January 30, 2003

Man or woman? You decide.

Man or Women?Ok, so yesterday I somehow came across this site. I did a little searching, and liked how she had two layouts with the same content. Me, being a man, decided to look for some pictures of her. (No dad, not nudies, fully clothed). I found her pictures section, saw a link that said Blonde Hair Pictures. I pulled up the page, minimized it so all the pictures would load on my awesome 56k connection. I maxmized it up, and almost crapped my pants. I was so confused; this thing that says its a girl, looks like a dude. On that page, some look like straight up dude, others just a girl.

It's so weird! Is that not freaky? I'm not done yet. I decided to make her an award and email it to her, to be a jerk, and get a good reaction from her:

The Award
The Looks like a Man Award

The email I sent her:

Dear Jessica,

I have stumbled upon your site, and just loved it so! Like I always do, I looked for pictures, to see who made the wonderful site. I looked at a few different sets of them, and wasn't sure if you were a man trying to be a women, or a women who just sometimes looks like a man. After extensive research, I concluded that you in fact, are a girl, who just sometimes looks like a man in certain light. Attached to this email, is your award, from me. I hope that you will post it up in your awards section.

Thank you,

Todd Morrison

The email I got back from her:

Lol, hey Todd.

Well thanx for the award , I did put it in my award section Yah I know horrible pics, horrible 'light' , horrible. Lol. I just quickly checked out your site, it looks cool.
I'm not quite sure if there was sarcasm in you liking my site, I hope not. But if you didnít like it, thatís your opinion and I'm fine with that.Well thanx for stumbled upon my site and emailing me an award. That usually doesnt happen, lol. And luckily I didnt delete it from my junkmail!

See ya,

Man, I'm such a jerk. I felt bad after I got her email. She seems like such a nice, positive girl. I did all this to get a funny reaction, but instead, she took it so well and just laughed it off. To top it off, she actually added the freaking thing to her awards section.

I still can't get over that picture, that has to be a man! No girl can possibly look like that, in any light! Maybe she is a he, also?

I think I'm going to start making awards for sites that I feel need a reward. It probably won't be often, but this isn't the last of them.

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January 28, 2003

I need a haircut!

Look at my hairy self!Look at that! That's way to much hair, and it is driving me crazy! I haven't had a haircut in probably 3 or so months.

The new style seems to be having longer hair, then getting it highlighted. Well, around here, atleast. It just like became popular one day, then the next day everyone had long hair. I need to be notified like 6 months in advance, so I can be ready. I really don't like long hair, though. It looks good on some people, but I don't think it'd look right on me. But hey, I don't look right, right now, anyway. If I ever did grow my hair out, it'd go down below my shoulders, then I'd perm it and get an afro, then after I got bored with that, I'd mullet-ize it and be the coolest!

So why not just get my haircut? Well I have only payed for a haircut once in my life, and it was terrible, girl must have been a newbie. My dad cut it for me through most of my younger childhood. Then when we moved here, my grandpa (was a barber for many years) cut it. Well, just recently, he broke his hand and forearm. So he has been wearing a cast, and can't cut hair. A friend of mine said he pays $25 for a haircut. YEAH RIGHT, you will never see me pay that much for a freaking haircut.

If you look at my pictures you will see my hair has been short for a while. I just can't stand this PUFF BALL hair on my head. I may have to take old grandpa hostage and force him to cut my hair, cast or no cast.

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January 26, 2003

Family Super Bowl XXXVII

The Super Bowl Seating Arrangements
Super Bowl Seating

I started watching the Super Bowl by myself downstairs. Usually, everybody goes to the little party at church and watch it (talk) there. My grandma calls me and says they don't get the channel, since they don't even have cable. They didn't go to church because it was to snowy out. So they come over at around the middle of the 1st quarter.

Minutes later, my mom comes down, and the talk fest begins. They talk about how dirty the commercials are and how TV is so bad now days. Blah blah, they just keep talking. So with 3 minutes left in the 3rd, I go to my room to watch the game on my 15 incher tv.

This years Super Bowl was pretty weak, I didn't think the Raiders would score once it was 34 to 3. They surprised me, and got it to 34 to 15, and then started actually making some plays. But five interceptions is not acceptable. So the Raiders got crushed by the Buccaneers, 48 to 21.

Notice how before the game was even over, the Bucs had their championship gear on? They have to make it for both teams, so what do they do with the losing teams winning gear? If someone got a hold of some of it, would it be worth money like a coin printed wrong? I will probably never know, unless I go to college and study the art of the Professional losers winners gear thrower-awayer profession.

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January 25, 2003

The shirts are in

The ShirtsI called Dan the T-Shirt man yesterday, and he said my shirts were ready. I went down there, and they weren't exactly as I thought they would be. Miscommunication was the problem here, children. No big deal, I thought ash gray meant the darker gray cause ash is dark. Instead of just putting the big logo on front, he put the small on front, and big on back, which was more work for him. I'm lowering the price to $8, since it's really cold outside, and I'm not a fan of the light, almost white, gray.

Sorry I haven't posted anything good, I've been busy doing a lot of nothing, nowhere. I'll be more motivated to get good stuff on here once I get some of the T's out in the public.

