June 21, 2004

Freddy chills with the boys

Freddy and MeThis site is dead in the visitor category. A month of down time has killed my fan base, and me. But don't worry, I will continue to post whenever I get enough to talk about.

While my site was down, I was still taking pictures and videos whenever the opportunity came.

So me and a few of my boys were playing basketball for 5 minutes before fatigue set in. They walked back to the house, and I was still shooting. Ok, this story is gay. They found a little bird who they thought must have fallen out of his nest. He was a big baby bird, but couldn't fly. OK, I am telling the story again and I didn't mean to. He needed a new mommy to breast feed him milk. I was his savior. Watch the video. I miss you Freddy. Even though I now have herpes on my left nipple.

I had my West Virginia University orientation a week or two ago. It was alright, but not as cool as this leather jacket. Screw the BMW bike.

I scheduled for my classes. Well, some fast speaking foreign lady did it. "No, you not want that, it like suicide! Take this, it much better for you." The you have to take the schedule to get it finalized, and mine was all screwed up with time overlaps and crap. After 25 minutes of running back and fourth, I got my classes. All my classes start at 11:30am or later, except one on Thursdays that is at 9:30am. I have 16 credit hours, you only need 12 to be full time student.

I have no caption for this picture. We still aren't sure what it is, though. But I wasn't going to smell it for myself.

I didn't realize it, but I find myself going to someones house and eating all their food when they aren't looking. Actually, I do realize it. But my mom makes us grocery shop for ourselves now, along with paying for cable internet, cell phones, and any other things besides utilities and toilet paper.

Check out Boris on Morris, he is my first and only subdomain and requires readers to motivate him, just as we all do.

And check this site out, e-admit.com. I found it yesterday as a spammed link on a forum. It's messed up that someone invented that site and people are writing stories on there. I know most of it is true because our society is so messed up. But some have to be bogus, too. I wonder how many of you are going to add a story? I think it is stupid. But interesting.

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June 15, 2004

I'm back, after a month of nothing

How cuteThe day Adam Griswalt-Johnson Maestle lost his kissing-virginity was a glorious moment in the hearts of all the aliens who previously probed his ass for hours, hoping he would turn homosexual.

But Mr. Griswalt-Johnson Maestle held strong, as he masturbated more than 6 times a day to kiddie porn.

Notice the kiss form of the female; she realizes Adam has rather large, chunkified lips, and decides to go for the upper lip kiss. This move prevents any attempts from the opposite kisser to slip in the tongue.

Don't worry, Adam, we'll get you some tongue regardless of what those damn aliens say.

He has now seen a breast, kissed a real girl, smelled a butt, danced, hugged, and got owned. I was oh so fortunate to be there to partake in all the wonderful experiences.

So, back to business. Where have I been? I decided to become a reseller of hosting, so I could make some extra cash and have more control over my web design clients. I got it, all went to hell, and now it has been resolved.

A lot has happened that would have been great to post, but I am not motivated to talk about it. I wasn't even motivated to put time into a new site layout. What you see took about 25 minutes to make.

I completed high school, turned 18, sold more senior shocker shirts the last day of school and got busted, threw up the shocker at graduation and now I can not compete in the SkillsUSA/VICA competition in Kansas City, MO, and went to West Virginia University and got everything ready for fall classes.

That is all I can think of. I have tons of good pictures, but they will be posted later. It's good to be back.

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