November 28, 2003

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging ProgramsBefore I got a computer with internet in 1999, all contact not in person was on the phone. The phone was good, you could talk for a while and then sit there and listen to eachother breath. Once you became tired of the person's talkless noises, you'd get into the "No, you hang-up first, no you first." The call would then argue over who hangs up first. Finally, someone would hang up, and then would call back 10 seconds later at 3am, wake your mom up, and it'd start all over. Good times.

Then I got a computer, internet, and AOL Instant Messenger. I went to school with paper and got all my friends screen names to add to my buddy list that had 3 people on it. The majority of them used AOL, a few used Yahoo Messenger, and ICQ was for the kids who had computers since they were invented. I think MSN Messenger came out later, but really, I don't remember or care. There's probably other instant messenging services out, but I don't care about them, either.

Slowly, I stopped talking on the phone for long periods of time, and talked online. It had its benefits. You could talk to multiple people at once, block annoying people, meet new people, say things you couldn't say on the phone or in person because typing and hitting enter is easier, and more stuff that isn't coming to me at the moment.

I have had some very personal talks online with people. Very personal and wouldn't want anyone else to read. But other people do read. Copy and past probably has happened to hundreds of my online conversations. Then you feel stupid and or embarrased when other people find out. Also, I do believe people probably read our conversations at the place where the service is hosted. Employees at AOL probably get off reading some of our online conversations. I bet if a person has the right connections, he can have peoples conversations emailed to them everyday to find out about them.

Even thinking this, I still carry on in-depth personal conversations online. It's just easier for me. Call me a coward, but I find it easier to say my feelings to someone online, rather than on the phone.

Kids now days get screen names and e-mail addresses rather than phone numbers. I remember back in the day of having a small piece of paper in my wallet with phone numbers on it... now I have a buddy list. I still occassionally get phone numbers, but the calls last 20 seconds and involve making plans or getting information quickly.

Everyone have a good Thanksgiving? Mine was good, while I was eating, then it got boring and I fell asleep only to wake up and see the Cowboys get crushed by the Dolphins.

How my brother spent his Thanksgiving dinner...

Front Left: Spc England - Front Right: Cpl Kelly
Back Left: Spc Morrison - Back Right: Spc Smith.

A good time was had by all. Some say how can you give thanks when you are in Iraq? I say, I am thankful to be alive, thankful to be able to send this picture. No it is Not with George Bush But it will do. I give thanks for having great friends and family to be able to send this to. I am thankful for being an American and not a citizen of Iraq, I only have to be here for a year, not my entire life. Again to be alive not one of over 150 soldiers who gave their life to liberate Iraq.

Peace In The Middle East


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November 22, 2003

Throwing beans/crap/chili at houses is really cute, you joke.

My brother sent this home, I thought it was a pretty cool picture.

So, I come home last night pretty late. I get to the door and notice this really bad smell, like a fat drunk threw up on my shoes or something. I then rested my hand on the side of the door frame for balance, to hold the screen door open with my knee and get my keys out. My hand touches a funky substance that happened to be everywhere. I am pretty tired at this point and hope that it will magically be gone in the morning.

I wake up, and my mom has a message saying did your friends throw chili at our door? Clean it up!

I get on my Saturday's best, a rag, some cleaning spray, and the hose.

I couldn't just hose it off. This crap had glued itself to my door, walls, mailbox, siding, etc. I then had to get down and dirty and scrub this stuff. It smelled bad. I threw up.

After a half an hour of scrubbing and being sick, I got it all cleaned up. There was a cup on the ground, with the crap in it. Someone must of eaten chili then threw it up into a cup and felt the need to only throw it at my house. Is it someone who hates me? Someone who is male but doesn't have a penis? Someone who randomly throws crap at houses to get off since the opposite sex laughs at them and their small external organs?

I took a 20 minute shower and I still smell that horrible scent of crap. I am pissed.

I checked my stats today for the 1st time in a while. You guys search weird things:

- mangirl
- penis costume
- stupid slogan
- panty ho's
- Pictures of Black people smoking weed
- piss pan
- i am not a camel I am a llama t shirt

Mangirl has gotten me over 75 hits in the past 3 months. That's funny.