Brandon left a comment on my first post, and it seems like we go through the same cycles and troubles with our web pages, but can't stay away from them. Sorry to hear about the wreck and crap, Brandon.

Everyone buy a shirt! Only $8! Do whatever you want with them! You can even use them as expensive toilet paper to whipe your butt.

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January 21, 2003

Afghan Pen/Pencil Drive?

Do you have any extra pens or pencils? Weíre collecting any kind of writing utensils for children in Afghanistan. Please put all donations in Mr. Deiís office in Student Management.

I got bored and checked out my high school's announcements and that is what I saw. Be quick, because it might be gone tomorrow, unless this drive goes on all week. We can only hope so!

We gave them guns, they turned around and are now using them against us. So if we give the children pens and pencils, they are going to write us mean letters, then jab them into our throats.

Bad idea, very bad idea. I'm locking up my utensils. Thanks Rausch!

That's all I got for you. Thanks for all the comments on my pimp hat! I think I might go out and get me one of those humdingers.

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January 19, 2003

My Pimp Hat

I have absolutly nothing to post about.

Pimp Hat

Don't lie, you know you like my new recently acquired hat. But sadly, I am going to have to return it to the rightful owner. That is all.

--- ADDED ON 01.20.03 ---

Like that picture? Then vote 10!

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January 16, 2003

Anatomy: The PHD Test

Click to enlargeI didn't have to go to school until 12:30pm today to take my Anatomy exam. I got lots of sleep and was ready to take the test. Got me 5 things from 99 cents menu at Wendy's, and was on my way. In the back of my mind, I knew I was going to fail this test miserably, and didn't care. That class is pretty hard itself, but the teacher makes it so much more harder! I believe she hates me, and pretty much every man she has ever met. Any girl could say anything to her, and nothing would be done. I saw hi, with my eyebrow raised, and she kicks me out and calls my mom.

I think I have a low C in the class, and even if I failed my exam, I would still pass the first semester. So we get the test, I read the first few questions, and it feels like I am taking a PHD test to be a doctor. At this point, I decide to not even read anymore. I spend an hour or so, slowly filling in 167 bubbles with zig zag designs, all C's, and whatever else I think seems fit.

I took a picture of the front side to show you how much I really care about this class. Probably could of got a better picture, but the camera beeps loud, and didn't want to get it taken off of me.

So there is about 30 minutes left for the test. She tells us we can now use our books for the remaining time. She comes to my table and here's what goes down:

TEACHER: "If you fail this test, I'm calling your mom."

ME: "It's going to be an F, I can guarantee it."

TEACHER: "Well then, I'm calling her, and telling her I gave you 30 minutes to use your book, and you got out a 2003 Guiness Worlds Record book."(we were in the library. I wouldn't buy that book)

ME: "This book is sweet! Did you know they put 25 people into a VW Bug?


I would LOVE to take a different class next semester! Right now I'm scheduled to take the next semester of Anatomy. If I go to a lower science class, I will probably be with a bunch of people who smell and can't even read yet because they have taken the easy way out their entire life. No offense to the stupid people in this world. Wait, there's no need for me to say that, you can't even read this.

In other news, will someone buy this for me?

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January 14, 2003

Art I: The Exam

art.jpgSo today our semester exams started. I had Art I and History to take. In art class, we had to do a written test on all the old people that painted and crap, then fill in a color chart. I knew very little of it, all I know is how to draw and paint... badly.

So I finish up, and then he reveals that we have to draw this huge thing.(Displayed to the left, but hard to see, because I tend to like to move when taking pictures). I just laugh, knowing how bad I'm going to suck at drawing this. There is mad small things, things nobody can draw, and to top it off, he throws ribbon all over it. Thanks Buzzy the art man! I spent 5 minutes on it, then just sat around for an hour or so. View my finished drawing!.

Today before work, I stopped in and ordered 30 short sleeve ash gray t-shirts, like the first time, from Dan the Man at The T-Shirt Factory. I should have them in a week or so. Once again, they can be yours for only $10. I ordered 2 small, 3 medium, 10 large, and 15 extra large. I guess that will work.

I just wish Dan the t-shirt man could put the toddmorrison.com logo on pants like these. They sure don't make them like they used to, back in 1973!

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January 12, 2003

ToddMorrison.com is back!

I shut down the site last year because my domain registrant lost all my information and I was unable to switch to the host I had already payed for. Plus, my dad was reading the site and telling on me like a little kid. I started a new site after that, but my dad found that, too, and told on me again, and we shut it down. I don't live with my dad, and he enjoys messing with me.

Well, about a month ago, I got my Network Solutions information back and was able to switch to my new host. So here I am, again. I didn't want to do a journal like before, because that only brings big trouble. So I thought about doing a picture post, and liked the idea. I'm not sure how it will work out, maybe two posts a week? We'll see. It all depends on what I see and take pictures of.

As you can tell, I'm not going to post a picture, just telling you guys what's going on. I made the layout very quickly, and I like it. Simple, and all I really need. Took me 10 times more time to set up the scripts then it did to do the page.

I just couldn't stay away from toddmorrison.com, it is fun, gives me something to do, lets me voice my opinion, keeps me up on my web design, and makes me money from the t-shirts.

If you have anything to say, or suggestions, just leave a comment.

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