May 03, 2005

I bought a new camera

ReceiptIf my website isn't working or I am cameraless I feel lost. Since my visitors(you(but I love you anyway(and love putting parenthesis inside parenthesis))) are cheap bastards I went out and bought one from Best Buy. I charged it, and will worry about paying for it when the bill comes. My freshman year in college is about over and there was no way in hell that I wasn't going to capture it.

Instead of going to History class, which I have already failed and gave up on, I went to my boys house to do nothing. We go to his room and there are tons on tennis balls on his bed. His first instinct was to hump them. Then he placed his balls in all of his roommates rooms. After that balls were everywhere and the battle of the balls had just begun.

After a short battle and a few wounded soldiers we headed up the hill to McNeils with a basket of balls. By the way, I like saying balls if you haven't noticed, slut. View the video [1.01MB].

Yes. I have a lot of pictures. 30 more to go.

This last Friday I went to a party and it was $10 if you prepaid or like $15-$20 at the door. Girls(i took the hat from the girl on the right then gave it away) got in free of course. It wasn't bad. Tons of people showed up to get wasted. Was hard to move or get beer after a while. I guess strippers were supposed to come but that was a trick to get all the horny little-dicked I just paid $10 to drink 2 beers of Milwaukee's Best and get wasted and look at boobies totally awesome kids to come. The fire department was called at 12am and the party was put to an end. I got wasted, but I could have drank for 2 more hours.

I was thinking about doing a funny captioned picture for every new post. Only reason I am thinking that is because I took the best picture at that party and captioned everyone in it. If I can remember to do that then maybe I will have a new cool slutty thing to add to my website. Probably not. I need new mangirl pictures. It is so damn fine.

Who doesn't use Q-Tips? Everyone does, right? I guess some people don't and when they do it is nasty.

Everyone ready for a joke? The answer is two.

I like rainbows. But only the non-homosexual bumper sticker rainbows. If that makes any sense at all.

On Saturday McNeil had a party. It wasn't going to well because everyone was tired from Derby Days and sleeping. Then a bunch of random people started showing up and then there was a big party with a fully equipped slip n' slide.

Here's some pictures I took of people going down it.

Add some soap and a little beer.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - Need more soap - Check out this move - 7 - This kid called his dad and told him he just went down a slide wasted

These guys walked up to me with complete excitement. Bastards don't even know my name.

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