August 27, 2003

I'm a senior. Yeah.

Class of 2004Today was the first day of my last year of high school. My schedule seems like it is going to be pretty easy. All I need to graduate is English 12 and a visual and performing arts credit. The rest of my day is filler classes I don't need to pass.

Here's my schedule:

1. Sociology
2. Student Aid
3. Senior Math
4. Lunch
5. Art II
6. English 12
7. TV Production I
8. Gym II

1. Sociology seems like it will be an interesting class that will actually make me use my brain to think. I'm probably too stupid for it, though.

2. Student Aid will be sweet, I am aiding my old computer teacher from sophomore year. We go way back to 7th grade, when he would give me cleaner to clean the snack machine in the hallway to get free food from Bob the janitor. I believe he also sparked my interests for computers.

3. Senior Math will be funny, it's like my only class of cool people, with a sense of humor.

4. Lunch is totally different. It will take some time to get used to the mad amounts of people in one place, slower lunch line moving, and the music. Yes, music with a DJ and all. Rumor has it they are going to put big screen tv's in the lunch room, too. They are trying to hard.

5. Art II is going to suck, the 1st day she had us drawing stuff perfectly with a compass and crap. I hate drawing.

6. English 12 shouldn't be to hard, as long as I don't sleep, she is kind of boring.

7. My TV Production class consists of mostly underclassman, but it should be an enjoyable time. There are two other seniors there, but I don't think I want to get to know them. My boy Chris is in that class, we go back to the last year website trouble days. I love his mom, too. Her and I like to have long talks at Krogers at around 2am.

8. I have already taken Gym II, and am taking it again to own all in every sport we play. I always love the kids who just sit there and get mad when I kick them in the face with a soccer ball, or pass them the basketball and it hits them in the chest. Good times ahead.

I believe they have also added a new rule in the Student Hand Book. I don't remember seeing this last year...

Inappropriate Conduct at Extracurricular Events
1st Offense - Suspension from all school activities for two weeks.
2nd Offense - Suspension from all school activities for one semester.
3rd Offense - Suspension from school.

I'd like to believe I am the reason for that addition into the rules. Kids, don't wear penis costumes to a football game, they have a rule for it now.

I hope my weekends don't suck and I find stuff to do. All the people I hung out with this summer went to college, and took their cars that picked me up with them. I need my own car.

I could have made this post more humorous, but I have to watch my back when posting about school. I don't need to get in trouble. I just want to graduate, and get out. Plus, this is my website, and I will post how I want and when I want. Today I wanted to talk about school. Don't like it? It doesn't matter, because you will be back tomorrow.

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August 18, 2003

Cute girls gone thugly

She's so cuteIsn't that girl so cute? She is the girlfriend of another Todd Morrison who lives in Michigan. She IMed me a few days ago and said she found my site by searching for her boyfriends name, and there I was. I asked her for a picture, and she sent me that one. I then told her it would be funny if she dumped her current Todd Morrison, and dated another Todd Morrison, but I don't think she got it.

She told me that she was 16, and the picture she sent me was when she was 15. She then sent me a more current picture. She is the one circled, obviously. I looked twice, and was blown away at how different she looked, and I didn't like it. The once cute girl went thugly, and I was sad. Don't get me wrong, she is not ugly being thugly, but when you do a comparison of the before and after, it sucks.

Her boyfriendMEBut that's not all, she then sent me a picture of Todd Morrison, her boyfriend (left). I felt a little left out, so I decided I wanted to be thugly like them (right). I don't own a bandana or whatever they are called, so I resorted to the old panty-ho's on the head. Notice the band-aid on my cheek, and pocket-knife earring. Straight up thuggin it, yo. Being thugly sucks, when you were so cute at one time. I am really thugly, that picture of me makes me sick. Even though I am not a thug, I'm still representin North Park, without wearing panty-ho's on my head.

I made up thugly, has anyone ever used it? Or have I stumbled onto a new word for making fun of people?

Saturday, my friend called me and said he had some Steelers tickets. $195 club level seat tickets to be exact. I had never been to a football game, and it was sweet. They played the Eagles, and lost. We left at half-time because it was raining and we were tired of waiting for the game to resume. That, and I was the only one of the 4 of us who knew how football was played, and actually enjoyed watching it. Oh well.

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August 07, 2003

Why the mailman hates me

MagazinesBefore I say anything, yes I said mailman, saying mailperson sounds stupid. No, I'm not a sexist who hates women in the work field. I've said mailman my whole life, and will continue to do that.

The past 6 months or so, I have been receiving many magazines in the mail. Most of them I would just take upstairs to my room and throw on the floor and never see again. I recently lost my wallet and decided to clean my room looking for it. I filled up 2 trash bags full of magazines and I hurt my right testicle trying to carry these bags downstairs. It feels better now for all of you concerned readers.

Birdhouse MailboxI receive at least 2 magazines a day. That's not bad you say? Well no, if we had a normal mailbox. But you know how we roll, and just have to be different and piss off our mailman with a small birdhouse mailbox. What's really cute is, my grandparents who live nextdoor have the same one with a different roof color. You have to fold letters to fit them in the mailbox door, and the little hooks hold one magazine and they rip when you try and get them out. I don't care if they rip, unless it's my free subscription to Stuff Magazine or Latina magazine. I don't know how I get them for free, but one day they just started coming.

I was thinking about talking with my mailman and seeing how he feels about the whole thing, then giving him a hug and a free t-shirt, but I don't wake up before noon. So mailman, if you are reading this, I am sorry for making you have to carry my magazines and stuff them into my small mailbox. Stop by when you get a break and we can have some cornbread and kool-aid.

This just in:

p3rm4phr05t (5:32:58 PM): hey todd, suck my cock, i just read ur site cause im bored. go ahead and put this on the site cause i dont give a fuck. you will be lucky to have a site or a computer by the end of the month ttyl...
p3rm4phr05t signed off at 5:33:08 PM.
p3rm4phr05t signed on at 5:33:30 PM.
p3rm4phr05t (5:34:29 PM): 100 N. River Ave. New Cumberland WV ask for pat they will call me and I will come beat your fucking ass like the little bitch you are. You can talk shit lets see if you can back it up.
p3rm4phr05t signed off at 5:34:42 PM.

A little hostile isn't he? He gets all pissed off, and he was the one who talked down on the website and me in the first place. I would have replied, but I was cleaning up the magazines. Going to hack my site and blow my computer up with a 1337 h4x0r program? I'll be down to New Cumberland, WV in a few minutes, I just have to get the bell and peddle reflectors fixed on my little red tricycle.

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