November 17, 2005

The Stars are Projectors of Buttjuice

My Fat DogFor the post picture it was either a picture of my overweight and mostly blind dog or a picture of my reflection while taking a shit at JCPenney's. Yeah.

It has been over a month since my last post. I had one setup a long time ago but there is just so much to do every minute of my totally awesome existence. I don't even know where to start.

I guess I will start with the homecoming festivities here at West Liberty. I got as much free shit as I could fit in my bookbag from the Strong/Snider party on the day of elections. The 2 car parade rocked my socks off and I still can't find them. Or maybe I just masturbated in them? No, wait, I did that in the free condom I got to vote for someone else.

Did everyone have a sweet Halloween? I went to Fowler apartments sober and everyone yanked at my pube hairs and I cried. I went back to my room and shaved them off while looking online for photos of sexy girls in costumes. Here we go... I know these girls and they go to a real school where Halloween is fun - Collar popping lovers cleavage - Is this even Halloween related? Do I care? Nope - Some youngs ones for you, B - I am wet, slip on me - Budweiser and bitches - Cute costumes - Check my testicle-beat, please, doctor - I don't have a caption I am getting tired of this - Want a carrot? - You like balls, eh? - I have a thing for pink/yellow Power Rangers - Chad and his giant popped collar to compensate for, well, you know...

Probably ten, maybe three of you remember good ol' BoB-diddy-foochung-weeeee. If you don't read that, idiot. Once you read that and see how I freestyle'd his ass then you can check out his new creatively named song entitled Suck My Dick Bitch. He goes by Young Castro these days. He is the 2nd dudes voice in the song closer to then end. Sounds pretty good considering I made him cry years ago with my lyric awesomeness x4 plus 16 minus whatever that equals. [Click Here to Download - 870KB]. Feedback can go here. I love you BoB.

Ever since I climbed up a flag pole and ripped my pants I have only owned one working pair. The ones I owned had a rip up the back of the right leg. I duct taped it so it wouldn't drag under my shoe. It looked really bad but it was mostly warm so I wasn't required to wear jeans a lot. Once it started to get colder out and I was wearing the same jeans for weeks I started tucking the taped part into my shoe so no one would notice how dirty and poor I am. Looks stupid doesn't it? Not if you got S-T-Y-L-E (animation).

So one day when I needed my mom to take me back up to school I told her my pants situation. She works at a Jewlery store in the mall and said she'd get me some pants. I got this voicemail the next day: [Click Here to Download - 706KB]. I got so excited I creamed all over my roommates bed. I didn't get to go home and get them until the next weekend. In case any of you were wondering they fit my waste but weren't comfortable at all or my style. She took them all back and I kept up with my S-T-Y-L-E look.

I ended up finding some jeans at Old Navy for really cheap prices and paid for them with my credit card. Then I got some beer to make my jeans get that sweet smell. I never thought a pair of jeans could cost so close to a 12-pack.

I am in Financial Accounting right now and I guess I am doing alright in it. I play a lot of checkers on the computer in that class. I am awesome. Completely useless information but isn't that what I am all about? No, fag. It's all about the mangirl and her mustache.

Anyone ever heard of POST-CIRCUMCISION KELOID? I didn't think so. Study up on it and continue on.

OK, so you guys have to know my friend B and his funny picture by now. Well, he caught post-circumcision keloid from his butt touching that bed. Yeah, I know, I asked myself the same question... How can you get a circumcision problem from butt to bed touching? The doctors don't even know. He got it a week after that pooping picture was taken but never told anyone. It finally leaked out when I-Team Investigations found his picture in a forum asking how to treat his problem. The forums also mentioned his excessive usage of skin tight condoms but that may not be directly related to the problem; that's a small problem in its own. So you guys ready to see this sucker? He tries to hide it sometimes and drown his feelings in alcohol but it just doesn't work once he gets wasted and forgets it is exposed. One time a piece of it got stuck in Grown Ass's mouth. Grown Ass had to drink medical fluids for a week. But ol' B still to this day hides his circumcision keloid under a beer (animation) until one day the doctors will be able to heal him. I love you, B. We'll fight this thing, damnit. God bless.

UPDATE!!! OMG!!! - I-Team Investigations has just received new video footage of B at a rave party in San Fransico. You can hear his screaming and feel his pain. So very sad a young man would get this just from a little butt to bed fun. [Click Here to View/Download - 769KB].
This is stupid, this is what I do at home when my new family is downstairs having family time pizza/movie night, brush your tongue with friends, anyone else see a bone in this baby, don't DWWSDVDI(driving while watching sweet dvd influence), heaven, Pamela is large in a few ways, loan rapage.

This site is pretty tight with lots of videos/pictures/games.

The camera Chase gave me was taken back because he needed it to go to Vegas and shit. He came back and gave me a new camera he bought while in Vegas. It does some pretty nice video but the pictures aren't anything special. Or I just don't know how to use it correctly yet. It even comes with a necklace strap. I just used that as an execuse to show you my small nipples. Here's what B has to say about that... [Click Here to View/Download - 0.98MB].

I think this next and last part of my post does not require words to guide you along the adventures of me being hungry and having no bread or silverware. (I also am tired of this post = lazy = shut up, slut) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

These girls do it for me in so many ways. Look at that one girls legs. Damn.

Posted by Todd on November 17, 2005 08:23 PM


Todd, Whole-Milk... whatever the kids call you these days. I'm damn proud of your new post.

Posted by: Joe on November 17, 2005 09:23 PM

So I think Chad is wearing 5 shirts. That's a lot.

Posted by: G-Money on November 18, 2005 01:27 AM

Oh god fuck yyou fuck you fuck you mayonaise is fuckin nasty

Posted by: Brady on November 18, 2005 08:30 PM

you are lucky my mom likes you!

Posted by: michelle on November 19, 2005 12:09 AM

I Like Pussy!

Posted by: I Like Pussy Boy on November 22, 2005 01:21 PM

personally i think chad wilcox is a faggot.....maybe its just me.. i dont know.

Posted by: buttfuck on November 24, 2005 10:53 PM

I definitely agree, it's not just you.

Posted by: Chad Wilcox on December 2, 2005 08:50 PM

niggas who fuck sheep will dwell on farms

your mother is pretty and i like her

Posted by: quick steve and associates on December 13, 2005 01:23 AM

hey, u might remember me from the she man picture i sent from earlier this year. i now live in nc and ive been doin my routine of drinking massive amounts of alcohol, and smoking blunts, waiting for a post to fucking laugh at! and they have everclear down here! yeah 95% alcool/ 195 proof! im dying, my liver is on the back porch grillin itself, post bitch! post!

Posted by: tim O'Callaghan on December 15, 2005 10:33 PM

myspace people suck hardcore butt. proof- the owner-r: he looked up "big fat horny slut women, you know what came up first? MYSPACE! ya thats right you stupid pervs! by the way, this is on google, so sue google if ur that much of a faget. oh and by the way , im pretty sure u suck it well.....remeber me, i have a myspace probly to f u and ur home aka u. ive only sent a couple virus' but i guess ill call u a fatt faget of a fuky luky one. die all against the owner-r.

Posted by: bowser on June 2, 2006 09:22 PM

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