July 30, 2003

Happy birthday Adam "Dump" Maestle!

DumpFor all of you who don't know this guy, let me introduce him to you. He is Adam Maestle A.K.A Dump, born on July 30, 1985. He is a larger man, like a teddy bear, and is always up for a nice hug from a hottie. Unfortunatly, he dropped out of high school his junior year, but got his GED and has been accepted to West Virginia University. Dump enjoys the outdoors, space, talking to aliens, counter-strike and other online games, being online for 10 days straight, and long walks on the beach with a good cigar in his mouth. Dump has a hard outer shell to him, but inside he is just a nice guy who gets pissed off a lot and pulls out knives on people and jumps from the back seat to the front to strangle you and make you say uncle because he dislikes Taco Bell.

All for you Dump, all for you.Today is Dumps 18th birthday, and I am dedicating this site to him for another minute or so. Happy birthday, man. I gave Dump a call at like 1am and sang the happy birthday song to him, I could tell he enjoyed it. I also decided to get him a present that I know he would love so much. Since I am cheap, I decided the picture you see to the right would be suitable for a gift, and free for me. Enjoy buddy, but don't enjoy to much. That is a real image, I didn't photoshop it or anything, just blurred the face to keep the persons identity a secret. Dump, if you think about it, I'm sure you know who it is. Everyone feel free to comment and wish Dump a happy 18th birthday.

I received this email and it seemed more weird and personal than all the other junk mail. I emailed him back, removing the error in his email typing, and am hoping to get an email back from him. It's not like normal junk mail telling me to go to some website or buy a book or anything. Oh well, I'll let you know.

That's all I got for you.

UPDATE - July 31, 2003 - 12:38AM

I recieved an email back from the guy I told you about above. Read it here. This is getting weird, and if I wasn't 17 and had some hook-ups, I could get a lot of money out of this... or killed... or the CIA will be knocking on my door... there are many possibilities. Should I email him back?

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July 21, 2003

Lollapalooza 2003

LollapaloozaA friend of mine, I call her Buttchin, won two lawn seat Lollapalooza tickets on the radio. She said If I found her a ride, I would get the other ticket. Luckily my friend gets two free pavilion tickets to every concert at the Post-Gazette Pavilion, so we went with him. Another friend went, too. So it was 5 of us, 2 in Pavilion seats, and 3 of us in the lawn under the sun.

We got there at around 11:45am, and Rooney, the opening band, didn't start until 2:25pm. So the 3 of us Lawn People walked around and checked out all the stuff. I have never been to a concert before, so this whole thing was a new experience for me. There was lots of stuff going on through the course of the day.

The schedule of bands was pretty good. I liked the Queens of the Stoneage and Audioslave the best. I don't have a problem with Jurassic 5, but they really didn't fit into this concert. Jane's Addiction sucks and should not have been the closing band. I guess they were the ones to bring it back or something, but I dislike their music.

Once it started getting darker, and my sunburn was beginning to hurt, all the potheads starting smoking their joints. Every 15 or so seconds, we'd smell the scent of marijuana smoke in our presence. No one seemed to care it was illegal, and just openely smoked it. It was amusing to see kids smoking, then turning around to make sure nobody saw, then older people just standing up and smoking without a care. I never saw anybody get carded for buying $5.75 beer, either. There were a few fights, and the EMT guy just sat there and watched. It was a free for all for anything. Maybe that is why you are not allowed to bring cameras or anything, and they pat you down and give you a full inspection to make sure.

In between bands, they would show little videos and stuff. They showed mad people smoking weed, and had a whole skit about it. They had an Agent 420 guy get high and then jump out of an airplane. Later in the evening, they passed out condoms to everyone. So I guess weed + protected sex = good, since Lollapalooza says so! Buttchin grabbed about 30 condoms, little whore.

I thought stuff like this ended in the 60's, but it is still very much here. Guess they must have been reading this.

All in all, it was a good time, and I didn't pay for the ticket. Just payed for a crusty small pizza for $5, and a 20 oz. Coke for $3.50.

My brother emailed from Kuwait and he said a few of his working buddies in the army saw this site and one wants a t-shirt. It's always good to have fans in other countries, fighting for my country and not finding one weapon of mass destruction. Good job, Georgy. Maybe we can work something out, and they can send me pictures of them, and I could make sections on this site for them to show their families.

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July 14, 2003

Spiderman cartoon on MTV

Spiderman on MTV... gay, just gay.MTV used to be cool back in the day when they actually played music videos and had Bevis and Butthead on. I was never allowed to watch it, though. MTV is the devil. So I was flipping though the basic cable channels I have, and there was the new Spiderman cartoon. I didn't take the time to watch it, because cartoon's don't entertain me anymore. It's supposed to be on Fridays at 10 p.m. EST, but I have seen it on MTV atleast 5 times in 3 days. Peter Parker is voiced by Doogie Howser, M.D.'s Neil Patrick Harris. Remember that dude? He must have ran out of money from being the kid doctor and needed a quick buck.

I always liked MTV because they had Road Rules and The Real World. They were the first reality shows, and then one day every television network decided they would make 90% of their shows stupid reality ones. I'm tired of seeing people date in masks, competing on an island, eating cow testicles, and watching them fight over someone asking if they want some cornbread.

