March 25, 2004

SkillsUSA VICA Part II


Well, I am competing in the SkillsUSA VICA competition for the state of West Virginia again. It won't be the same without my boy Staley who got 3rd place in the national competiton when I did horrible. But this year we got some new recruits going. We have one new kid, Blair, who is so totally awesome at computer graphics. He is also single ladies. Hook him up. I'll probably win, like I did last year. I get nothing out of it, but it makes me feel like I am important, and makes the school look better. Last year, the first place winner of nationals in Kansas City won one of those little 128MB pocket zip drives. Second place got some stupid software I could just download. There is no corporate sponsors for my competition. Hopfeully I'll get to see my girl Kathy. We chilled every night in Kansas City. She made the long bus ride fun, and I kind of missed Kansas City for a few weeks after. Oh well.

This post really isn't going to have much, I just wanted to put it up so you will all stop commenting stupid crap on the post below. It got dumb, fast. You slut jokes.

At work tonight, I was talking to a fellow employee. He gave me a joke on a receipt, and I decided to have a one-liner at the bottom of every post. Whatever he writes on these receipts, I am going to post. Funny, stupid, senseless, etc. I am going to put them up. He is known as The Phantom Carryout.

My brother has served his year in Baghdad, and came back to the states a few days ago. He's going to stay with his dad for a week, then coming home. I'm sure he will have some more good pictures for me to show all of you.

Speaking of that, I'd like to shout out to my boy Teufel, and the man next to him. Hang in there, man. And tell your friends to send some pictures and I'll make you guys a section or something.

I got nothing else, except for me licking Dilbert, and him flexing his muscles. I was going to save those for another adventure, but I figured I'd throw them in there for no reason because I can.

The Phantom Carryout says:

"He's got issues, doesn't he?"
"Every single one since September '78."

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March 14, 2004

Meet the lovely Joann

Joann hard at workEveryone, meet Joann. She is just wonderful. When she isn't working hard, she's looking beautiful, and putting numbers into her little black book. Sadly, I am not in there. She is married, and boy is her husband lucky. What a catch.

Joann heard about my site from the carry-outs always talking about it and making fun. She visited it, and enjoyed herself, and wanted to be in one of my postings. She said only say good things. Only good things come from you Joann. Mark, her husband, also has read this site. Nothing personal, Mark, I'm sure when you go out in public the men flock to her, and you have to fight them off. Tough having such a good wife, huh?

Anyway. To the local Juniors and Seniors at my high school:

LiL S t r 0 n G (5:29:43 PM): todd, put on ur website that I need a prom date, and someone needs to ask me asap! haha
T odd M 161 (5:30:10 PM): i'm sure you won't have a problem getting one
LiL S t r 0 n G (5:30:58 PM): well i think im not going to get asked
T odd M 161 (5:31:15 PM): who are you wanting to ask you?
LiL S t r 0 n G (5:31:21 PM): anyone
LiL S t r 0 n G (5:31:25 PM): no one fat
LiL S t r 0 n G (5:31:27 PM): or ugly

Here is a picture of her (right). Guys, she's a good catch. Not as good as Joann, though. Michelle is accepting applications now.

On Wednesday, this joke of a human instant messaged me. He seemed a little stupid at times, but I let him carry on a conversation with me. Read the convo here. It's pretty dumb, like him, and his existence on earth.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. The new job is taking a lot of my used to be free time. School and work occupy me. When I do have free time, I want to either go out, or sleep. Not sit here and talk to you jokes. But sometimes in my free time I like to give fat kids heart attacks my feeding them salty fries.

In one of my classes at school, we have these stupid notebooks and have to divide the units with colored paper. We are on unit 4. I always do the bubble style lettering. I didn't realize how hard it was to bubble-write a 4. Screw you bubble 4, I'll stick to the classic 4. The number 4 is a joke anyway.

Update - March 15th - 7:34 PM: I am taking Michelle to prom. Sorry guys. I didn't intentionally mean to tease you, I just decided to ask her last night.

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March 02, 2004

Yeah, I really do have a website.

I suck at bagging, but look good doing it, buddy.Today was my 2nd official day of work. Yesterday I was a little nervous, but after 23 seconds of watching the guy who was supposed to train me, and having to split my tips with him, I figured out the wonderful world of grocery bagging and being a nice guy to all the beautiful people, some with bad attitudes and some with great personalities. I love them all.

So today, the great Chad Wilcox mentioned my site to the people at work. He has worked there for like a year, and knows everyone pretty well. Whenever I am with him anywhere, and he introduces me to someone new, he says, "This is Todd Morrison, he has a website." Chad has had a website longer than me, but mine is better. Yeah Chad, update yours or something.

xchadsterx 1 (9:40:51 PM): dude
xchadsterx 1 (9:41:01 PM): it's so funny that they knew about your website
xchadsterx 1 (9:41:06 PM): i think johnboy said something

Even if John did it, I don't care, as long as this site doesn't get me in trouble with my new job... and they all buy shirts. I like my new job. Hopefully I will continue to like it. And not be fired... I mean terminated.

So for the remainder of my shift, they brought my website into the conversation whenever possible. It doesn't bother me, and will continue to not bother me, because I am a pimp... with a website. It also appears in that picture that I have developed another chin. Tight.

They thought I was kidding when I said I get a lot of visits, and I'd ask kids I knew or have just seen around what my website was, and they'd say, "" One girl said it wasn't that great, and she sucks now. A guy who also works at Riesbeck's said my site was pretty funny as I was clocking out and leaving. He is cooler now.

Eveyone, I'll be selling baby blue t-shirts out of my Grandpa's van at my next day at work. Only $10, kids.

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