I also found a kid who has linked me. I believe his name is Nick, and attends Rochester Institute of Technology. View his site, Donkey Punch. I couldn't find a way to contact him, so I am just going to link him. His site seems fairly new and looks like he is adding more. I'm in his daily reads section. I like being in daily read sections, makes me feel good after smelling beans and crap that were thrown on my door. You f'n jokes.

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November 17, 2003

The future

Choices choicesA lot of people from earlier years to now have said one day I will be famous, rich, successful, etc. I never really cared about the future because it seemed so far away, even last year.

Then one day, during your senior year, you are pressured into making decisions on what you want to do with yourself. It is really kind of stressful.

For the well off kids whos daddys are going to pay for their college and then let them take over their business have nothing to worry about. I, on the other hand, am very low in the money area. I haven't filed for financial aid yet, but will sometime soon. I don't have a college fund or money to throw around, my pick has to be solid so when I'm done I can pay for it.

If you want to get any type of decent job, you are required to go to college, unless you have mad good connections, or are awesome at basketball and you are drafted to the NBA at age 18 and making millions.

Everyday I think about what I want to do with myself... Go to a college university, for probably 5 years, if I don't party out, and then owe huge amounts in loans and not even be guaranteed a job... Go to a technical college for 2 or 3 years, live in an apartment or at home, and have a retarded social life... Go to the ARMY, and sell my life to the government for money to pay for college, and end up accidently blowing my arms off that I needed to be a success in college.

I hate this. I don't know what I want to do and it pisses me off. This crap isn't free and it's not like picking out a pair of shoes.

Anyway, lately I have been seeing a lot of girls with a mustache. That's gross. Shave your face! Like you don't look at yourself in a mirror every morning. How can you not notice an excessive amount of hair under your nose?

Gangster girls aren't attractive, either.

And last, pick your feet up when you walk. I don't need to hear your Timbs a hundred feet away.

Have a wonderful evening, I feel like crap. Check out the reviews page, The Rausch did a nice review.

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November 08, 2003

Attack of the killer dolls

The Killer DollsSo I wake up for school one morning last week, my mouth is dry and I decide to go downstairs real quick for a drink-out-of-the-gallon-jug-chug. As I start walking down the stairs, I see these two midget-sized creatures at the bottom of my steps. I hesitated slightly, as for it was morning and my mind was 25% there, and missed the next step. I slipped down the stairs and layed on the floor, while the creatures just stared at me. The smile of that small snowman is just creapy.

My mom found these little stuffed christmas dolls for $20 and has bought them for herself and friends. They freak me out. I know they are alive, and are going to pull a Chuckie on me and slice my foot off as my feet hit the floor after a crappy nights rest.

The reviews section is now up. So check them out and comment on them if you want. Want to join the reviews team? I have two people so far. Contact me if you are interested.

Shout out to Mark Roberts and all his friends at Belmont Technical College. Mark enjoys 22 year old 3's - hahaha, inside joke.

My head hurts, I'm going to go eat aspirin like it is candy.

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November 01, 2003

New layout - Discuss in Forums

Jeremy and I, big pimpin itI got a few pictures back from homecoming. It's hard trying to get pictures of me off of the girls if they didn't get doubles. What can I say? Everyone wants pictures of the king.

I made a new layout, as you can see. I got tired of the other one really quick for some reason. I wanted to do something different this time. I like it. If you don't I don't care, I'll pull down your underwear.

Speaking of that, how was everyone's Halloween? I miss trick-or-treating. I tried to go a few years ago, and I was 2 feet too big. I'd hear, "Aren't you a little old for this?" Then get a half eaten tootsie roll. I won't go bag snatching because when I was younger I always dreaded the bag snatchers who wanted my hard earned candy. Bullies.

I really have nothing else for you, but here are a few pictures from homecoming. They are also in the photo album.

CJ Rauscher rocks.

Renegade7890: u should do a shout out to the kid who had brain surgery lol.

Shout out to Frankie Triveri, who had brain surgery, and wanted me to shout him out. I bet brain surgery sucks.

Renegade7890: i had a cathador stuck up my penis
Renegade7890: and into my bladder
Renegade7890: i was up when they took it out
Renegade7890: i had to help push it out it burnt like hell
Renegade7890: then i drank 20 liters of water in six hour then pissed out 20 iers
Renegade7890: my kidneys werent working rite
Renegade7890: dont ever get brain surgery unless u need it
T odd M 161: haha
T odd M 161: i don't plan on it

Yeah, brain surgery sucks.

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