February 24, 2004

Paper or plastic?

Riesbeck's Representin yo diggidy do da ditty. SlutRushing to get ready to leave for school and then finding out you have a 2-hour delay sucks. I'll shut up if you do. Jerk.

So I got a job now. I bag groceries and then take them to your car. Well, that's what they tell me. Because I am not yet the wonderful age of 18, I have to get a work permit filled out before I can start work. No problem, right? Is there ever no problem? There's this guy at school who they say just magically appears and disappears and I need him to sign this and give me something to give back to my work. Every break I had yesterday, I'd go look for him, and he'd never be there. To tell you the truth, I don't think I have seen this guy the 4 years I have attended high school. I hope he exists...

Regardless of having the work permit, I have to go to some training at the corporate offices Wednesday. My boy Schultz got a job, too. I had a fun time yesterday making fun of him for filling out the papers wrong and signing on top of the line when they want you to sign under the line. It was a bit confusing at times. But he did ask about wearing hats, and got us a free hat and toboggan. Free stuff is always good.

Last week I found myself playing Road Rash for Sega Genesis with Game Genie that didn't work right. You guys remember Game Genie? It was so sweet. We also watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. It makes me sad that my children won't get to participate in these wonderful classics. By then, they will just shove a microchip in their ear, and be in a 3D world. Stupid kids and their future toys.

Went to an ECHL hockey game this weekend. It was sweet as usual. I just get mad when I see local companies using children as advertisements. They let these little 6 years olds get into hockey equipment and play for like 2 minutes. It's funny watching them suck. Then they give them signs to hold and skate around for 5 minutes. These kids seemed jealous, though. So maybe they like holding signs over actually playing.

I tried telling this guy he had a leaf on his back. He said I was crazy and then asked me what the 5 fingers said to the face. He then slapped me. I still wonder what the 5 fingers said to the face?

sJs0413 (8:47:13 PM): hey t-money, man i have to admit something to you
sJs0413 (8:48:09 PM): when we were peeing today in the restroom at school and i look'd over and took a lil sneek peek at your package and i was like damn t-money has a huge wang!!

Went and saw Miracle last Tuesday at the 10:30pm showing. It was just us, and this sweet guy up front. He said he was obsessed with hockey, and sticky floor. I left after he started rubbing my leg with Sour Patch Kids.

UPDATE: I need a car so I don't have to drive my grandparents van. Someone out there help me!

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February 14, 2004

A good date - cheap

Dinner at Perkins

Yesterday Meredith called me, she was bored, I was bored. We drove around, hit up a party in a surprisingly nice trailer, then decided to go out to eat at Perkins at 1AM. I told her I would pay for the meal, and to get whatever she wanted, since technically it was Valentines Day. She got a milkshake and cottage cheese. What a sweet date. I got an over-priced steak dinner. It was good. We ate, and talked about Valentines Day. We both have others we are in relationships with, but my wife (yeah, married at 17. I'm one cool cat) is too busy this weekend, so I gave her some stuff Thursday. And Meredith wasn't sure if she was doing anything on Valentines Day, either, so we had an early Valentines Day Dinner. I had an enjoyable time. I made her get some dessert, so I didn't feel like a cheap idiot.

Valentines day isn't over, but mine is looking to be. My mom brought me home a steak, and I cooked it on the great George Foreman grill. George is sweet.

I got 2 forms of Valentines. One was an un-personalized card, and one was a bulk sent text message. Sweet, huh? I've seen better in my days...

Website was down for 2 days. The explanation my host gave me made no sense at all, but all is back to normal. Go here if you know about a server, and are interested.

I'm gonna go do a lot of nothing now.

Happy Valentines Day, kids.

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February 09, 2004

We may be gay, but my dad is gayer

The black people in the neighborhood let me say nigger... because they use my tv and sleep on my couch when they get kicked out. But they bring me xbox's and dvd players. So it equals out.A long, long time ago, Sunday, in a mall not far away, Lube (Roberts), me, and B walked into Coin & Hobby and came out Rocket Men for life.

Lube called me, and got me, and we then got B. We had nothing to do, so to the wonderful mall we went. There was nothing to do there, either. Then B recommended the hobby shop. I was thinking about getting one of those level 3 model cars, but I didn't want to pay for glue and paint and crap. Where's the level 1 snap togethers? Screw it, I hate cars.

The we saw them, rockets. I used to have one like 7 years ago, and I remember it sucking. But we all had money and pitched in and bought this kit and some extra engines.

It was about 6pm, and getting dark fast. We tried to build it in the car, so we could launch it in the mall parking lot, but we needed glue and crap and lost some needed pieces in the car.

We built it at my house, and the extra engines weren't the right ones, so we made a home made ghetto one.

I'm tired of talking about this, let's get to the feature presentation. Here's the 3 rockets we made. AND, I made my 1st video ever with the footage I took with my digital camera. Check it out here. 1.96MB - 2:01 - Windows Media Format. The video tells a story in itself. Don't think I'm gonna do more videos, it takes too much time, space, and bandwith. I'm lazy, shut up.

I had my interview at the grocery store at 10:30AM Saturday morning. I pimped it out with a new look. Notice the head tilt, eye look, and pimp lean. They were begging to hire me... I'm still waiting for them to call me and say I have a job... :)

Little Mountain Dew cans look sweet in my hand. Again, shut up.

Today my brother turned 20... in Baghdad, fun. Happy birthday, big brother. He's supposed to be coming home in April, I believe, and then his unit has to go to Cuba or something in August. I think.

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February 05, 2004

Thanks for coming, but you wasted your time

Chad Wilcox is a badass. This picture is me, not Chad, but Chad is a badass. Yes, he is. Slut.So last week a local grocery store calls me and asks me if I am still interested in working there. I filled out an application probably 3 months ago. I said yes, and they said they would call me back. They called me back the next day, and said to call them the day after that. I called, and they would say call the next day. This lasted until yesterday, when they told me to come in after school for an interview.

So I get home from school today, get on something nice clean and head out to the grocery store for my interview. I get there, it is pretty busy and I tell the lady at the desk what is up and then I stand there for a good 25 minutes. While standing, and getting hit with carts by old people, I see a girl who graduated last year. She said she was in Ireland, I think, doing volunteer work on fields or something. She then tells me her mom died and that is why she is back home. How does a person respond to that? That sucks. We made light of it, and then she was off after I got hit with another cart.

The lady comes to me, and says we are too busy and tells me to call them later. That sucks. Shouldn't they have been ready for me? Shouldn't I be the punk kid who comes 4 hours late, or just never shows up? I was kind of upset, but smiled and said that's ok. They were really busy, I understand. But I can still be mad.

That's almost as crappy as trying to read 50 pages of a book at 2am on a school night and having a kid who just got kicked out of his house snoring on the couch across from you. He's my boy though, he can snore on my couch any night.

I was on the magical school bus Monday I think, and this kid looked like he just came from Alaska. It's not that cold, buddy.

Speaking of the bus, and stupid people on it, a kid sitting behind me said this: "It is 2004, right? I am horrible with numbers." He is gay and likes hearing himself talk. He needs to shave his dirty mustache, too.

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