BrittsDaChick: todd ur my hero!!!!!!!!
T odd M161: why?
BrittsDaChick: u jus are
BrittsDaChick: ur everything i wish i could be
T odd M161: well, thanks...
BrittsDaChick: yup
BrittsDaChick: lol
T odd M161: your not mny hero, though. sorry
BrittsDaChick: man thanks!!!!!!!!
BrittsDaChick: lol
T odd M161: superman is def. my hero
BrittsDaChick: hoe ocmre
BrittsDaChick: hahaaha
T odd M161: but you can be my backup hero. if something happens to superman, you'll be my new number 1
BrittsDaChick: yessssssssss
BrittsDaChick: thanks todd!!!!!!!!
T odd M161: no problem
BrittsDaChick: lol