February 26, 2003

I am the chosen one

Skills VICA thingy-ma-bobberToday during my 8th period class of computer fun, the guy who heads up the Skills/VICA club thing came and got me. I have never attended a club meeting, and wasn't interested in ever going. He asked me, well kinda told me, that I was going to compete in the state competiton. He then asked if I would be free for 10 days over the summer to compete in the National competition. He told me that I will win the state one, and go to the national one. It's kind of nice knowing someone believes in me, when I don't believe in myself.

I had no idea what I would be doing in the competition, and am still a little curious. I asked my friend, who competed in it last year, and won the state competiton. He told me I should know:

  • Microsoft Word - Should be very easy, I just don't know all the proper ways to type out different things. Hopefully my little buddy Clipit will be installed and be able to help me out.
  • Microsoft Excel - I'd like to believe I know enough about Excel. I can create spreadsheets and perform easy equations within them.
  • Microsoft Access - I was taught how to use this last year, and forgot it all. I desperately need to learn how to make databases and forms with Access. I believe this will be the hardest.
  • Microsoft FrontPage - I can create a simple webpage in FrontPage quickly and easily. But since I am pretty good at web pages, I will take some time and make it count, hopefully score some good points to make up for my lack of knowing much else.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint - I will have to make a presentation solving a given problem. Then orally walk through it. Shouldn't be to hard, as long as the question is fairly easy.
  • All Windows Operating Systems - Know the ins and outs of all the Windows platforms. I have never used Windows NT, 2000, or .NET Server. Hopefully I will only have to change settings or something.
  • DOS - I know some DOS commands, like formatting drives and looking at files and navigating through Windows. I can also FTP through it. I may look up some of the other DOS commands.
  • FTP - Set up an FTP server, then upload a file to it from a different computer. Simple.
  • Written Test - My friend said it is the hardest out of all of it. A lot on hardware and commands. A B A C A D A B A? Or old school like my anatomy exam?

That's all I was told before he signed off. Seems to me like it's just mostly Microsoft Office stuff. There is probably more to it then that, but that's all the information I got. I have another friend who won it in 1999, and I'll ask him about it next time we talk.

So, I think I may have a chance... come on, it's West Virginia. But you never know. According to the web site, the WV State Contest is March 28th and 29th. I am going to try and learn as much as I can, so I don't feel stupid when I get there.

Time to lock myself in the basement and try and learn some hardcore Microsoft Access.

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February 24, 2003

My brother is off to serve

Brandon Morrison: AN ARMY OF ONESo today, a little organization called the US ARMY gave my brother a call while he was enjoying the hot and sunny weather of Lakeland, Florida. He hasn't even finished a semester of college, because he was in basic training for the 1st semester.

He left Florida today, and is on his way back home to Wheeling, West Virginia. About an 18 hour drive, and he says his transmission is about to go. After the visit home, he has to go to New Jersey, and he will get some information and then be shipped from there. I was told he will be in a unit that will be with the captured soldiers.

Well, this is what I think I was told by my grandfather, who told me today while crying. I guess the family isn't taking it to well, but what family would? I'm not to worried about it. He was trained for 3 weeks on how to type memo's and file stuff. I don't think he will have to kill to many people, or be shot at to many times.

I think I'm going to take a day off of school tomorrow, to see what all he knows and where he will be going (Or maybe to just sleep until 2pm). I don't know how long he will be home, or how long he will be gone.

Despite having my brother now involved in the war, I still want them to go in and fight. Screw the inspections, that's taking to long. I'm losing patients, and don't want to wait until something else happens.

Good luck, Brandon. Maybe I'll be joining you in a year and some. Unless I start making money from this site to pay for college. HAHA, yeah right.

Post statsOk, new topic. That's a pretty good amount of comments on my posts. Last time I had the site going I would get like 2 comments for every 5 posts. Only one post hasn't gotten a comment. Keep the comments coming, everyone enjoys reading a good one.

