April 16, 2004

It's been a while, lots to say

The BoysSo a lot has happened since I last posted many days ago. Get over it, slut.

Where should I start? Why did I even bother saying that, this is typing and there is no point in asking you where I start. This is my website and I will start where I want. Now I am just wasting mine and yours time. I have a lot to say.

Maybe 3 weeks or so ago, me and 7 guys went to eat at Benihana. It was a farewell dinner for our friend Dan Flatley who has joined the Marines and was leaving the next day. He ended up leaving 2 and a half weeks later. But that's not the point. This place was sweet, and very expensive. Luckily, we had Staley's dads credit card. This place is a Japanese steakhouse and the chef cooks your food right in front of you. He was tight, but not that tight because I forget his name. We'll call him Chang Lee. And you know a place is cool when they have little Japanese men posing with celebrities. Plus, everyone is so nice in the bathrooms. That's what I call hospitality!

I visited West Virginia University last week to visit the campus and chill with my friends. Even the janitors down there wear my shirts when fixing the toilets.

Until last week, I thought I was the most badass person to ever exist because I do good in school. But you don't see this everyday.

I was so fortunate to attend a LAN party where I sat and watched 7 people screaming and killing. Me and a kid with my name just chilled and ate hot pockets. He likes hot pockets. A lot. They make us laugh. Rock on, Todd.

My brother came home from Iraq whenever it was he came home. Spent all of his money on a new car, a laptop, investments, cable internet, and 3 DVD's a day for a week. He has been doing a whole lot of nothing. Doesn't want to get a job, doesn't want to go back to college. He just sits, all day.

Speaking of my brother, I have 3 videos for you guys to suck up my bandwith and make my website break into 37 pieces:

- Fun in Iraq - First video he made with a crappy digital camera a few months into his Baghdad adventure with his boy SPC Smith.

- Mahnga - Second and last video of my brother and his boy.

- 82nd Airborne Video - After fellow soldiers saw the previous 2 videos, they asked for a video to be made for them. My brother got to tag along with the 82nd Airborne Division instead of doing what he was supposed to like a good soldier.

So my high schools senior t-shirts this year weren't very good. Everyone was complaining and nothing was going to be done. So I did something, and made my own senior t-shirts. Here's the front, and here's the back. I ordered 130 shirts, and took them all to school. Now, my fellow seniors are happy and doing the right thing.

I got on the prom court. I am not going to lie, I voted for myself.

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April 02, 2004

A little of this, and some of that

I got 1st, she got 2nd. I go to Kansas City, she doesn't. WeakSo I had that competition last weekend. I got 1st, again, of course. Mad amounts of pictures were taken and I have none. Everyone who took pictures is being stingy and won't hook me up with the picture of me kissing my gold medal at the awards ceremony on the platform. I acted like I was the greatest. I'm sure people got pissed. But I am. A badass that is.

I only took 3 pictures. The one to the left, which is me and Kathy. She got 2nd and won't be joining me in Kansas City like last year. Looks like I am going to have to pymp on some new ladies. I also took one of Blair cuddling his little teddie bear after getting 2nd place. I always take stupid pictures hoping they will turn out good so I can post them. This one serves no purpose, except for the fact that I am sporting my shirts. But everyone sports my shirts, even grown ass men.

One of my judges was a rather large man. He was a nice guy and meant well, but eating 5 of our extra lunches is just going over the top. I started the contest at 8:30am, and finished right before 11am. So I had 4 hours to kill, and took pictures, but he kept getting in the way.

For the past month or so, all the computer class has been doing is playing Worms World Party. All the competition is a joke, and my team takes them out everytime. One kid just took it too far, and decided to wear the worms kamikaze head band, all day.

This kid has been bugging me to get onto my website. He likes anal and face paint. You draw your own conclusions.

My brother came home today for good from Baghdad. He still has 6 more years in the reserves, so he may be going somewhere else in a few months. He brought home some cool short videos he made, but I don't have the space or bandwith to show you them. I may try to work something out.

There's more, but I need to shower and leave.

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