September 29, 2003

Buy one, only $5,000

Buy a baby!

K DizZzy K (9:20:40 PM): Can i have your kids Tmo?:-D
T odd M 161 (9:20:56 PM): just 3 of them, ok?
K DizZzy K (9:21:41 PM): i was thinkin 2 but if 3 is what u want ...
T odd M 161 (9:22:12 PM): if 2 is all you think you can take, that'll do
K DizZzy K (9:22:58 PM): i can take three but i was only wanting 2.... Tmo im hardcore i can have 32 kids
T odd M 161 (9:23:41 PM): lets try for 32, then sell them on ebay
K DizZzy K (9:24:14 PM): u are so smart TMO!
T odd M 161 (9:24:30 PM): i'm always thinking, my 32 kid having lover
T odd M 161 (9:24:36 PM): we'll be rich
K DizZzy K (9:24:50 PM): how much we gonna sell em for?
T odd M 161 (9:24:51 PM): people will pay good money for our breed of children
K DizZzy K (9:25:00 PM): LMAO!
T odd M 161 (9:26:37 PM): it will take us 24 years to produce 32 babies if you pop them out every 9 months exactly
K DizZzy K (9:28:30 PM): i like a man who plans...
T odd M 161 (9:28:49 PM): if we sell them for lets say $5,000, in 24 years we will have $160,000. Invest that for 24 years, having it double every year in a sweet investment
T odd M 161 (9:29:44 PM): at 65, when we retire, we will have a lot of money, i don't even know how to calculate it because it is so much
T odd M 161 (9:30:53 PM): we can buy whatever we want
T odd M 161 (9:31:07 PM): and we live happily ever after
T odd M 161 (9:31:15 PM): all because we had 32 free babies
T odd M 161 (9:31:27 PM): THE END
K DizZzy K (9:31:49 PM): IM VERY IMPRESSED!
T odd M 161 (9:32:03 PM): i feel retarded, i actually thought that all out
K DizZzy K (9:32:23 PM): no way your very talented u have our whole lives figured out

*For the people who take what I say here seriously all the time... I am really not going to have 32 babies with this person, and if I did, I wouldn't sell them, I'd leave them on you door step, silly.*

This has to be the coolest picture my brother has sent home from Baghdad so far:

My brother and Donny

That is my brother with his hands up, and Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense. I'm jealous.

I just got this instant message. I have never gotten a retarded chain letter message like this:

YourLilThuget (11:02:17 PM): My name is jenna, I am 7 years old, I have black hair, red eyes, no ears and no mouth. I am dead. U must send this message to 15 people within the next 5 minutes or I will appear by your bed tonight and kill u with a knife. If u do something good will happen to u at 12:12 pm. Either u will get a call, or someone will instant message u and say that they love u. This is not a joke
T odd M 161 (11:02:41 PM): woah
T odd M 161 (11:02:49 PM): that's just a little weird...

I didn't send it to 15 people... but more than 15 people visit here. That count? No? Ok, I'll see you tonight Jenna.

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September 23, 2003

I love nosey... mmm

I'm the birdmanThis picture you see of me to the left is the most inside joke possible. As much as I would like to tell you all about it, I can't, because I'm a nice little boy. Only 3 others can enjoy this as much as I do. Inside jokes suck from the outside, sorry kids. I kind of look like my school mascot. Maybe I will wear it to a game, instead of my costume from last year. I won't get in trouble, but probably shot, in my nosey.

How wreid is tihs?

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer
in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is
taht frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a
toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae
we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe.


I though that was pretty cool. I'm to lazy to make my own sentence, though.

Stupid things like this make me feel like I am more special than everyone else. Or, you could just go here and do it all yourself.

I guess I made my 2nd cousins and their parents feel bad for me at the family reunion we had a month or so back. My mom said that they were thinking about giving me their van, since I don't have a car, or money to get one. Isn't that really nice? What nice people I have in the family. To bad my Aunt Maria doesn't love me, because she says it doesn't exist. That's another inside joke... I have to quit posting those. Now my mom is offering me my brother's car, since he is busy playing sand volleyball in Baghdad, or processing prisoners of war... one of the two. My grandpa said he is going to bring the car home tomorrow and let me take it for a spin to see if I like it, and want it. They said I can have it as long as I get a job that will allow me to pay for car insurance, gas, fixes, etc.

I have a small job, but they close to soon, and it won't pay my bills. Now I need to search for a job. I won't work fast food. I'd love to do something with computers, but most places shut down at 5pm, and I have to go to school. I was thinking about putting an application in at local grocery stores.

