April 08, 2003

The site is done... again.

The Power of Pink Lives On! Yeah...Well, I am closing the site down once again. Some people took what I was posting other ways than the intent of them. I got in some trouble with my high school over a certain post a month back. I'm not going to get into it, though.

If I hurt, offended, scared, or disappointed you, then I am truly sorry. If you felt threatened by my sayings, when they were just my thoughts when I was angry, then I am sorry.

If you know me, you know I don't take much seriously. I like to make my life fun and enjoyable. Maybe that's my problem? The intentions of this site were to let me speak my mind and also provide you all with some entertainment. I spoke my mind a month ago, and after pondering it, I realize I was out of line in what I was saying.

Confused? Maybe I'll bring the site back when I'm 18 (May 16, 2004) and tell you.


Todd Morrison
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Posted by Todd at April 8, 2003 03:43 PM


Final Site? WTF MAN?


Posted by: Ben Seidler on April 8, 2003 08:32 PM

I will miss this very clever and entertaining site. It's been the only way I've had to know anything about my son that I love so much. What am I supposed to do with all the love I have for you Todd? You were my blonde headed piece of heaven when you were little. How do I stop caring about you and what happens to you? Tell me asshole!!. I wan't to be proud of you and be there for you, but you won't let me. It's not fair Todd. When are you going to grow up? You've got so much talent and potential. Why waste it on some of the things you are doing, with some of the losers you call friends? There's so much I want to say to you from my heart because you're my boy and I love you. Come on Todd..

Posted by: Mark Morrison on April 8, 2003 08:34 PM

Thats so messed up todd, it's like they're always lookin to get u in trouble, first ur dad with the secret site, then this and next E.G.P. O.Myers said somethin bout that.........i still wanna make ballon animals lol

Posted by: Ward on April 8, 2003 09:00 PM

They can't do that! According to the first amendment...
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."
Basically, they can't get you into trouble over things you write, because you're American, and that old document says so, and you have the freedom of speech. I say take 'em all to the Supreme Court.

Posted by: Dane on April 8, 2003 10:43 PM

Todd, ever since the penis thing at the Cental vs. Linsley football game. Everything to do with computers or anything that was wrong that couldn't be traced to anybody the school just blamed it on Todd Morrison. Thats right Todd Morrison is the Scape Goat of Wheeling Park High School. If there is EGP links on the computers in the media it was all Todd Morrison, whats that he had an allaby, the school doesn't care.

Posted by: LubeDoc on April 9, 2003 09:59 AM

hey mark your a homo dont call me or any of todds friends losers you fag your the loser.

Posted by: B on April 9, 2003 12:15 PM

The site shutting down is some bullshit, fuck the system. Fight for your right, check out this site.

Posted by: Chad Campbell on April 9, 2003 02:04 PM

Im glad Dane posted about the First Amendment, thats the first thing I thought of commenting on when I read your post. Hopefully that shows you how much your rights mean to the people (esp the admin) at WPHS. I dont see how anyone at WPHS can have any say in your site, but anyways good luck in the future Todd.

Remember you're "un-American if you dont let Mrs. Vargo violate your rights". Thats one of the stupidest things that I've heard at those dammed school Nazi rallies...err, I mean assemblies...

Posted by: Brandon on April 9, 2003 10:35 PM

This is just down-right wrong... You should do something cool and rebelious, like riding a horse into school and waging colonial style war on the faculty... maybe...

Posted by: schultz on April 10, 2003 02:55 PM

Todd, tranfers the URL to me, or B untill your 18.

Viva the rebellion!


Posted by: Dump on April 10, 2003 03:54 PM

Oh yeah Freedom speach too.

Come on i wanna piss the school off, you pay for it i will own the site, and you can still do what ever you want, just it will be in my name, or Bs name or who ever.

I wanna piss the School off so much man

Posted by: Dump on April 10, 2003 04:18 PM

lol oh and what does this mean to for the EGP Forums?

Posted by: Dump... i know again sorry on April 10, 2003 04:19 PM

That's so funny that the school actually cares that much about you and your site. It's shitty how they can make you shut down, though. damn the man.

