December 31, 2003

Doug is(nt) awesome!

I had a whole lot of stuff to post, but I only have less than 15 minutes to post before my new years celebration begins early. I'm posting this because I know what will come out if it, I have been around the website world for a while, and I know drama in da club always sparks hits and interest in both websites...

A friend of mine, Chris, who by the way is my boy. I love his whole family. His mom and I sometimes take walks in grocery stores at 2am, his sister and I hug at Blockbuster, and I get an extra feel of her behind, I have seen his dad two times, and I know he is cool, because he got an awesome wife and awesome kids. Anyway.

He started a website with his homosexual friend, we will call him Homo D. I didn't know this kid, and I still really don't. But I got gaydar from my dad, and I know one when I see one.

The website is Imperialized, and I used to link them until Homo D and I got into an online argument! Sweet!!! I just got word that Homo D went gayer and removed the main part of the site. YAY! My name was mentioned!

To sum it up, Homo D and Mr. Fire pretty much did all the stuff on the site, but Chris did video, and then Chris pissed Homo D off, and removed him from the site. Convo is here.

Anyway, this was stupid, and I am rushed and can't think of anything. Chris and Homo D are propbably friends again, but I don't care and I must go.

After new years I will do a real post with lots of nice pictures instead of talking about Homo D and his adventures of erotic anal.

Happy New Year, kids.

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December 25, 2003

Christmas time frenzy

fesgvIt was pointed out to me earlier that gift wrapping is bad, and I think quite messy:

LiL S t r 0 n G (12:51:48 AM): why do we wrap gifts?
LiL S t r 0 n G (12:51:58 AM): i mean it take me 2 seconds to rip it off
LiL S t r 0 n G (12:52:12 AM): when i grow up my kids are going to get bags
LiL S t r 0 n G (12:52:19 AM): im not wrapping it
LiL S t r 0 n G (12:52:25 AM): i suck at wrapping

Ahh yes, bags are indeed the best. My grandmother uses bags. They are easy and un-messy. But she takes them back as soon as you get the gift out and uses it for the next joyous occassion. That's a smart woman right there... or ghetto. I love you grandma.

So as you can see we had our celebration on Christmas Eve. We are heading to Carmel, Indiana at 6am to see other family. This joke being one of them. You're my boy, Marc. It is 4:09am right now, and I cannot sleep because my daily routine has been stay up real late, sleep in. Now I'm staying up real late, and then driving for 5 hours. YES!

I received a 3.2 megapixel digital camera in a box 40 times the size of the camera. Why? I don't know. Maybe because it came with a SWEET hat! It's a racing hat, that has number 12 Ryan Neuman on it, which I have never heard of. It says 2002 Rookie of the Year. Anyway, I lost it 2 minutes after this picture was taken. Yes, you jokes, I got a new camera and I plan on taking 200 more pictures tonight.

I also received a tool kit, a watch, and $100 from my grandparents.

My moms boyfriend came over tonight, gave me $40 and then proposed to my mom. She's happy, and I got $40. Enough said.

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December 24, 2003

A New Look, For New Year

This kid rocksMatt Stine, you are the man.

Well, I made another simple layout. I originally had a lot of new content ideas, but a few of them didn't work out. So I wasted my time with a new layout, but there are a few new things here. Check them out, just a glance to your left, stupid.

A friend of mine, who goes by Pharaoh online, now has a section. The Padded Cell. I believe it will be interesting, and a little different type of reading that you all are used to here. So now you have two articles to read, and to comment on if you feel the need. It should be good.

I took out the forums, because only three people were posting in there. It was a waste. Added a mangirl section, just to tell the people who don't know this site very well about the mangirl and how much we love her. It will never be updated, so you can visit once and that's all you need of the mangirl.

The Doctor Says is a section that may be updated every once and a while. I may remove it in a week or so, who knows.

Anyway, today is Christmas Eve. I'm not excited at all, holidays aren't like they used to be. This past week, I have been with my friends and they are all going shopping for their families. I go to tag along, and watch them spend money I don't have. It's a good time.

They ask me, "You get all your Christmas shopping done yet?" I reply with an almost. When we were a family, and had a decent income, I was young, and just received presents. Now that I'm older, and have no money, I still don't buy presents for my close family. One day I will, until then, I'll make me some homemade notebook paper cards. Those are sweet!