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February 20, 2003

Another Award: Less scary

AngelaOk, so yesterday a friend referred me to this picture page. After a minute of staring, I then checked her site out. The girls names is Angela, and she is only 15! Girls are developing so much younger now days. At this rate, 8 year olds will look like this in a few years... scary.

I read a few of her entries on her site, and she seems like a cool girl who lives in Snoqualmie, Washington. I bet it is really exciting there! Probably more exciting than Wheeling, West Virginia.

So since I thought she was a beautiful girl, and my last award I gave out was rather frightening, I made her one. I emailed her the award and everything yesterday, and she never emailed me back. I probably freaked the girl out.

Well, anyway, here's the award:

Award: Hottest 15 year old in Washington State

I think I'm going to have to create an "Awards Given Out" section. It is kind of fun giving out awards.

Angela, will you marry me? heh. I bet within a few months, she will turn into one of those cam girls that don't get naked, and all the old men will pay to see her pictures. I've seen it happen to the best of them.

No school this whole week, except for tomorrow. Blah. I'm not going to wake up, those past two nights of extreme snow fun messed me up in the sleep routine.

---ADDED AT 11:21PM---
She emailed me back.

From: Angela (babysmurf86@hotmail.com)
Date: Thursday, February 20, 2003 9:36 PM
To: todd@toddmorrison.com
Subject: Hey Todd! :-)
Hey Todd :)

I just wanted to say thank you for the award. ;) It was really sweet, and I've never gotten an award for that before. lol! I didn't know you'd have a whole entry of me, either, today! Hehe. I'll link you back, k?=)
Also, I checked out the pictures of you on your site,.. you're really cute! ;)
Hope ttyl.


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February 17, 2003

It's a blizzard

Another view of the snow

That red circle is where the house is with cable internet, the yellow dot is where the wireless router is positioned. I connect to the internet through it. Well, that crappy pile of snow is blocking my signal and I'm pissed. I am about to go dig an igloo inside it and take the laptop with me. Dialup sucks.

No school tomorrow in Ohio County, or pretty much any school in the northeast. I'm hoping it will keep snowing, but it won't, and we will get school off all week.

At work, I somehow mentioned those 2 day Compumaster seminars that teach a wide variety of things. The next day, she did some research on it and wanted to send me to a Photoshop one. The stupid website doesn't show West Virginia on it, so you can't see what's available and when. I know they have them in WV, because I always get brochures in the mail. They have online ones for like $99, but I'd much rather be shown how to do the stuff, but it's a lot more expensive. I want to tell them to call and get information, but then again, it's not my money, or my decision.

I added the street snowboarding pictures from yesterday to the photo album. They are at the top.

Well, I have to go help my grandpa move our old desk and computer into his basement. Then he will probably make me teach him how to turn it on and move the mouse.

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February 16, 2003

Snow at the wrong time

Snow by hourSnowThe past two nights coming home, the roads have been covered entirely with snow. According to Weather.com, it is going to be snowing all day today and tomorrow. I would be happy about this, but we already get school off tomorrow for Presidents day. Then it's just going to be light flurries on monday night and tuesday morning. Oh well, it isn't as bad as this email I got yesterday. I'm not even going to say anything else, since she does go to my school. P.S. I won't be writing back soon. Sorry.

A friend mentioned going to Seven Springs on monday, but it may be to bad to even go. I'd love to go again this year and get my snowboard on.

Time to go play in the snow.

---Added at 6:38PM---

I went out and did some hard-core crappy snowboarding on the road. We borrowed this kids $10 Walmart snowboard. I'll probably add the pictures to my photo album when I'm not feeling lazy. Here's probably the best picture of them all. Notice my other pimp hat.

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February 14, 2003

Merry Valentines Day!

Valentine for you
I decided to take a few minutes out of my time and make a valentine for all you people who didn't get one.

I never was good at drawing hearts, let alone drawing one with a touchpad mouse.

I have nothing else for you. Sorry. Time to go find something to do and spit out the chocolates that have crappy stuff in them.