Posted by: heh on April 11, 2003 01:10 AM

Fuck the system and fuck u Mark we are all Todds friends and not losers u fucking asshole

Posted by: some one on April 11, 2003 07:31 PM

I've lost all entertainment online :o(

Posted by: Anonymus on April 14, 2003 08:36 PM

this is a great site it should of never went down. take it from mr.friday night this site had everything you needed for intertainment and mr.friday night and the wheeling park football team would like to support toddmorrison.com and try to get it back on line heres to todd for making everythng soo funny as heck lol. mfn

Posted by: mr.friday night on April 14, 2003 08:44 PM

I donno about you Todd but I think you seriously need to stop letting them push you around.......have they ever herd of freedom of speach. You need to take them to court or something. F the system...goverment...whatever you want to call it. Live by Anarchy.....all the system does is lie......and all our school does is worry about crap that doesn't even go on with the school.....they need to start worrying about their school then worrying about stuff that doesnt even concern them. Schulz is absolutly right......you need to ride a horse thru the school....you need to rebell and quit taking their crap. This was such a great site and im gonna miss it.......need any help getting it back up.......i know all the write people....meet me at the boys restroom by the gym at 7:10 tomorrow april 15th(seriously)i will be going by the code name: Fromendos......
Until we meet again....muuue hahahaha

Posted by: on April 14, 2003 09:39 PM

Hey todd take them to court and i will help you fight them screw them fuck them little bitches in the ass and we will prevail and win Todd morrison is God and is my hero fuck park todd and dump is right about freedom of speech and let B take it over and this is bull shit i will go talk 2 Park about this matter i will act like some big top attoney and say we will sue for cheating the constition and they will be scared and let you have it will can do it todd..

Posted by: Dietz on April 15, 2003 09:01 AM

hey todd my name is Larry Fitsimons and i am an Attoney, have you ever heard of Fitsimons Law office: i am famious for alot of Medical Malpratice Law sutes in the State and i am willing to represent you in the matter of overiding the consition and for physical damage and to award the Money that you pay and all the Physical work you have put into this very creative Web Site that actually i find it to be very humorous. I have talked to Aaron Dietz about this matter that is how i was informed about this and if you need to talk to me you can contact him and he will give you my number.

Bob Fitsimons

Posted by: Bob Fitsimons on April 15, 2003 09:10 AM

Ok, to everyone:

Technically the school did not force me to stop the site. They called me into the office, yelled at me for a few minutes, then left a message on my machine telling my mom to call back and schedule a meeting with the administration.

My mom was off that day, but I guess wasn't around the phone. Once she got the message, she called, and then went straight to the school. I have no clue what was said or shown to her.

When I got home she was crying. Why? There was no reason to be crying. Can a kid get pissed off and talk about it on his own personal site? She then told me to take down the site and aplogise to my school and teacher.

I think she was crying because a few reasons:

(1)I don't have respect for people in a higher power then me.
(2)She thinks I think that I am better than everyone.
(3)They threatened to take away my going to the National SkillsUSA/VICA Competition this summer.

They said they were going to be watching me and my site closely to determine whether or not I would be going.

There's the story. I don't believe that would be a case in court, Mr. Bob/Larry Fitsimons. Because it was officially my mom who told me to shut it down, not the school.

Now a warning to all fellow fans and followers of this once great website:

Somehow, they are tracking where the comments are coming from through your IP address or something. If you comment something they don't like, you will probably be in the office in a few short days.

I believe over 6 of the commentors have been called to the office since I posted on the 8th. Some didn't leave their name or email, but were still tracked down. One student may be expelled for naming some of the people in the administration.

If you feel you want to comment, I suggest you don't mention names or threaten anyone or thing.

I believe that is it. Maybe I will turn this site into a free for all forum.

Thank you,

Todd Morrison

Posted by: Todd on April 15, 2003 05:06 PM

todd ur the shit me and my dad support u
Erik Bauer

Posted by: Erik on April 15, 2003 09:30 PM

ouch man... that sucks your mom got all mad about this legal bs and made u take the site down. Oh well only gotta suffer through 2 months and 1 more year of this.
P.S. i also do jacksquat and i got an A lol

Posted by: Swenson on April 15, 2003 09:45 PM

AH Mr. Simonson. Remember the good ol' days if it was a monday and at least 65 deg. out your took a "personal day", went fishing. and NAMACK another F to the collection, why couldn't you have stayed two more years untill I got out of that place? OH well I guess I'll see you on News9 when football season hits again.

Posted by: Former Simonson Student on April 15, 2003 10:30 PM

Jordan, Im glad to see you supporting Todd, but if we were ever going to work something out with hosting Todd's site, you'd have to let me be a little involved in it too. (I guess thats what you wanted to talk to me about).

