January 29, 2004

One more semester of high school

report cardLast week we started the last semester of my high school life. I went 2 days last week, and it will be 2 days this week. I hate my new classes, and love snow. Last semester was fun and easy. Got the best GPA I have ever gotten.

I spent all day today trying to change my schedule and make my new classes easier and not filled with people more stupid than me. I got a bad case of senioritis, with a killer attitude. I hate freshman, they are stupid.

The good people at WiffleHouse.com emailed me and said they will be doing a shoutout about my site site on their radio show. I thought that was pretty sweet, so I made sure to tune in to the show. I got my ghetto-rig set up and waited. Here's the recording. (5.87MB)

They also have a mangirl of their own. The Manchild. We got some competition up in here.

We were in grocery store a week or so ago very late, and as I was taking this picture for fun, and an old man ran to us and said we can't take pictures without signed permission. What a joke, it's not like I am stealing.

Ever wonder the key to get people to stop fighting? Anal. I just sat and watched.

Tomorrow is my friends 18th birthday, and she can make squarish circles for twister if she wants to.

Also, shout out to my boy Tony from Aurora, IL, he turns 18 tomorrow, too. I wish I could be 18 tomorrow. Weak. Screw you May 16th.

My dogs chain was lost in the snow, so I whipped out the orange extension chord. That's how we do it in the ghetto. Honky.

People give me way to much credit:

B MaN12385 (12:33:50 AM): i wish i had a web site
T odd M 161 (12:33:57 AM): why?
B MaN12385 (12:34:23 AM): cause you get so many offers now
T odd M 161 (12:34:38 AM): it's not cause of the site, man
B MaN12385 (12:34:39 AM): girls wanting to give them selves to you

Previous voting contest post was deleted because I felt the need to remove it. Shut up.

This post sucked really bad, and I am pissed off at myself. It's a pre-mature post because I had to fill the deletion. I probably could have made it better, but I am tired. Get over it, stupid.

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January 18, 2004

The Todd Morrison Adventures

I always put an alt tag in for the images posted unless I am retarded for the time and forget. I can't think of anything to put here, so I'm typing a lot, knowing maybe 2 or 3 of you actually hold your mouse over the images to see what I put here. This post goes to you, the cool kids. I love you, all 3 of you. Rock on! Ok, I have to type up the post now, thanks for wasting my time..............................................................................................................................My adventures started today at around 12:30pm, when I woke up and ate some old ham I found in the back of the frig. It was pretty good. I put A1 sauce on it, and that made it not as good. Regardless, I knew after that, my day was going to be sweet!

I took a shower shortly after I ate the ham and crapped my pants. My friend called me as I was drying my butt, and said he hot-wired a car and then found a universal key that opens those early 90's candy machines. I got very excited, and forgot to put on underwear. Good thing I didn't eat anymore ham spiced with A1 sauce. Don't worry kids, I never pass up a free candy getting opportunity. I got enough candy for my 3 kids starving in the basement. Peter beat blind Billy for that gum ball. Poor kid.

About an hour later, and 58 and a half gumballs eaten, the big guy calls us and tells us bad guys are threatening the state of California with nuclear weapons. We jumped into our 93 Ford Festiva and headed west. Good thing I just got new anti bad guy nuclear liquid boots last weekend at the dollar store. The green is sweet, too, accents my eyes.

Needless to say, we saved the day.

Since we saved California, we decided to ride our bikes to Baghdad and celebrate. By the time we got there, they had just finished building the Hard Rock Cafe. Ofcourse, we got shirts. We found $10,000,000 in ones on the street, and bought the Hard Rock Cafe Baghdad. So we added to all the backs of the shirts letting everyone know we were taking this little establishment over.

On the way back, we met these two guys. They told me their names, and showed me their matching tattoos on their butts... that was weird, but we took them back to America anyway.

At the very end of our adventure we met this rather large man. He told us he hasn't seen his big brother since they last played baseball 13 years ago. We made a phone call, and they reunited. Boy, this kid was bigger than we expected, and their boat sunk in the water. At the funeral we later found out they weren't related, just big.