My brother sent home some ARMY Christmas pictures. So here you go:

That's all I got for you. Have a good Christmas guys.

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December 17, 2003

Poo Poem

Today in English class I was notified that a 12 line poem was due tomorrow that was assigned 2 weeks ago. I wrote this poem in about 10 minutes. It is 100% original. If you see it on websites or Hallmark Cards in the future, remember where you saw it first. Enough chit-chat, lets get to this masterpiece.

Poo PoemMuddy River
By Todd Morrison

One day I went to you
But I couldn't talk because I had to poo
I just wanted to say hey
But I sat on the toilet all day
Oh how it smelled so bad
And I knew the stench would make you sad
I got mad when I ran out of toilet paper
And had to use my moms windshield scraper
It was so wet and runny
That it looked just like honey
My butt eventually got numb
So I just stood in the shower and looked dumb

I recently got a new script for the photo album. I like it, makes my life a little easier. This past weekend, we got a pretty nice amount of snow. So a friend and I went out on the $10 Wal-Mart snowboard. View the photos. And you can view the new photo album here. I'm still transferring the rest of the pictures over. There's some nice pictures my brother sent home in there, too.

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December 14, 2003

Saddam Found

Then and Now

Well, I know all of you have heard Saddam has been found. But I figured I'd post about it like every other website in the world.

Mr. Hussein looks like a beaten monkey. As bad as that man was, when I see the video of him I feel kind of bad. Not really, I don't care about him at all. It's about time that joke was found. I bet we let him live and he gets out because of how he didn't resist arrest and crap. Then he will take over the world years down the road.

The capture of Saddam will make the people happy, but his followers pissed off. The war is over in no way whatsoever, if anything, I think it will get worse.

So they are saying not one person told the location of Saddam, which means no one gets that smooth $25,000,000.

My brother better make up a good story and get some of that money, Toddy wants to go to college bling blingin.

This will be on every news station for weeks... then they will take away tv shows for special reports.

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December 12, 2003

New Shirts

Light Blue ShirtsI got a new order of 52 light blue shirts yesterday. This is my largest order of the 4 total I have done. I always get different colors, and when I was ordering I wanted to get a nice yellow, but I didn't see any shades I liked. Then I saw a light blue, and it looked good on that small fabric in the book. When I got the shirts, they were pretty light blue, a baby blue. I was hesitant of the color, and didn't think they would sell. I sold a decent amount of them today, and not to many people were prepaired with the cash. I hope to have them all sold by Thursday of next week, the last day before Christmas break. Here's a back view.

During the break in between posts, someone stole my wallet in gym class. I leave my wallet in my back pocket, put my jeans in my bookbag, and take my bag out to the gym area with me. Then I am right by it the whole time and some kid won't have easy access to it like they would if I left it in un-supervised locker room.

Well... that's what I thought. The student gym teacher told me to take down the volleyball nets and put them away. Lazy gym teacher. As I arive back to my bookbag, no more than 2 minutes later, I see my bookbag open, pants half out, and my wallet gone. I lost $22, my license, school id, and a library card I have had for 7 years and never used. I don't care about the money, it is just a huge hassel to get new stuff.

I had to wait until today to go down to the DMV and get a new license. That is a huge pain in the butt. I had to have a proof of enrollment, social security card, and birth certificate. I did this once, when I first got my license. Why can't they just type in Todd Morrison, look at my picture on the computer, and hit PRINT.

No, it's not that easy. You have to wait 5 minutes to get through all the people, then get a form, fill it out, and wait 10 minutes to get it to the lady. Wait 10 more minutes to get your name called, then sign a thing, get your finger scanned, and look at a camera for 3 minutes before the man realizes you are sitting there waiting for him to take it. You go back and wait 10 minutes and finally they call your name and you have a freshly printed West Virginia Drivers License.

Oh yeah, this kid is pretty stupid looking in this picture. Webmasters, take it and put it on your site and make fun of him because I can't think of anything at the moment. Sorry Marc. I'll make you feel more retarded than you look another time.

ACT's tomorrow at 8am, so I'll be sure to go out until 3am. I got a 19 last year. I hate big tests, jokes who steal my wallet, and mangirls.

Some of you like reading updates about my brother. Here's his newest email:

Photoshopped, yo
Hey Kids,

They just opened this new chow hall. Not what we had hoped for, it is so
hard to find good food in Iraq. Anyway, aside from getting diarrhea after I
eat there, I have been noticing some changes to my body. I thought it was
just puberty; I mean I am almost 20, it's about time that took place. But
after a closer look it is something more serious than hair.