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February 11, 2003

Something shady is up

Not good... not good at all.

That can't be good. Either someone knows my password, or I saved it at someone elses house. I wonder how long that person has been signing on my screen name? Have you talked to me, when it really wasn't me? Oh well, I changed my password.

Here's an early Valentine's Day greeting for you.

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February 09, 2003

Illin da flow, yo g mo

T-Mo vs BoBThis past week during lunch, there has been a lot of talk at the table about people freestylin eachother. I know I suck at that crap, and openly admit it. So I just make fun and piss people off, hoping they will flow about me or something. BoB flowed one line, about a poptart or something, it was dumb and was stopped by my laughing at him. I got one fellow, John, to flow a quick line about me. It was something about me blowing up like this one kids testicle elephantitis. That was the only flow, other than mine. Mine was about me being a tall, white guy, who sucks at flowin.

BoB, a big ghetto dude, claims he's the best at tha game of flowin. I tell him over and over to flow with someone, but says it's not worth it. Then he just stands there moving like he's going to start freestylin or something. I make fun of him, saying he gets all of his flows from websites. That's why he only does this stuff while online, not in person. Others claim they will do it, but the other person has to start first. It's stupid, and I'm tired of it.

So BoB instant messaged me, and asked me if I wanted to see some of his lyrics. You can view those lyrics here (contain some explicit lyrics, I think. I only read half, then got tired). I will probably never know whether or not he wrote that, and I really don't care. But man, that's a lot to remember, maybe that's why he only does it online. It's a lot easier to copy and paste.

So during our conversation online, I decided to do a little lyric writing myself. View our complete conversation here. My lyrics are so much cooler than his, man. I may have gotten a little carried away. But I won! Because he was so scared he gave up. Now I'm rollin deep wit ma gansta's, yo. You can call me 57 cent. T-Unit!

I did a quick search for: "Freestyle lyrics" and this was the first page on the list. It's a bunch of people who freestyle eachother. BoB, get out your pen and paper and start copying. I'll have some fresh flows for you tomorrow.

Ok, enough of that. I had a pretty funny post planned for today, but I left my camera in my locker Thursday, and Friday we got cancelled. Maybe next week, kids.

Today is my brother's 19th birthday. He's in Florida going to college, and patiently waiting for Uncle Sam to give him a call. He joined the reserves last year and will probably be getting shipped out, with the rest of the United States' soldiers. Happy Birthday, Brandon! Don't party to hard tonight!

Why do these posts seem funnier when they are in my head? Kills me.

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February 06, 2003

No spiking your hair, kid!

SpikeyI had a good idea for a post, but I left my digi-cam at school. I'll save that for this weekend, if I get time. So for a post, I went back to my good ol' high school announcements page.

Reminder to all about our dress code policy - We are not
permitting: sagging pants, spiked hair (on the back of the head), midriff or crop tops, chains or wrist bracelets with any type of studs. Please refer to page
10 in your handbook for additional information.

Even though my hair is very short (finally got a haircut), I think not being able to have spiked hair in the back is retarded. I guess that can be a weapon and poke someones eyes out? I'd do more damage with my pens and pencils I didn't give to those Afghans! They are probably going to slowly add more stuff to the dress code and eventually make uniforms required. But until then, I think we should be able to style our hair like we want to.

Sorry for the lack of posting, and the weakness of this one. This semester of school is the hardest I have ever had. I'm actually taking books home and doing homework. My entire day is filled with class work and then work for home.

Also, I set up a wireless network at my friends house across the street. He has cable, and I don't, cause I'm poor. I got a wireless pcmcia card for my laptop, and hoped the signal would reach my house. Well, it reaches the front door, and no farther. I looked for signal boosters and crap, but no luck. Anybody know how to ghetto-rig a powerful antenna that will give me like 15 more feet so I can atleast sit at the kitchen?

Expect a decent post this weekend. If not, too bad. I am sorry for making you look at that man-girl for such a long time, I won't be posting anymore pictures like that.

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