Time to sleep, so I can be well rested for another adventure.

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January 12, 2004

Baseball 99

Baseball 99Semester exams start Wednesday, and I am exempt from them all because I am cool. I have missed the 3 days I am allowed to miss, if I didn't go today, or go tomorrow, I will lose my exam exemption. All the classes are pointless these two days, and they are just reviewing the exams. Thank you Texas Instruments!

I had this baseball game for quite some time now, but never could get into it when I had Frogger, Mario, Pacman, and Galaxan2. I tried it out today from boredness, and I can't stop. The graphics suck, ofcourse, but I am owning in my 50 game season. All you do is bat. It's so simple, but addicting. So shut up.

My mom bought this Citrus Punch crap drink from the local gangsta grocery store. I poured it in a cup, all excited it'd be like Sunny Delight, but it was more like orange oil-gasoline-antifreeze dog poopy liquid. So I poured it out, and it clogged my sink. Stupid jokes can't even make a good generic Sunny D.

The last semester of my high school career starts Tuesday. Hopefully it will be easier, and we can still play online monkey games and make small planes and hang them on the ceiling. The easiness of high school is going to be missed, but I'm not going to miss 5/6th of the people it comes with.

Ladies, this guy wants you, and there isn't any shame in his game.

I have more pictures, but I don't care about any of you jokes.

I got a 22 on my ACT's, which means I get free tuition to state schools. WVU is getting closer and closer to my college choice everyday. Weak. Someone give me $50,000 so I can actually go to a school I want.

If you haven't visited The Padded Cell yet, then go eat some mushrooms and visit. Comment, too. We need some excitement in the place, yo diggidy.

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January 04, 2004

The Fun Is Over

My Sweet HatI knew the moment I was given this hat, that the rest of my break was going to be sweet! The hat is awesome, Pharaoh gave it to me. I guess someone else owned it and there is history behind it, but I really just wanted to put it on. As you can see from that picture, I am beat.

I don't even know where to start, and that takes away post motivation... and I am typing my thoughts outloud hoping it will spark interest in my website posting.

I went snowboarding at Seven Springs last Sunday with 3 friends of mine. I took a lot of pictures, but I have taken so many pictures with my digital camera that I only have one for you. Snowboarding is so much better than skiing. People skiing hate snowboarders, because we are cooler. Wait, here's one more picture, of Meredith picking her butt.

I sent my brother a few of my new t-shirts about a month ago, and 2 posts ago, he emailed me some good pictures of them in action. I usually post the stuff he sends immediatly, but I am really slacking here. I added a section to my photo album, it's pictures of people wearing my shirts. Got one of my shirts? Take a creative picture with it, and I'll make you a celebrity.

This girl is a celebrity to me:

Super Gal wv (4:12:26 PM): Your website is a badass.
Super Gal wv (4:12:29 PM): I love it.
Super Gal wv (4:12:33 PM): Keep up the good work, man.
T odd M 161 (4:12:34 PM): thanks
T odd M 161 (4:12:52 PM): i enjoy doing it, and enjoy hearing others enjoy it
Super Gal wv (4:13:02 PM): I enjoy it. It makes me wet.

Now lets get to New Years 2003. It started Wednesday the 31st, early evening playing hockey. I got lots of pictures of Pharaoh owning people in hockey with only a stick added to his normal self. That is a very soon to be post of it's own in his section.

After that we chilled at B's house. We invited some people over, but there were so many parties going on new years eve, that the turnout was pretty bad. It was decent, and I still enjoyed myself. Then for everynight after, last night being the final evening, we had people over to his house.

I had a blast... I met lots of new people, carried on cool conversations, fell in love, ate a lot of food, and just chilled with no cares in the world. Except for this one kid who was always there when me and her just wanted to chill for a while and talk... I'm leaving it at that. I am tired. Here's a compilation of the pictures from all the 4 nights.

I'm not sure if that is all of it, but I'm leaving you with that. Back to high school tomorrow.

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