Any ideas?

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September 17, 2003

A letter from a faggot

Gay ButtsexMost of you who read this page and all the comments that come with it know my father. If you don't read the comments and come once a year, then you don't know him. He enjoys talking about God, his little Toddyboy, memories I don't remember, and other stuff I believe to get attention, or for me to want him to be my dad again. Well, on the 11th or 12th of this month I received a letter from him. It was typed out, and not very long. I'm going to show you the middle paragraph:

There will be no further correspondence of any kind to you until you grow up enough to talk with me face to face. As a son, you owe it to us both to get this relationship healed. You will never be a success at anything until you do. Do your part to fix it Todd and you can soar like an eagle with the gifts God has given you. Continue the way you are and you will end up a miserable loser with much unhappiness. The choice is your my son.

I love how this man tries to make me look like I am the bad guy. You left me when I was 10, and I hate you for it. I had to leave my friends and switch schools because we couldn't afford to live, and I hate you for it. You wrote me this terrible letter, and I hate you for it. If my memory wasn't crap, I would hate you for more things. You were selfish, leaving us for your own happiness, leaving three people behind, and then expecting us to love you and crawl back to you.

I will not be miserable if I never heal our relationship, you will, and I don't care. You are not God, me, or the key to my success. You are nothing to me. You did your job until I was 10, that is almost half my life ago. I don't need you. Writing this letter may have totally screwed up any chance of me ever even wanting to talk to you again. Maybe if you win the lottery and want to give me half, I'll stop by to pick up my cut. You use your parents for money, too, don't you?

Anyway, I'm sorry for the lack of enjoyable posts, I have been pretty dry in the funny category. I've also been pretty busy with school, social life, and sleeping. I just had to post this because I know my dad comes here a lot. He has visited like 60 times in 2 months. My number one fan!

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September 06, 2003

Can't think of a good subject. Weak.

Sometimes I feel like himI just heard a song on the radio, and it made me feel like I am all alone in the world. I don't know why, or what the song was called, it was very weird. Last night I was talking about how sometimes I think we are alone. People mostly just do things for themselves, to get ahead and satisfy their own needs. It can be argued that people do care about others, and would never hurt someone else to get what they want. I do think some people care about me, but most of them just act as if they do. People = Fake.

I asked one kid this question. He is very in love with this girl, would do anything for her. She really doesn't like him, but he is almost crazy when it comes to his love for her. I asked him: "Choose one to keep, your mom, or the girl." He chose the girl. Why? I think it is because he really no longers needs his mother, and to satisfy his needs currently in life, he wants the girl.

Awe, look someone cares about me:

MooMoo26432 (3:24:10 PM): hey
MooMoo26432 (3:24:10 PM): its jenna
MooMoo26432 (3:24:17 PM): u coming over tonight
T odd M 161 (3:24:30 PM): yeah
T odd M 161 (3:25:44 PM): if that is cool with you, homey
MooMoo26432 (3:26:05 PM): u seriosuly think i woudln't let THE todd morrison come over
MooMoo26432 (3:26:09 PM): u gotta be kiddin me

Oh wait, no they don't:

T odd M 161 (3:26:32 PM): making me feel special
MooMoo26432 (3:26:49 PM): well ur not
MooMoo26432 (3:26:55 PM): but i'm glad u feel that way
T odd M 161 (3:27:26 PM): well, you totally killed the mood

Oh, now they want to be fake to make me feel good:

MooMoo26432 (3:27:31 PM): sorry =)
MooMoo26432 (3:27:35 PM): i take it back

Jenna, I still love you. Or do I? Maybe I am fake.

Anyway, I wonder if I can get a job here, since I have the same name and all.

I added a links section, and put the old archives from the beginning of this year into the archives section. If your new to the site, check them out.

There is a kid at my high school who has created an 8 song rap cd and he is selling them for $5. I have taken 3 songs off of it, and have them for you to download.

Elusive's (Steve Cody's) Stream of Consciousness E.P.:

- 02 - Engaged (feat Timmy G).mp3
- 06 - In this Hip Hop.mp3
- 08 - Life (The Struggle).mp3

If you do not like rap/hip hop or listening to sware words, do not download these. If you download one, and don't like it, don't download anymore. I don't want all my bandwith taken.

Man, I am such a nice guy. I give this kid some respect, it is actually some pretty good stuff. Writes his own lyrics and makes his own beats.

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