decided to split up. We went into the night with no plans or anything. And I'm sure our dates had other plans. So me and Steve went and got changed and then headed up to after prom. It was alright. I got to do a magic trick with a magician. Yeah. Jokes.

We left the after prom at 3am, and headed up to a friends field were there were many people, and a fire. It started pouring down rain a few hours later, and I found myself with two other guys under a half opened barn at 7AM. Weak ballers passed out from exhaustion. Everyone else came prepared with tents.

I ordered a Sony 256mb Memory Stick Pro about a week ago. My camera came with a 16mb stick, and I couldn't hold many pictures. I also do video with it sometimes, and that would only give me 40 seconds. Now I can do 11 minutes. Videos are fun, like mangirls. I ordered the memory stick from some ghetto place online to save me a few bucks, and they shipped it like they were an 8 year old trying to wrap a present for mommy.

Seniors get out next Friday the 14th. I have totally lost all my drive to do anything. As of today, I have all A's on my interim report. I am done trying. Yes, I am.

I have to give this kid some credit. He wore his shirt to school many times until they somehow got him to take it off for good. He fought it like a man in a prison shower who just wanted to clean the poopie out of his butt hair.

I turn 18 May 16th. Exciting. You joke.

The Padded Cell is no more. Itr has been replaced with Boris on Morris. It has been linked in bold on the left navigation so check it out.

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