October 26, 2003

I am king, well half king

I am Homecoming King 2003!!!

I have no pictures to show you because I forgot my digital camera and a regular film camera. Hopefully all of the ladies that got their pictures taken with King Todd will share some with me so I can put them up here.

There were 2 kings, Joe Kinser and I. We tied. What are the odds of that? Oh well, I still feel good.

I didn't want to win at first, then my human nature to want to win kicked in and I wanted to beat all the fellow candidates.

It felt good when they said my name, I like feeling good.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me, it is really appreciated. Hopefully I should have some pictures here sometime this week.

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October 23, 2003

Parade wasn't too bad

Eat my pen15.

ALT-F4 sucks, I had this post typed and hit it somehow.

Had the parade last night, all went pretty well. It was cold, colder than I like. We had to be there an hour early, to stand around and be cold. A lot of people were there. I didn't expect to see that many people. I have never gone to a parade, let alone be in one. Good experience to put behind my belt.

"So how have you been since we last carried on a conversation in 7th grade?" - She said good, and so did I.

Her and I used to talk and write little homo-notes all the time back in 7th grade. Once 8th grade hit, everyone developed their attitudes that they would have for life. 7th grade was a good year. 6th grade sucked becase I had to move from my home town and make new friends. Anyway, I'm rambling useless memories of the past.

The only other thing I kind of didn't like was when we get out of the convertibles and they announce the two of our names. As soon as I helped her out, she started to walk away and I was standing there with our sign staring at the crowd as they cheered. I don't know if she was tired of looking at me, didn't know what was going on, or wanted to go see her boyfriend who was in the car behind us...

Queen is announced at the game tomorrow, king at the dance. I'll take a camera this year and get some pimpin pictures and let you know who wins.

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October 20, 2003

Good weekend.

Wheeling Park 2003 Girls Homecoming Court
Wheeling Park 2003 Guys Homecoming Court

There you have it, my high school's homecoming court. If you don't know, my name is Todd Morrison, and I am in the center of the guys picture. Now you know, idiot.

This past weekend went pretty well. I finally got the 36 inch tv that my friend Chase gave me fixed, after 2+ months. I hooked up a ghetto 4 speaker surround sound system consisting of my brothers old stereo speakers, an old box speaker from my grandfather, and a 8 inch car speaker some kid down the street gave me. I put the 27 inch in my room. Bigger TV's are sweet.

Friday night I saw Kill Bill. It's a different kind of movie. I posted a small thing about it in the forums 4 people go to.

Saturday night we were going to go see the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but my friends girlfriend was under 17. So we went to the Mall, and Wal-Mart, then bought a few of those energy drinks. I got a Red Bull, and Mountain Dew Amp Energy Drink. Those are like $2 a can, and the cans are small. I don't know if it gave me evergy or not, but I was up pretty late, A LOT later than usual.

A few other things came up later that night, but I am not going to talk about them.

< sarcasm >

Really cool, exciting, sweet, awesome, 1337 parade tomorrow!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! w00t!!!!

< /sarcasm >

I should have called Trojan and asked them to overnight me 2,000 condoms to pass out to all the little ones. I bet a lot of people would like that, and a lot more wouldn't.


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October 13, 2003

I need a job

I want thisI have a very small part time job, working an hour and a half a day. I got it through school last year. It pays for my car insurance under my moms car, and my occassional craving for a Hardee's thickburger.

The past 2 weeks or so, I have been looking for a new job with more hours so I can get my brothers car, pay insurance, gas, etc. I have been to like 10 places, and only two of them have even let me fill out an application. "Sorry, we aren't taking applications right now, come back in a month.", "Sure, here's an application, but we aren't hiring."

I want my own car, and to not have to depend on other peoples rides. I hate riding the school bus home, too. I'm 6 foot 5 too big for the bus.

I need a job, hire me! As much as I'd like to do a computer job, it is very unlikely at my age and current level of education. I figured trying to find a part-time job would be easier than this.

Shout out to Jon B, because I saw him Octoberfest, and told him I would give him a shout out. When I didn't he cried:

PucMasta (6:28:15 PM): t mo i never saw my shoutout on the site
PucMasta (6:28:17 PM): dickhead

Jon B and I go way back, back to when I would stuff the ball into his face because no one gets past me. Yeah.

Game reviews are on their way, Herc. Don't you worry.

I'm really really really oh so really happy that my high school's football team has and never will make a website like this. If they ever wanted to, they better ask me.

"Yeah this is those LINSLY BOYS the hottest dudes in the valley and if anybody want some they can come and get it b/c we r never scared."

"*What we dont like is the opposite of what we like*"

Good site guys, really. That illegally downloaded mp3 playing in the background is nice, too. My mom and I jammed to it for like 35 minutes.

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October 08, 2003

2003 Homecoming Court

Yesterday they announced the top eleven guys and ten girls for this years homecoming court. Why one extra guy? I don't know, maybe a tie? Well, I was one of the candidates. Yes, I was pretty surprised, and it feels kind of cool to tell the truth. There's like 450 people in our senior class, and a certain majority of them voted for me to get me in the top eleven. That makes me feel good. Unexpected things make it worth a little more. Next week, in homeroom, we vote for the king, I think.

So today we had a meeting to talk about getting pictures, the parade, the football game, and the dance. It was a lot of information, and I already forgot most of it. I just know I have to wear a suit tomorrow for pictures. For the parade, a guy and girl ride in a convertable. They chose who goes with who by just doing it alphabetically. One girl asked, who am I with, and when they said Todd Morrison, she didn't seem to be the happiest. I know and like most of the people on the court, but come on, it's just a ride in a parade, be happy you got voted on the court and make the best if it to have a good time. She will probably try and change people so she can be with her man also in the court. Maybe I am wrong, but it was just my quick observation.

It's me vs. 9 varsity sports players and a band student. The band student and I are minorities in a way. If I don't win, I won't care at all. I get into the football game for free, and my date and I get in the dance for free, too. That's already more than I deserve.

If you voted for me, thank you. Vote me for king if you like.

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October 05, 2003

Sorry about the downtime

My host changed operating systems and updated the control panel which somehow screwed up my posting script and deleted all the stuff I added in the last week. I had to re-install my scripts, and then decided to make another simple layout and add some new stuff to kick this place up one notch.

I added a very simple forum, because I can. Check it out, and post a message, or don't, I don't care.

A few friends of mine said they would review games if I made a section for it. I promised one kid I would create it like 3 months ago. I may also have movie reviews, too.

All you loyal fans remember the two awards I gave out? The mangirl and hot chick? I am bringing that back, and hope to get some help with finding sites/people that deserve funny little awards. I called it Awardists, is that correct?

That is all for the new stuff. Enjoy. I will still do my posts on here and hopefully they will entertain all of you.

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