For one thing, my mom was pissed at the overusage fees that BreadCrumbINT.com and its subdomains were getting -ALONE-. She cancelled her credit card because I couldnt keep up with the overusage fees with a minimum wage job. That was the fastest way out for her. She has a new credit card with the same exact company, but that number doesnt work anymore. I have no idea how the site stayed up. I dont know what the host is doing. Usually when they cant bill the credit card they shut everything down immediatly. So, before we even think about making sites again, you have to realize that we're going to have to:

1) Get a credit card
2) Find a new host
3) Make everyone pay for the space they use

We can talk to Todd about this if he's interested, but to me it sounds like he just wants to stay out of everything and hang low for awhile since the school seems to be controlling everything he does inside or out of school grounds. I dont know if it's because they dont want a student with a "bad reputation" going to the VICA thing or whatever, I have no idea...but I never heard of them "watching what you do on your own free time" before. Personally, I think its odd that Todd wasnt invited to the meeting his mom had to go to. I think he had every right to hear their reasons, and not just their threats.

But anyways, back to the site/hosting stuff. It's just not going to be as easy as before. Getting everyone to pay for their usage isnt going to be easy either. Trying to sell t-shirts and hoodies doesnt really get you much of a profit either, unless you have enough money to loose to have the best chance to gain a lot. But Im not getting into that right now. I put a blank page on BreadCrumbINT.com and I have left it inactive since my mom cancelled her credit card. I ask that you do the same so that if the old host tries to get in touch with me I wont have to pay them back the $15 a month for the past 4-5 months.

Im suprised to hear that they were calling people down to the office that left comments here. I havent been sent to the office at all this year, and I usually get in NO trouble at school. But when I get home I expect to have my rights (esp freedom of speech) without the school's consent.

Posted by: Brandon on April 16, 2003 12:41 PM

Well well, since it seems that people are being repremanded for expressing personal opinion an a privatly own web site on an internet that is not under the jurisdiction of any particualar branch of law, it seems that another way is needed for individuals to express their sentiments about this entire situation. So i thought what better way than with a mad lib.
The beauty of the mad lib( is that a copy writed trade mark?) is that noone can really be brought to account for what's said. I mean all i'm doing is creating a venue that can be used to express either positive negative or indifferent opinions. And the person that fills it in has no idea has the words they provide will be used so they are at no fault.
SO here's how it goes use any words you want to fill the following criteria, write them down, then copy and paste this mas lip with your words inserted. I'm sure the results will be interesting and halarious.
1. Adjective
2. Adjective
3. Noun
4. Adverb
5. Any animal
I think that WPHS is 1_____________. The faculty and staff are 2___________ and duly deserve to be rewarded with healthy helpings of 3_____________. It's odvious that they strive to do their jobs 4_____________, in order to contribute to a learing atmosphere that will serve to 5_____________ everyone well. If i had to compare the school with a common animal I'd compare it to 6_____________.

Posted by: as if i'd put that here on April 16, 2003 04:02 PM

Hello, my name is Adam Maestle, AKA DUMP

Anyone who knows me knows i had problems with the nazis that run WPHS.

Dick dei, is the only name i remember LOL

Anyway WPHS is run my nazis, who give ahtletes good grades, people who do work like TMO bad grades.

95% of the teachers up there are dumb asses(no offense ment) I knew more then most of them.

But this is an example of the school getting mad at someone telling the truth.

i got in trouble countless times for shit i never did.
I did not just say i did not do it. I didnt fucking do it.

Mr higgins and the adminstration just liked to blame shit on me.

Todd you have become a scape goat, as was I in electronics.

I will host this site for you if need be, so will countless others. Do not give in to the tyranical adminstration.

People NEED to know the way it is up there. People who do work, dont get good grades, people who kick ass in sports get them handed to them.
My mom dis likes WPHS, she knows the school is screwd up, so she did not care when i got in trouble for BS or got grades for BS. But most parents dont understand..... anyway i have been rambling on

Dont give in to them, Fight them, we are all with you.

Oh hey WPHS you got my name, my email, i'll save yo some time thats my IP

I'd like to see you try and boss me around, i know how you are, i am not afraid of you and your nazis ways.