A few days ago, I was at a friends house, and hungry. This kid shows up, with little caramel chocolate bars. He said he would only give me one if I took his picture and put it on here. Thank you kid on the right for the caramel bar. And while I'm at it, thanks kid on the left for the ride to the friends house, and back to mine. Yeah, that was pretty retarded, but I promised I would.

Yesterday we helped a friend move his new 65 inch widescreen tv into his house. He gave me his old 36 inch tv that doesn't turn on. I know nothing about fixing electronics, and hoping someone will look at it for me. Right now, it's just sitting in front of me, laughing at how small the 27 inch tv is. I was told that if I open it and try to fix it myself, I could get hurt because it can hold power in for a long time after it is unplugged. Maybe I'll just let it sit there and look big.

According to the statistic, my father has been to the website a few times. Surprised he hasn't printed it out or commented something wonderful for everyone to read. Happy it's back, dad? Were you looking for another site like old entilage.com? I learned my lesson after the 2nd time. Happy reading, we'll see how long it lasts.

p3rm4phr05t (5:10:08 PM): penis
T odd M 161 (5:10:13 PM): hey
p3rm4phr05t (5:10:14 PM): ur site is so gay
p3rm4phr05t (5:10:25 PM): why are you riding a llama???
p3rm4phr05t (5:10:31 PM): or is that a camel?
T odd M 161 (5:10:38 PM): camel, man
p3rm4phr05t (5:13:09 PM): so whats going on?
p3rm4phr05t (5:13:17 PM): u need to play some TFC so i can own your gimp ass
T odd M 161 (5:13:24 PM): tfc is gay, man
p3rm4phr05t (5:13:34 PM): no, man, YOU are gay...

Little mangirl, you are gay, and got last place at VICA, because you don't know how to network. That screen name is cool, too. Fag.

I'd put more effort into these posts, but I'm only getting around 40 unique hits a day. I need to get my fans back.

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July 09, 2003

People overload

Booty calls, manTonight is the first night of the summer that I am sitting here on the computer, and I'm actually enjoying myself. I had to throw away my eight cell phones and just chill out by myself. The 12 hours of sleep I'm getting just isn't enough anymore, and I need to catch up. Yeah, all that, or I just had no ride to go anywhere. Jerks.

Earlier today after work, I went to the South Hills mall in PA and just pissed on the new overrated H2's then left. If I had the money, I would not buy one of those things. I'd rather buy this bad boy. Do you know how many girls I could get with that sucker? Maybe one, if I drove down by the corner of 21st and 3rd, in Africa.

I'm pretty tired of people. There are so many of you that are complete idiots and it's horrible to think that you graduated high school and are now going to school to be a nurse. I sure wouldn't want this guy to be inserting needles into my arm and making sure I'm going to live. Hopefully they just hire him as the piss pan checker, that's a pretty simple job. I probably should have modified his screen name for privacy, but I'm to lazy. His name is Henry, and he likes long walks on the beach.

Wrecks bring a neighborhood together. As bad as they can be, it brings an all black neighborhood with an ocassional white person who is scared to come outside to be all together and talking about the unfortunates of the people involved in the wreck. I myself, went outside to see the damage and the looks on the faces of the people. The thing that killed me was this one guy holding his neck, trying to get into the ambulance. He had to fill out some type of report or something before he could leave. "Here sir, I realize your head is throbbing and about to fall off, but I need you to fill out these 5 documents. It will only take a few hours, would you like to use my back as a surface to write on?"

Ok, I am still a jerk. Which is bad, because I will probably get in trouble, again.

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July 06, 2003

Here I am, again.

A few days ago, while around a bunch of people I really didn't know that well, I realized I am known as the kid with the website. I get that a lot, but it finally clicked. So since I'm the kid with the website, I should have a website, not an empty page. Also, I had to renew the domain name so some other Todd Morrison out there doesn't take it from me. It cost me $35 to renew the domain through Network Solutions for 1 year. I bought the dumb thing for like $10 two years ago. If I'm paying that much, I'm going to do something with it.

This website and I and been through a lot. In the end, it just gets me into some sort of stupid trouble with school, family, or friends, but I love having it and it's worth the risk. My mom told me to take the site down, but I am putting it back up. I was just going to wait until 5.16.04 when I turn 18, but that's to far away. We'll see how long I can have the site until someone gets upset for something stupid, blows it out of line, and has me shut down.

I always try to keep my posts acceptable in content and not bad for people to read. I expressed my feeling for a certain topic and all hell broke loose.

I had a pretty decent amount of fans before the shutdown of the site. It will probably take a few months to get them back, but I love doing this. It entertains me as well as all of you.

Well, I believe I am done with the re-introduction of the site.

My brother sent home 3 picture cd's from Baghdad/Kuwait a few days ago. One of them really caught my interest and I decided I want to be a Camel Racer...

Camel racing.

That's a real sign from Kuwait, no editing at all.

Let's hope I still have the touch and can post something good to entertain all of you. I'm going to try and include pictures like before if I can get my digital camera working.

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