Peace In the Middle East,


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December 06, 2003

College Visit: Pittsburgh Technical Institute

PTII took a college visit to Pittsburgh Technical Institute on Friday. It was about a 50 minute drive from my house. I went with a friend who lives across the street and her parents. My mom had to work, so I would be getting a lot of information on my own, as I pretty much have my whole life. Anyway, as we arrived to the building, I was impressed with the appearance.

As we walk in, we see some students in masks with plastic guns outside the doorway. They were making a film for their multimedia class.

The environment their is very friendly. Everyone is very nice and cheerful.

So we sit down and wait for admissions coordinators to come and talk with us. We get split up, and I go with a very nice woman named Renee. We talked about everything I wanted and a bunch of other stuff. It was all very professional, and also a comfortable atmosphere.

They do a financial report and tell you how much everything will cost, etc. While that was being done, Renee took me on a tour of the building. Very nice once again, I liked everything I was seeing.

Then Renee got the idea of letting me try out one of these bad boys. It was a a little difficult at the beginning, but after a while I became a Segway riding pro. I didn't fall like Pres. Bush did, and I am awesome.

So we get the financial report, and I am blown away with information. It isn't a cheap school. It's just under $50,000 for 2 years of tuition, books, and an apartment with paid utilities with 3 other people. There is no food plan, either. Because my mom made $17,000 last year, and we are below poverty, I got $20,000 off on scholarships and stuff and maybe more. I qualified for a loan, and then my mom would need a loan.

I talked to my mom today, and it would be like $250 a month for 10 years for the loan she would have to get. There is no way whatsoever we can afford this.

This school is really exactly what I am looking for, but it is out of my reach. My mom won't do the loan, and I'd have to get another loan. I would have to get a job and pay payments because I don't qualify for the full amount needed. Then I'd have to buy food and necessities, car insurance and gas. That's to much for a kid to handle.

A girl this year said to me, "You are so lucky you are poor, you can go to any college you want for free. I have to pay thousands of dollars." I didn't say anything back at the time but later I thought of something. You get a car, you don't pay insurance, you have a gas card, you get new shoes every month, you get allowance every week, you wreck and daddy fixes your car... I could go on forever.

I have so much potential, and it sucks that I can't advance myself at a place I want to. This is depressing, man.

West Virginia University, here I come. I'll spend 4 years taking classes I don't care about and it will be sweeet!! I will get a job at McDonalds at age 22 and live in a box. I can't wait!

Thanks Renee for the tour and stuff, you are an awesome admissions coordinator. (I showed her this site, and she added it to her favorites.)

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December 03, 2003

Ladies, Gentlemen and Mangirls, meet Pat

You guys know I am a one man main page posting kind of guy. No one steals my glory or posts retarded stuff that I don't like and makes my site suck. Well, Pat, a kid from my school who used to post on the former existing has been asking me to let him post. I told him to email me a post that he would want to post on my site. Without anymore chatting, here we go, Pats 25 seconds of fame:


Well this might be the first and last time you hear from me on Lets see my name is Pat Dacey I go to park. I really think I could be good for this site if Todd lets me post some. I am good at posting good things that grab people’s attention But this is the first time I have posted anything in a year so IM going to be a lil rusty. This isn't even a post its what you would call an introduction to the BIGMAN. But if this ever does hit the site you should make a comment to see if I can be a member that post with Todd or just someone that stops in every now and then and just do what I do…

Well, there you have it, leave lots of comments. The comments will choose whether I let Pat join or not. Personally, I think that post sucked more than being shot in the balls and then having a 500 pound mangirl stepping on them. I got no entertainment, information, or anything out of it. Maybe just stupider... that a word? See, I did get stupid. Maybe Pat should have actually put some time into it and made a good first impression. It's up to you, the fans, to decide.

Also, here's one of Pats away messages:

I think a good product would be "Baby Duck Hat." It's a fake baby duck, which you strap on top of your head. Then you go swimming underwater until you find a mommy duck and her babies, and you join them. Then, all of a sudden, you stand up out of the water and roar like Godzilla. Man, those ducks really take off! Also, Baby Duck Hat is good for parties.

If you understand any of that, then you must be a mangirl... or Pat... or eating way to many mushrooms.

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