If i am offended anyone..... Oh well you just suck then

Posted by: Adam Maestle on April 16, 2003 04:30 PM

I think that WPHS is shitty. The faculty and staff are stupid fucks and duly deserve to be rewarded with healthy helpings of Cock. It's odvious that they strive to do their jobs (I dont know what an Adverb is, you ask why? Because i went to a public school and was simply not taught), in order to contribute to a learing atmosphere that will serve to Screw everyone well. If i had to compare the school with a common animal I'd compare it to a DOG(which is alwasy licking its own genitals, sniffing asses, and pissing on everyone and everything.

Posted by: Dump on April 16, 2003 05:02 PM

fuck wphs and fuck hhs, they are both full of fucking bullshit, im in the same amount of trouble you are in todd, maybe even worse but not because of my site, but because i called my homosexual teacher a...(hold on to something so you dont fall down laughing) homosexual, OMFG isnt that so bad, thats a hate crime isnt it, and sexual harassment too! well no but thats what i got charged with, so all i have to say is fuck the system and i will continue doing what i want to do, fuck every school system because i will not fall due to their corrupt minds. those pansies. pfft. good luck todd.
-Jordan Clark aka J-Dog

Posted by: Jordan Clark aka J-Dog on April 16, 2003 05:36 PM

They can't call me to the office...ha. You should do a sit-down strike. In my school, in 1970, all the kids sat down in the hall because they wanted chocolate milk at lunch. And do you know what happened? The school got chocolate milk. So just....sit in the hall. Has anyone ever seen the movie Rock n Roll High School, starring the Ramones? It was stupid. But they took over the school. Not about chocolate milk though. Because they wanted the Ramones. And you all want Todd. I'm out.

Posted by: Dane on April 16, 2003 08:18 PM

A sit-down strike would never work because there would only be about 10 people willing to do it. This generation is just happy with having their rights rubbed in the dirt and being as ignorant as they possibly can be. They couldnt care less.

Posted by: Brandon on April 16, 2003 08:33 PM

If anything is organized we'll all have to be sure to wear our T-Mo shirts.

Posted by: Brandon on April 16, 2003 08:37 PM

Someone mentioned that we should call Talk Radio WWVA 1170AM and talk about this.

If anyone feels the need to call and talk about this, then go for it.

Phone: (304) 232-9982

Posted by: Todd on April 17, 2003 05:53 PM

there is allot more i want to say about this and want to talk to you all so i am going to work on getting my own site going that wphs can't stop mainly because i am not a student give me you email and i will keep you up to date. I guess noone has ever heard of the Constitution up on the hill... huh. ohh my email is Thewire@attbi.com

Posted by: Chad on April 17, 2003 06:56 PM

Here's to the King of the Radio, Mr. Todd Morrison! Nice show, Todd... Maybe that will open up a few eyes.

Posted by: schultz on April 17, 2003 07:12 PM

Man the post by Todd's dad really touched me.

Posted by: on April 17, 2003 09:06 PM

Damn, your dad sounds creepy, man...
My dad was a Psychopath, and that sounds like some of the shit that he would've said. *shudder*


Keep the site alive, Bro! If you give in, then the School has won in a way that IS NOT Legal.

Don't give in and let those bastards shut you down! Move the site and keep spreading the truth!

Posted by: Vincent on April 18, 2003 04:39 AM

(BTW, I want a transcript of that Radio show typed up and posted! :D)

Posted by: Vincent on April 18, 2003 04:40 AM

I think todd morrison and friends should show up and race there cars for freedom at friendship park drag strip tomorrow, saturday, at noon.

Anyone that thinks there car is faster than bens better show up with a pink slip.


Posted by: racing man on April 18, 2003 09:52 PM

That is crap man! Park has no right to do this to you! This is a public web-site! Mr.Die is about a retard if he thinks that something posted on here has any effect on school! You can say whatever you want... especially out side of school!!!!!

Posted by: on April 19, 2003 04:14 PM

Park can suck a mean one! Im out in 20 days, and Ill finaly be done with the BS! Todd, you have every right to post whatever the hell you want! They have no NO! controll over this site! It is completly private, and in no way connected to WPHS! SO here goes, Dick Dei, is a fag, and I watched him physically assult a student right next to me, thats right DICK! I was there as you choked my friend! So do something!!! I cant wait to watch your ass go down! And Honest to GOD, i hope that this goes to court so you can see just how wrong you are!
You have no right to do this to todd, and you need to stop threating ppl, like Ward, and everyone else that you have.
T-Mo for ever!

Posted by: Mudge! on April 19, 2003 04:20 PM

Chase's Fathers subaru Could pummel yo i bet

Posted by: Dump on April 19, 2003 05:32 PM

sorry to see you go.. fight the power.

Posted by: sdfjk on April 21, 2003 08:03 PM

Back in Sparta, when we aren't raping little boys or fighting off the invading Persian hordes, we all like to visit toddmorrison.com and look at his funny site. Anyhow, back to the point, us Spartans are very athletic and known for our courage and valour all over the Hellenes. If you would like, you may contract our services and we would be more than happy to march over to your highschool and lay seige to it for you. Please let us know if you will be needing our services soon, as we need to assemble our gear, prepare our runners, and finish whipping our helots before we march off. Personally, I need to impregnate my wife first, to make sure I leave behind another male Peer to carry on my lineage. Long live toddmorrison.com, the official website of Spartan warrior's everywhere.


Posted by: Dionekes on April 22, 2003 01:34 AM

Um.... Okay, i dont know who posted under my name.... but... Yeah, Didnt say that.
Someone at my house posted under my name... sorry for any problems this has caused..... One of my friends just messing around.....

Posted by: Zach Mudge on April 22, 2003 10:51 AM

Learn to do your job correctly Dick Dye. I'm out in 19 days and don't care about all the BS that this school has tried to do. It's called the first amendment rights Dick!! Why don't you do everyone a favor and EAT SHIT AND DYE!!

Posted by: Pip on April 22, 2003 12:10 PM

I am a junior at WPHS but I still think that Dick Dye doesn't know what the hell he is doing or how to help run a school (that sux ass anyway)at all. He can eat a dick.

Posted by: MM on April 22, 2003 12:13 PM

I think you should just change your name to Barney Rubble and move to bedrock.

Posted by: MM on April 22, 2003 12:23 PM

Todd you need to fight the cause of this because its getting out of hand how they are trying to control you Im behind you 100% all the way for your rights to the First Amendment I don't want ToddMorrison.com to go because it was a place to voice your opinion on things.

Posted by: Jug on April 22, 2003 08:40 PM

ToDD MoRrIsOn iS a HoTTiE He WiLL NeVeR DiE....HaHa.....Joking...but not about todd being hott im just joking about being gay.......im not gay...WHPS is........

Posted by: Pete Miller on April 22, 2003 10:38 PM

To all the students at WPHS:
I realize that I am a complete moron who can not do my job right. Todd should be able to voice his opinions if he so choses. I have decided to change my name to Barney Rubble and move to Bedrock. I'm going to suck a dick now.

Good bye,
Dick Dye

Posted by: Mr. Dye on April 24, 2003 12:50 PM

dude, if you want to make a semi-believable insult, at least spell his name correctly. Jesus Christ...

Dick DEI

Posted by: J Kearns on April 24, 2003 03:34 PM

Yesterday there was 64 comments and today there are 51 WTF!

Posted by: Some One on April 24, 2003 10:01 PM

What is this? I'm gone for a little bit and everything suddenly disappears? This sucks! :-( Don't be a stranger, Todd, e-mail me!

Your Down Ass Chick,

Posted by: Rita on April 25, 2003 01:10 PM

Heya, Todd.

I'm disappointed, yet not surprised that you are under attack once again. As your friends have stated, this is completely illegal and a total violation of your rights.

Of course, your faculty sounds about as brainy as my own. As a matter of fact, I just got done serving a BMP for having apple juice outside the cafeteria in addion to two days of in school suspension for fighting with my brother outside of school grounds. Even moreso, my family is trying to kill off Sleek Media by banning me from the computer at home because they can't stand to see me succeed where they couldn't. It's really sad. Regardless, I'm not letting anyone stop me, and neither should you. Afterall, I've got some new plans cooking, and I'm already getting a computer of my own for free, thanks to the biz. It's an interesting process, and I'll put it on a message board when you get it up. Don't worry, though, Todd. I'll hook you up with your own gear soon enough.

As I've been reading the comments periodically in my classes today, someone would constantly be over my shoulder saying something like: "Oh, man. Is that Todd? He was the coolest kid ever!" It's safe to assume that your old buddies from Plum still support you.

Furthermore, everyone at Sleek Media supports you. I have plenty of webspace, and a half million different things we could slap your logo on at any given time. If you ever need anything, just gimme a buzz, and I'll take care of you. Good luck Todd, and don't give up. You'll make it. ;-)


Posted by: Joe Falcone on April 25, 2003 01:21 PM

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